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  1. The feature artical in s.a.e. That got me back into the hobby but I don’t think this was the car from the artical?
  2. The wheels and tires are from the AMT Baldwin Motion Camaro
  3. Grafted on the hood scoop from 69 Camaro and the wheels/tires are from the BM Camaro
  4. I had a 1/24 diecast Dubs Range Rover that I took them off of.
  5. Testors British Green Metallic over a solid bright Green base shot through my airbrush, no clear or polish.
  6. I had a 74 Z/28 when I got out of High school that was a brown color with the same stance and look of this build. I usually get an idea that is rolling around in my head and just start building as I go. Most of the time when I start a build I don't even know the color yet. It just hits me and I run with it. The wheels and tires are from the parts box and the paint is Testors Brown enamel with a little Metallic mixed in. The suspension is also modified for the stance. Thanks
  7. Paint is Testors Brown enamel with some Metallic Black added in
  8. It is painted silver but for some reason it doesn't show in the photo.
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