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  1. Lee Iacocca Memorial Community Build

    I believe this one is in Iacocca's portfolio.
  2. freezing when Uploading Photos

    In the past I switched to Chrome because it was less problematic than Safari, so I'll explore that too.
  3. freezing when Uploading Photos

    I got a 404 error "page not found" this afternoon when I tried to start a topic with a link to Fotki pic. Tried 3 times before giving up. Mac OS 10.14 Mojave using Safari, don't recall what version but it would be recent because the computer is new.
  4. Zvezda Star Destroyer

  5. what everyone favorite mopar car post photos here thanks

    '72 Satellite, Roadrunner. Preferring the '72 taillights over the '71s.
  6. What do these go to?

    The middle tree goes to the AMT '59 El Camino. Large lens is half the custom tail lights for the custom tailgate.
  7. For D Day- what is was really like. PICs

    The gentleman in the middle of this photo, Bill Hayes, (chin on Ike's thumb) is from my hometown, Fargo, ND. Lived here before and long after the war, and nobody knew that was him until around the 50th anniversary of D-Day. But these men (my father included) never blew their own horn or insisted on being entitled. To read Bill's account of this photo and what happened to him afterward, there's a cool article HERE.
  8. What do you listen to while you build???

    Sweet, sweet silence. The chance to be alone with my own thoughts.
  9. Rust Box of Doom Chevy Wagon '57 Drag Week 2018

    Looks like a real good replica. Well done.
  10. Gerald Wingrove has passed away.

  11. RTS Caravan 71 Roadrunner

    Those '71-'72 RR variants are already so sexy you can hardly go wrong with customizing. Great start, keep it going.
  12. Reconstructed Deconstructed Christine

    Ebay seller offering this as a sculpture and/or replicated movie prop. At first I thought it was BS, but the story behind the artistic effort is actually kind of interesting and worth a read, if not a chuckle. https://www.ebay.com/itm/cubed-Christine-movie-1958-Plymouth-tribute-scrap-junkyard-scene-Stephen-King/273447244907?hash=item3faab9d46b:g:i-4AAOSwwVBbkeh2
  13. 2019 CBR - the Vannonball Run!

    I regret I've been conspicuously quiet and haven't joined this year. I like the category and would like to participate, kit in hand. I just haven't touched my bench since before Xmas.
  14. Automotive Album Art

    Sorry, an unapologetic, sentimental soft spot for the TJB.
  15. Automotive Album Art