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  1. Truckeer added a topic in General   

    How do you guys handle "field finds" and buying kits in bulk.
    How do you guys handle "field finds".

    I have no idea if that is what you call it when you find model kits and yard sales and when you are out and about, I stole that from collecting antique fishing lures years back.

    I have had a couple of hits recently from people that have told me they have model kits for sale. I bought about 10 the other day and paid about $4 a kit, which is what the guy was asking, so it was ok.

    I have another one on the horizon, the guy tells me he has "too many kits to list" and are from the 60s +. He said he just wanted me to come by and he didn't want to make a list.

    I'm still pretty new to all of this, but realize that vintage kits can have some serious value attached.

    How do you appraise or figure value?

    If I had a list, I could check eBay or some other sites that sell vintage kits and figure out what is fair, but on the spot without knowing the value of each and every kit and how common it is, how do you figure out what to offer someone?

    Do you just offer a price per kit, make them name a price, ... ?

    What do you usually do?

    Thanks in advance for the info...
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  2. Truckeer added a post in a topic Anyone know what kit these instructions are from?   

    Sorry, didn't know about this resource.

    Thanks for the link, I edited my comments in this post, I apparently took what you said wrong.

    Thanks again, sorry for being a jerk.

  3. Truckeer added a topic in General   

    Anyone know what kit these instructions are from?
    Want to build my moms 72 Barracuda, but haven't seen one. Could use anything from 70-74 and do some modding and get it done, but saw these instructions on eBay.

    Anyone know what kit these instructions are from?
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  4. Truckeer added a post in a topic Guys in Ontario who want a club farther East   

    i have about the same commitment level, im in the pdot
  5. Truckeer added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    Ontario, Canada Model Car Clubs/ shows?
    Anyone know of any clubs/ shows in the Toronto area?
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  6. Truckeer added a topic in General   

    New... sort of.
    Hey guys, hope this is the right forum for this post...

    I put some models together when i was a teenager but haven't really done much since.

    I glued them together, applied the decals, you know the standard stuff.

    I'm looking to get back into it, but figure I should take it a little more seriously... haha.

    I'm going to look to paint and detail and stuff, is there a good beginners place to start? Sort of "You need to start here and read this"?

    Also - I'm looking to build pickups to start, that is where my passion is.

    Is eBay the best place to find older kits? I want to build a 70s Bronco or Ford pickup.

    What about supplies? What are the "must haves" to get started?

    Lots of questions, thanks in advance.

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