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  1. Gauging interest - A Just-Whats-In-The-Box CBP

    True enough. There are some kits out there with so much engine detail in the kit that added detail doesn't add that much more. Some of the super cars come to mind, where wires and brackets are largely hidden anyway. But older AMT kits, (64 Impala, Chevelle, etc.) not so much.
  2. M*A*S*H David Ogden Stiers Gone at 75

    I never appreciated him on MASH, but just loved him once I saw him do drama. He plays warm characters so well.
  3. ethical situation

    I'm on board with much of what's been said, except for the police part. My assumption is it's being done by someone close enough to have access to his possessions, which means CLOSE family or friend. Are POLICE CHARGES really where you want to start this? Maybe later, if warranted, as a final action.
  4. Daytona 500

    I thought the race was okay, but I have to agree that viewers knew early on that the winner will not likely be the best car. When the top 20 cars are racing within the same second... all day... then you know it's just a race to a coin toss. I would think that at some level, wins like that would be a little vacant to the winners.
  5. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    Fargo, ND. No markdowns.
  6. 2008 Telsa for sale on ebay ...

    No delivery. Pick up only.
  7. Pam Hardy tribute/phantom car project

    I'd start by considering the palate of accent colors already used by JJ. That said, maybe a baby blue version of what Jim ran.
  8. There's an active club in Fargo, which is about a half hour closer than Sioux Falls, but still 3-hours away. If interested check Red River Scale Modelers on Facebook.
  9. How about that Super Bowl last night?

    Yeah, that was good. Hurt a little for some of us up here, but pretty funny.
  10. Jet Rod Community Build

    Yeah, over the top cool. If you like intakes and want to toss an amusing nod to VW heritage you could throw on a window air conditioning intake.
  11. Beautiful truck. First rate craftsmanship and I like the color choice.
  12. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I've just been seasonally ill with one lingering virus or another since T-giving and can't drum up the interest to build anything. FWIW, I gathered the elements for a build. Just can't get jazzed enough to commit.
  13. Quick Y-wing build

  14. Re posting ?

    Replacing pics is what I've been dabbling at for a while. This might be preferred, in consideration of those who might have bookmarked the original posts or who want to preserve the context of the original discussion.
  15. Yeah, that was a good one. Really, I think that whole disk was their best of all. I believe she even said that as a group they were in a good place when they made that one. They were free of studio obligations, had the producer that fit them well and were beyond their past anxieties, frustrations and brooding and made the music they wanted to make.