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  1. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Mans Ruin Custom Chopper Finished Build 7.19.2016   

    Maybe the skull is the ruined man. The head on the gas cap I don't feel as much, but this turned out real well and you gave a lot of thought to it. Wish I could see it in the flesh. You also present some neat ideas for me to steal. Thanks for a well documented WIP.
  2. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Chrome Nail Polish   

    Joe, Joe, Joe... Laughing like I did doesn't play well in the gulag I work at.
  3. Lunajammer added a post in a topic ’98 Corvette   

    I like that underside shot. Nicely painted detail.
  4. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Led Zeppelin found not guilty.   

    I'm a little late to the table on this, but consider during the doo-wop days, you could in some cases literally layer one song over another they were so similar. One good song launched a hundred copy cats. Not only were there no (or few) lawsuits, but borrowing riffs and sounds is what built rock & roll. I could list two or three right off (Boston, Blues Traveler) who stole Pachelbel's Canon in D, but who's complaining, they all sound great. Pretty much all of the Blues genre follows the same music structure whether subtly or overtly. To hear Men At Work lost a hefty sum 30 years after Down Under for borrowing 11 notes from the Kookaburra song is disgusting in my opinion. I have no problem with Led Zeppelin re-inventing parts of another's work, as long as it's not a direct rip-off.
  5. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Help/Advice needed regarding children   

    Small kids are simple and easy to please. They don't have the kind of expectations adults do and are not slighted in any meaningful way if you choose to stop interacting after, say, five minutes. Sure they still want to glom onto you but if you ignore them, they get it, because that's how they see most adults being. For now, as an uncle, giving them attention in dribs and drabs is enough to forge a relationship into the future. 
  6. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Health Update: Cautiously Optimistic   

    That stinks. You're too young for that kind of old duffer pain. Did you ever injure it that might have hastened the development of arthritis?
  7. Lunajammer added a post in a topic FAKE IRS PHONE SCARE SCAM   

    Never heard of this site. Cool. Thanks.
    Don't know if it's just me but it seems like phone scams, reports of victims and warning statements from officials seems to be really ramped up lately. I wonder if this partly a result of all those corporate customer security breaches we've heard about the last couple years.
  8. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Crazy Speed   

    I've followed this a bit this year. TheTT is so wicked it's almost a blood sport. 270 competitor deaths at this one event since its inception in 1910. It's like the Everest of motorcycle racing; picturesque racing course, the most elite riders, fastest all out speeds, the ultimate price paid for errors and low purses remove money as a motivation for competing.
  9. Lunajammer added a post in a topic eldorado.   

    Sooo luscious.  Posable wheels?
  10. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Muhammad Ali dead at 74   

    Maybe not another one exactly like him, but unfortunately, there's a great mob of people clamoring to be polarizing figures. Ali couldn't do it today. He'd be lost in the noise. Back in the day there were three national TV networks and Life Magazine. If they followed you then you owned America.
  11. Lunajammer added a post in a topic How long do ya'll take   

    You don't need to fear knowledge Harry .  For the couple times I've kept a log, it's not been work or some sort of self policing. Once was for a custom build and once for a scratch built. I have many hobbies. It may or may not be a tool in considering where I want to spend my time on which hobby. That knowledge may never be applied to anything, but it satisfies my curiosity of just wanting to know. Now that I know I probably don't need to do it again.
  12. Lunajammer added a post in a topic How long do ya'll take   

    I've done a log for the last couple of builds, just to answer my own curiosity. It's in excess of 40-hours spread out over weeks. A graphic arts instructor once advised how to estimate the price of a design job, "Estimate how long you think it will take, then double it." That's about accurate to my modeling time if I'm building for any kind of deadline.
  13. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Is it me or is it my builds?   

    Comment numbers are no more a measure of popularity than it is at a model show. A lot of people look at my models at shows but I don't expect many of them to comment. Doesn't mean they don't appreciate seeing them and it doesn't bother me being just a face in the crowd. Same on this forum.
  14. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Posting Your Build on the Other Guy’s Thread   

    It's like belching. Not polite, not invited, but no high crime either. Meh.
  15. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Anyone Going to NNL North Tomorrow?   

    Glad I got the chance to meet you Steve. Wish I knew more forum members on sight so I could say hello. 
    It was a busy room for sure, I'll see if I can post some pics in the next couple days. I neglected to notice one of my entries was singled out for magazine pics. How stupid. Since I'm not a national caliber builder, getting in the mags is my win. Would've been my 4th straight year, but so be it.