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  1. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Two Tone Paint /Masking   

    The safe, general rule I've always heard and what I follow for any paint is no less than 48hrs. I know the humidity in Thailand can be oppressive and can effect dry times, but I assume you'll be drying in climate controlled indoors.
  2. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    Interior done.

    Body in paint. Krylon came through with a color dang close to stock, almost exactly as I envisioned it. Sort of a silvery champaign color. Looks rather gold in this photo though. Can't wait for the woody veneer.

  3. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    Pat, you are a gosh darned patient and perseverant man. I was pretty sure you were going to be finishing this contest with something else. Brilliant work.
  4. Lunajammer added a post in a topic 60 Impala   

  5. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Painting and building in an apartment?   

    I did some of my best modeling in an apartment (8-plex). A couple times I spray painted in the bathroom with the fan on, and plenty of newspapers. But looking back, that did little to contain the fumes. I wouldn't do it again. I also knew a guy with a shop who let me spray there (didn't like it much). In your case, investing in a good paint booth vented outside would be worth the expense. You'll never need it more or enjoy it more. Of course, winter was a little bigger painting issue for me than it might be for you there.
    When I was jobless I did a lot of casting there. I was lucky to have a large enough bedroom to set up a table. I'd charge up my (20-gal) compressor during the day when the building was mostly empty, nobody was sleeping and I knew nobody on any side of me was home. A charge would last me about three days. If that's not an option, buy a $30 tank and charge it at the gas station. Sounds like you have the same will I did, so there's a way.
  6. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Step Side Cab Over ?   

    Some fairly clean Photoshop trickery there, but a brilliant proof of concept. If you could pull that off in 1/25 you can bet it would show in a magazine.
  7. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    Uh-oh. The Cruiser is getting severely conservative. You see, Cedric Humphrey Willoughby III and his lovely wife Eunice got the factory optional wood siding back in '04 when they wanted to show the sports at the country club their trendy new... how do the kids say... "Tee Pee Cruiser." At least, that's the story I'm circulating in the streets.

  8. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    And if you really want a double-whammy fail, use duplicolor over enamel with no primer.

  9. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Anybody into rockabilly?   

    My two hands-down favorites, in this order....

  10. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Pikes Peak Racing photos   

    Pinterest is a good place to search and hopefully these links aren't ones you've already found. Searching by driver names is also a good lead into other photos. That said, I see what you mean about not a lot on the net. Maybe someone has a good book source.
    Toronado  Camaro  Parnelli Jones  Monte Carlo  Corvette  Mustang  Plymouth  Mercedes  PlymouthPearson
  11. Lunajammer added a post in a topic huge crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt   

    For my money, it doesn't get better than Dana Delany. Colleen McMurphy stole my heart.

  12. Lunajammer added a post in a topic AMT Double Dragster Engine Option   

    The front drive caught my eye when scrolling through the amazing reference site George Klass Remembers. I know so little about the subject to barely follow what you're saying, but you've certainly excited me about it to research it much more deeply. I like the idea of the front blower on a 409. Over the years I've inherited several well stocked (but trashy) parts boxes I might get away with replicating the shapes, but I need to learn it to do it right. You guys are an inspiration and as always Bill, your contributions are immeasurable.
  13. Lunajammer added a post in a topic AMT Double Dragster Engine Option   

    These are great answers and I appreciate the reference pics Bill.
    So it's got me wondering... I've got a spare 409 from the 59 El Camino. I haven't pulled it out the check, but would it work for me to use that with the Potvin chevy manifold and just hang onto all the DD engines?
  14. Lunajammer added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    AMT Double Dragster Engine Option
    The two Chevy engines can be built either inline or as twin mills side by side with potvin blowers. I'd like to build the rail dragster with one engine, but I hate to break up the pair of Chevys in case I want to keep them for another project. That leaves the Chrysler engine which also comes with the kit, but the instructions don't show that option with a potvin blower.
    My questions is, though the instructions don't show it, can the Chrysler engine be built with the potvin blower using the Chevy mounting plate (Item #68) or would that be incorrect? Or is there another way the Potvin can be correctly used with the Chrysler?
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  15. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Hood for Minicraft/Entex Rolls Royce Silver Cloud   

    Thanks Christian, though I'm not familiar with what the hood really looks like, making my own has been under consideration. Thanks.