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  1. Name that movie quote

    You are correct. Though the line originated with The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, but it's often misquoted. Your guess is correct for this exact wording.
  2. Name that movie quote

    "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges." Careful.
  3. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    That's pretty good Pete. It's not often you see model body damage that passes the scrutiny test.
  4. 1969 Chrysler 300 4 dr. ht. Air Trax resin built up

    Wow. Spectacular. You did a great job on an impeccably mastered kit.
  5. Love the long bed. Someone should resin kit that bed and 8-lugs.
  6. Buck Baker Olds done

    This looks really cool. I wasn't familiar with this kind of Olds in NASCAR. I quite like.
  7. 31 Days of Oscar

    Being a Ridley Scott disciple, I like Blade Runner and Alien. Also John Carpenter's The Thing. Those were cutting edge sci fi films at the time and that's how I sentimentally view them. I also like District 9. 31 Days of Oscar on TCM is about the best network TV watching there is. A great way to discover some of the best movies filmed.
  8. The 1968 Chevelle SS396- Grotto Blue

    Amazing clean details and definitely captures a specific and familiar look. Nice work.
  9. I figured it was heat tinting with some new or refurbished blocks added. With it just metal against metal, it makes me wonder how they can even make make a part without flash oozing everywhere, but still get clean, tiny detail parts just fine.
  10. Desoto Silver machine

    Whoa. Wasn't expecting that. You really did some work here, lots of subtle details. Excellent.
  11. '64 Ford Country Sedan wagon

    Everything looks right. Wonderful models.
  12. Mild Custom Deuce & A Quarter

    Some nice innovations. Beautiful.
  13. 2019 CBR - the Vannonball Run!

    Pretty cool Pat. Great color choice and overall look.
  14. Dick Brooks 1973 Talladega 500 winner

    This year of Plymouth is easily my all time favorite NASCAR, along with Petty's and others. Excellent redo of a hard to find model. Looks sassy.