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  1. Wild Thang 3 & 4

    For the record, my position on matters of auto design such as these is, anything different is good.
  2. Wild Thang 3 & 4

    "Luke. I'm your dad... I mean your other dad... er, go ask your mom."
  3. Which Cord Kit?

    Thanks for setting that straight Art. That hardtop just looks so clean and graceful.
  4. Which Cord Kit?

    Bob Shelton's resin hard top is luscious and was a point of passion for him. Built model and photos compliments of forum member Dr Plastic (Scott A. Bregi). Shown on the Monogram chassis.
  5. Wild Thing

    Man, don't get me started on over-hyped and too expensive.
  6. Wild Thing

    It accomplishes everything it was designed to do; be dramatic and get lots of attention. My big thing on these, is how this (and many others like it) will be frozen in time and in about ten years will represent a very distinct, dated era as vividly defined as the Pontiac Aztec, the Edsel, the VW Thing and, oh I don't know, shag 70's vans?
  7. Share the Love?

    I consider it pure luck that one of my models has appeared in contest coverage of every NNL North show I've attended (6, *toot-toot*) except last year's because I didn't notice the table note and it didn't get shot. I also think Richard's post answers almost every question. Nice work Rich.
  8. '95 Batmobile from the movie Batman Forever

    I think I killed one of these in my basement. That looks pretty neat all built up. Well done sir. It's bosozo-koool!
  9. Share the Love?

    Though photographing is subjective, the shooter isn't just selecting what he considers the best. He's selecting which ones offer the most variety that will appeal to the most readers. An editor may also consider the value of including the works of recognizable national luminaries (who shall remain nameless? ).
  10. Painting parts

    Yes, super glue on toothpicks leaves a residue on the unseen parts, but I like how firmly it holds until I'm done handling the pieces.
  11. 1966 Barracuda Circle Track Car

    You really dialed this in. I don't know what it looked like originally, but I'd be surprised if it was better than this.
  12. '95 Batmobile

    Sorry, I'm a little late to the plate here, but I like the effective use of your markers. Which compels me to recommend alcohol inks for such projects. It's basically marker ink as a liquid which can be applied with a brush or small sponge. Same effect but you don't get the stroke marks. Dilutes with alcohol (duh). Craft stores have them in the scrapbook sections. Sample of inks on washers...
  13. Dallara DW12 2017 Indy 500 winner

    Neat. Looks pretty cool.
  14. Finished my first model

    Fabulous, flat out, regardless of novice experience. Since you are quickly growing in this hobby I recommend Bare Metal Foil for the bright work. If you can cut a paint line as well as you do, then you'll do fine with it and will really bring life to your models. This racer might be an exception, as your silver sheen fits this car just right. If I'm wrong about the trim being painted then go ahead and clonk me with a dead cat.
  15. Lindberg Dodge 330

    Wow, here I enjoyed building one years ago and proudly displaying it without ever even noticing. Now I'm going to have to throw it away and hate myself.