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  1. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Had a great trade with JollySipper, tires and decals. Kept in touch the whole time and he takes really good care of his stuff.
  2. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Our police officers   

    Having worked in a radio newsroom for five years and as a TV news producer for five more, I'm troubled to have to call out the national media for some of this. Good cops get the local spotlight now and then, but bad cops get in the national spotlight for days on end which unfairly paints all cops as jack-booted thugs. It makes cop haters feel justified in lashing out against any anonymous member of law enforcement, which may be validated by even more publicity.
  3. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Chrysler Pacifique   

    I don't know why this car gets such a bad rap for its looks, I've always loved it and you keep presenting subjects that are a bullseye in my interest areas. This is no exception and I love your mods. That profile shot's a winner.
    Where'd you get the centers to fill such a wide diameter rim?
  4. Lunajammer added a post in a topic 1962 Ford Thunderbird   

    Ooo baby. Now that's what a T-Bird is meant to look like. Really lovely.
    I'd still encourage adding the long BMF trim. Rather than adding the foil and trimming the excess, I'd cut the thin strips first, then carefully add them. No risk of scratching your paint with a blade. That's become my preferred method for many applications. Pretty car Pacen.
  5. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Volkswagen   

    Looks like the first bug I ever rode in as a kid (neighbor's car). You did a great job.
  6. Lunajammer added a post in a topic 1960 Imperial Crown Coupe   

    Really beautiful. You've taken good care of it.
  7. Lunajammer added a post in a topic AMT Ford Phantom van   

    I quite like this. You made some good choices and agree with what's been said. Really looks like a treatment you'd have seen maybe in the 80's.
  8. Lunajammer added a post in a topic What do you do when they ask?   

    Yeah, the time thing usually helps people understand. They figure 3-4 hours so when I say 40-plus, they usually don't want to impose on me that bad. Maybe ask if you can trade time. In return he can donate 40 hours of his time to help you build a deck. 
  9. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Johan 1970 Toronado Parts   

    You seem to have the very items I need to complete my kit, but I don't have the parts you seek. PM me if you have other needs I could look into.
  10. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Monogram Lincoln Futura   

    It's a beauty Jesse. Nice gap filling in the fiddly areas.
  11. Lunajammer added a post in a topic '77 Pacer Wagon sleeper   

    Love how you set up the engine, looks busy. More to this build than meets the eye. Good luck at the starting line.
  12. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Custom Cobra ? We have paint !   

    I love this idea. Sorry I joined this late. Personally, I might have sectioned it longitudinally at the C-pillar to help bring in the rear protrusion. But now that it's in primer, it doesn't look as dramatic as I thought. Keep doing, this is cool.
  13. Lunajammer added a post in a topic RIP Justin Wilson   

    You've got to be kidding.
    Other than the Indy 500 (loyally), I don't watch a lot of Indy races. But I happened to watch this one. I think the last, full, non-500 race I watched was the Las Vegas race that claimed Wheldon. Though Wilson was not proclaimed dead earlier, I always suspected he essentially expired at the track and was being kept alive by life support. I fully expected the final word to be within hours. Bummed the rest of that day.
  14. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Shocking news!   

    No rearview mirrors?
    Must be a sun-of-a-gun to get that little bottle of glue to stick.
  15. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Dash Board Quiz just for you.   

    70% - 31 of 44. Tough. I don't know my Mopars.