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  1. I HATE not finishing, but that's what's going to happen for me this year. The '61 Ranchero was a great project that got stalled when the body paint got botched, which seldom happens to me. After that I never really returned to the bench so it will have to wait until I'm all jazzed up again. I like what I'm seeing among the rest of you scofflaws.
  2. Me and Ms. L switched to Verizon last year. Pricey, like all name brand services, but my incentive was a free Iphone SE, which I'm very happy with. So if I deduct the value of the phone (say, $500) then it comes out to be reasonable, for a while at least. When I visited Taiwan, cell service was a public utility for a pittance of what we pay here. For that reason, most (young) people had two or three cell phones.
  3. Having never seen it, I grew up with a disdain for this movie until my brother, a retired priest, recommended it as an excellent movie. HUH?! It's one of the darn few Hollywood movies where priests are portrayed as genuinely compassionate, smart and warm human beings who rely on their devotion to help them endure a terrifying task that they refuse to give up on when a life is at stake. Have yet to see a remake that has the same believability and it's that genuineness that makes it so chilling.
  4. In my mind, it was something biblical with a spiritual aura since everybody who saw it instantly recognized it and was moved and awestruck. Ringo: "Is that what I think it is?"
  5. Another Bill Hickman chase where he is basically the same guy he was in the black Charger.
  6. There is a saying in stage theater, "There are only 39 scripts. The rest are re-writes."
  7. Came across this on FB and thought it was a good instant reference for those just discovering the techniques of hot rodding and customs.
  8. A pickup and a custom all in one? You're a WILD man Steve. This is beautiful. I don't recall seeing it before. The seat patterns are a nice touch.
  9. Judging by the beach that appears to have moved in, they were probably under water too (though I don't see much sand in them).
  10. Like most, it pretty much comes down to who makes the subject I want to build. That said, I prefer AMT and MPC. Love the old subjects. Generally, I don't like high parts count kits. I mostly model for style, custom, body and paint. I lose interest in fiddly mechanical details, so the early kits are more favored than tweezing a hundred micro parts that go unseen.
  11. The Eldorado Rancher I bought and built as a kid in 1973 was the correct body shown on that box with correct instructions. Later model Eldorados, like the one you have, continued to use the same box and instructions.
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