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  1. d.k.v added a post in a topic Toyota Corolla AE86 V8!   

    Can you lower the motor a touch to fit it?

    Air cleaner can just be cut off and re routed
  2. d.k.v added a post in a topic Another Ferrari duo: "I wish they all could be Californias"   

    Cars look sweet..

    Am I the only one that started singing when I read the title?
  3. d.k.v added a post in a topic Bradford Altered   

    Is that build with a double dragster body?
  4. d.k.v added a post in a topic Snake and Mongoose   

    Is it just me or are the wrinkle walls the wrong way around
  5. d.k.v added a post in a topic Model A with a modern twist   

    You could to it with a solid axle using the front housing from a 4wd and modding it so the steering hubs affect the camber insted of the toe.
  6. d.k.v added a post in a topic tube chassies   

    Paying $35 to get a book to be 100% certain your car will meet the spec is a small price when building a 1:1 car.
  7. d.k.v added a post in a topic Revell '56 Nomad   

    The Chevy belair 409 kit has the 409 in it. The only external difference on all the W motors is the dipstick location and inlet manifolds.
  8. d.k.v added a post in a topic 1950's Car Test   

    You got 58% (28 right out of 48). The average score is 73%.

    Not bad for a 19 year old
  9. d.k.v added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    pontiac GTO 2004 ish
    Im looking to build a Pontiac Gto of around 04,05,06 era.

    Who makes them and what is the best kit?
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  10. d.k.v added a post in a topic Altered frame   

    I haven't decided what motor but I have an idea that is a bit different than normal...
  11. d.k.v added a post in a topic Altered frame   

    Well to be honest i did have a 1/24 John force funny car sitting on my bench aswell as the ANDRA rule book while i built it. Once you get started you can breaze through it.
  12. d.k.v added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Altered frame
    Well today i got bored so i created this

    Its an Alteres drag chassis that i built to ANDRA specs, Its not completly finished and im not sure what motor or drivetrain will go in but i just wanted to prove to myself that i could build a tube chassis from scratch.

    It took me around 3-4 hours and im already looking forward to my next chassis.
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  13. d.k.v added a post in a topic tube chassies   

    To make it accurate just get a copy of your local drag racing spec.

    I have complete rules for australia and it includes the tubing type size and desgin requirements.
  14. d.k.v added a post in a topic 2015 Chevelle Concept now Under Glass   

    This car is just awsome. It looks like a proper retro for a original car.

    Id recommend you use all the camaro driveline just to keep the retro feel, If not maybe the LS9 from a new ZR1 corvette kit for some extra punch.
    After all its a concept their all about grabing attention with new idea while still being relatable to a normal road car.
  15. d.k.v added a post in a topic corolla levin   

    Yer I've already fill up the shopping cart now I'm just waiting for pay day haha