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  1. Happy Triskaidekaphobia day🤣😨

    Yup, that's the one. Here's one of her pups on the cover of Gun Dog Magazine. She doesn't own it, but it's from one of her past litters.
  2. Happy Triskaidekaphobia day🤣😨

    They're like small golden retrievers, 30-40 lbs. Busy, energetic, people pleasing, water dogs.
  3. Happy Triskaidekaphobia day🤣😨

    My fiancee helped her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever whelp a litter of puppies Friday. The litter names all have to do with the word "lucky." So they are Charm, Penny, Striker (strike), Breaker (break), Star, Clover, Lindy and Duck. We are on bed side maternity watch around the clock this weekend to ensure everyone's happy and healthy until they get stronger.
  4. '48 Ford Woody

    Just lovely. I could sure picture a Chris Craft boat behind it.
  5. Some of my "Unbuildables"

    I'd say you made silk purses out of sow's ears then, because they all look good. I rather like the primer Nova. Really captures the vibe of the era's back yard street machines.
  6. USPS Rant

    This. ∆ ∆ ∆ My best friend is a residential carrier. He not only "goes back" to deliver the mail but he even knocks on the doors and hands the mail to the old ladies and housebound every day, just to make sure they're okay. My carrier, however, won't deliver my mail if more than two inches of snow goes unshoveled. My carrier buddy calls that guy a rules nazi.
  7. 41 Willys patina rod

    Great work Rob. That turbo looks fussy, but you did a first rate job on it. Clever use of space for the inter-cooler.
  8. I wouldn't get too jazzed about resin axles. It's been my experience that they sag over time and the wheels camber out.
  9. Paint Smell

    Thursday, while walking back home from dropping my car off for service, I smelled lacquer. About half a block farther I passed a guy in his driveway painting metal railings he'd just welded. I had to stop and tell him that I liked that smell because that's the smell of fun projects.
  10. Project Rambler--Ideas/Suggestions Wanted

    In cases like these, to cut corners, I look up the wheelbase, then look for cars with similar wheelbases that have been kitted in 1/25. Chances are there will be other parts that can be modified to fit without heavy scratch building. Often the concept ideas follow.
  11. Photo hosting

    The free hosting sites may not cost anything, but you pay one way or another. I have a paid Fotki site. I look at it like a modeling tool. For the price of one kit a year I get no ads and a reliable photo site.
  12. Anyone build Pinewood Derby cars? Show 'Em

    Sorry I'm a little late to the thread here, but you might want to check out this previous thread I started a couple years ago. Here are a few I built for our annual adult Pinewood Derby to benefit the VA. They all finished in the top ten (of 70+ entries) but could never finish on the podium. I also carved a running dog themed car but I need to get pics of it. I didn't participate last year because it's getting too political. Since fundraising is the goal, participation has become more important than enforcing rules so it's becoming a cheaters game. The result is fewer people are entering while the usual big spenders take the trophies.
  13. I really, really like that Brian. It could benefit from a little more aggressive weathering, but you really went to the nines on your details. You sure know your subject, so well thought out. Thanks for sharing.
  14. There's such a gap in the modeling world of these middle weight trucks that it's always great to see them show up. You did a great job on a truck with a lot of character.
  15. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I rather like the moons. I'm not sure an open or slotted wheel to reveal the brakes would fit the overall character as well.