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  1. 21ST ANNUAL NNL NORTH - MAY 19, 2019

    Anyone got pics, albums, galleries etc?
  2. Mini trucks

    I've had two Ranger XLT 4x4 reg cab 6-cyl. 5-spd with LONG BED. It's heavy duty in a small size and that extra foot of the long bed has time-and-again made all the difference. Wish I had a new version of it, because mine is pretty worn out. Otherwise it's the perfect all season northland truck for me.
  3. What is your favorite year for American automobiles?

    Yup, '59. Yeah, fins and all that, whatever. Regardless, all my life I've thought '59 was a transitional year that put a period on the end of 1950's styling and turned its head to the future. But short lived, because I think 1961 was also a transitional year that brought styling back down to earth, where it remained the rest of the 60's and beyond. Both years are my favorite.
  4. This is what stupid looks like

    Jack boy paid the price with the handle to the head.
  5. 1940 Ford Wagon with scratch trailer - MADE IN BRAZIL

    Nicely planned and well executed.
  6. 49 Merc rusty car

    Spot on for sure. Especially the care taken on the stance. That droopy butt is how I remember most of those worn out tubs.
  7. Studebaker Atlantic custom concept

    There's a lot of inspiration here. I can't get past the slope of that windshield, which kind of throws a wrench in the works, but all the rest is inspiring. Beautiful body and paint.
  8. 2019 CBR - the Vannonball Run!

    Tough category. A deserved win, congrats.
  9. The monolith action figure is hilarious. I'd love to have heard that pitched on Shark Tank. In fact, I'd love to have heard that pitched in the Medicom R&D meeting.
  10. 2019 NNL East Event Coverage Here!

    When I met Bob Shelton at the last GSL, he implored me to attend this event. While I've always understood that it was the "Big East" his emphatic personal endorsement has really made me think hard about flying out. Great effort on the pics Tim.
  11. Real or photoshop?

    The photo is 'shopped, but I think the car is real (or a pretty good rendering). The repeated gravel pattern in the foreground is pretty hack.
  12. Desert Scale Classic XV - April 13

    Black magic should be disallowed. Great pics Brad, thanks for sharing.
  13. Kids today...

    I had an awakening last year when I drifted into a gaming shop, which I've ignored for the past five years. Lots of gaming related models and specialty paints I'd never heard of. Good stuff. Still not interested in the gaming culture, but there is a whole underground modeling community putting their creations to battle every Saturday.