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  1. Great work on this Jay. A lot of hard work and time paid off. I especially like the interior, but all of it turned out wonderful. Yes, I acquired this one back in the 90's too at the end of a show. It was in a box of glue bombs the vendor was literally throwing away. As a saver, I couldn't bear to see plastic go to the dumpster. I didn't start taking pics of the Toronado until after I'd cleaned up a lot of the glue splotches across the body, so it was worse than the pics show.
  2. Bravo! Looks like it could drive away. Great subject.
  3. You might be right. Rarely find these Revells done stock, that's why I like it. Came out real well Gary.
  4. Wow, everything looks, overall, so good it almost looks like a 3D illustration. Definitely something to be proud of and worth the push to finish it.
  5. Johan '70 Toronado. The glue was unbelievably bombed, but no paint. At the time (early 90's) the '70 Caddy Eldorado was still available so it donated the chassis, engine, rims and a modified seat.
  6. Lunajammer


    Bill is right about getting what you pay for. For that reason I went to Fotki and am paying $40/yr. for my plan. I would have been all on board to do the same at PBucket, if that's what they requested. But it wasn't an option at the time. The option was $400 or beat it. So I went to the open arms of Fotki who smartly exploited PBs foolishness by sending out a welcome to all pissed off PB users. Though I still have existing pics on PB it's tiresome to hear now, a couple years later, that I'm suddenly over my limit, when I didn't have that many pics on there to begin with and $40 a month of slow loads, pop ups, failed links still isn't an option. That bridge has burned and they did me a favor.
  7. Excellent collection. The Nomad is great and I'm sure was a challenge.
  8. Neat. Glad to see one of these built up. I haven't seen how they actually come out.
  9. Wow. Some very sophisticated choices my good man.
  10. I'm not sure I've ever seen a built one. Truly a unique model and you did a great job on it.
  11. Whatever Edmonton and Saskatoon gets, Fargo gets. My heated seat burned out and the PT Cruiser gets obstinate colder than -15F. Not looking forward to the continuing drop in temps.
  12. I think there are, but officials know all the tricks and know where to look. Another really cool racer Bruce. I love how you bring out all of what the original kit has to offer.
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