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  1. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    CA glue seems to be the consensus on a few of posts I've found. One mentions black CA
  2. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    Family legend has it that around the early part of last century, my grandfather and one or two brothers set out to drive a Model T the farthest north into Canada than any car had ever driven. They lived in Saskatchewan. It was mostly off-road, using railroad bridges when possible to ford rivers. I'm told they succeeded, but it was probably a record soon broken. I always embraced that story as a tribute to the mechanical spirit of the early car owners who were emboldened by the possibilities the automobile offered.
  3. Jeepers, that's the cats meow
  4. 66 Riviera custom

    Really nice Jim. This Buick lends itself to the "quiet" custom and you got it dialed in just right.
  5. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    It did not finish because it was involved in a head-on crash in Siberia that killed British driver Emma Wilkinson and injured her partner three weeks into the race. The driver of the other car and a baby were also killed. Later articles implied alcohol may have been involved with the other driver. It was not a support vehicle but according to one article may have been allowed because they were less particular for that year's race. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-22885146
  6. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I don't know why I get such a kick out of this Scott, but it looks pretty good. Maybe add a couple pics to this thread so we can offer you the due kudos that are restricted on the Finished Builds thread.
  7. 2018 Cannonball Run

    The more I look at this the better I like it. A-1 Brian!
  8. Celebrity Crushes?

    That's what made me think of Virginia. She only has a bit part but for those minutes every year I have a crush on her.
  9. Celebrity Crushes?

    How about beauty, brains and a classic? Virginia Patton from It's A Wonderful Life. Niece of General George S. Patton and still alive.
  10. Celebrity Crushes?

    Oh, you want looks AND brains here? Danica McKellar.
  11. 1963 Plymouth Fury

    Now that's a hot rod. I love what you've done here.
  12. A couple Corvette's

    You never disappoint Dominik. Beautiful collection of models.
  13. 2018 Cannonball Run

    For sure my man. And mine will be blast proof... at least I think it will be.
  14. In my head and under my breath now and then, I've always heard Bill Murray doing his Lounge Guy doing Frank Sinatra doing Fish Heads. "Fish heeeeaaads. Those roly poly fish heeeaads. We like to eat them! Oh yeahhhhh. Shoo be doo be dooooo."
  15. From Wikipedia... Actor Bill Paxton, a filmmaker at the time, directed and appeared in the music video for the song, along with cinematographer Rocky Schenck and Robert Haimer's girlfriend at the time, Joan Farber, who designed the costume look. The video aired on NBC television on Saturday Night Live, on December 6, 1980 and the following week. Dr. Demento had a cameo as the bum.