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  1. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Wish me luck guys...   

    Heck yeah, all the best! Positive thoughts.
  2. Lunajammer added a post in a topic The Brawling Bomber   

    Whoa. That is some seriously marketable art. The texture, contrast, color is impeccable. Really the highest quality.
  3. Lunajammer added a post in a topic 1970 Dodge Charger   

    Welcome Sebastian. Beautiful looking model.
  4. Lunajammer added a post in a topic 1927 Turtledeck T   

    What a nice, clean, balanced piece. Well done.
  5. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Cars from movie, "11.22.63"   

    It's great to see so many classic cars on screen. One petty critique I have with period films like this is that, with a couple of exceptions, all the cars look like they've been brought in from the local car club. That is, most of the cars, as far as they eye can see, look brand spanking new regardless of age. My memory from that era is that there were a lot of shoddy and dinged up cars. I realize producers have to take what they can get, but I know if they tried a little harder they could find more dull sedans and unpopular cars that would be more period correct. Picky, I know, but as much as I like to see the cars, I'm almost distracted by the shine.
    Edit: The weathered patina of the '63 Chevy is exactly the look I would want to see. Unfortunately, considering the year, that would be the one car that should look brand spankin' new. 
  6. Lunajammer added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    I'm jealous. 
  7. Lunajammer added a post in a topic How to be competitive at contests.   

    I enter contests with almost no ambitions of winning. I do it as a show of support for the host club so that they will continue to bring people together annually for a fun day of socializing, learning, buying/selling and bragging. If I win something, so be it.
    Judging is all just opinion and if the turn out and competition is strong, every judge (and contestant) will bring different values to their decisions. To have an enjoyable experience you have to recognize and accept that.
  8. Lunajammer added a post in a topic RIP Walter Becker/Steely Dan fame   

    First of all, thanks for posting that link. I'd never heard of Horace Silver and I jocked at a jazz station for three years, but that's on me. That's a really cool song! It needs to be in my mix list. However I don't think playing two repeating notes, especially if they're not the same notes, at the front of a song is copping a riff, like Horace did it so he owns it and no one can do that now. Sure sounds like Horace certainly inspired the riff though.
  9. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Monogram 1/24 '57 Normad   

    I've never known this kit to ever have stock wheel options. But I'm not the most informed modeler either. Might have to borrow from the Bel Air.
  10. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Blast From The Past   

    Heck yeah. My best friend had one when we were kids. You could steer it around by pressing on the top side of the cab to turn the wheels. My memory is that the wheels looked really good. You had to be pretty small to ride it though.
  11. Lunajammer added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Thanks for all the kudos guys. She's grown to understand modeling and especially had an awakening when she accompanied me to GSL in April. She'll never have the patience to build herself, but it's enough for me that she gets what modeling (and car shows) is all about. Now, about the motorcycle...
  12. Lunajammer added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got a "Yes" and a fiancee when I proposed to my GF under the total solar eclipse on Monday. My first engagement you understand. We were steadies in college, went our separate ways for about 22 years, then a few years ago became reacquainted through a mutual friend. Older, wiser, more patient, more mature, etc. The rest is history.

  13. Lunajammer added a post in a topic New 62 just painted   

    Me too Wayne. Looks pretty authentic. A great start.
  14. Lunajammer added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    I have no problem with "pretty." Looks pretty decent gloss. Needs an accent color though. Maybe that could be matte?
  15. Lunajammer added a post in a topic Taking some forced time off/away, for the foreseeable future...   

    You can take the models away from the modeler but you can't take the modeler away from the models. Take the break and get centered. Maybe thin the stash a little. Then when it's time to return you'll feel better and love it anew.