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  1. I've often heard this is a problem kit, but sometimes it seems irresistible. Since it's pretty much a fantasy car, it's less prone to rivet counting. You have my admiration for not only persevering through to the end but doing a fine job of it. I still dig it.
  2. Though I've not entered this year, I'm still lurking regularly so at this point I'm pretty sure I can look after the poll.
  3. You've made some smart choices and the end result is a beautiful, fresh look at an old kit. I don't think anyone could've done better. Nice work.
  4. The color of my 58 T-bird seemed too precious to cover so it got a good polish.
  5. I like everything about this kit. I'd love to see it rereleased in all it's glory.
  6. Just read this. What a bummer. He came around these parts about 18 years ago with Kris Kristofferson to make a film in ND. Wooly Boys was produced by a local ad/marketing executive. I helped my graphics partner design the billboard.
  7. What breaks my heart for the paint woes is I thought it looked pretty cool just like this.
  8. Our model club used to do an annual display at our library lobby with models tied into books as part of the display. The library staff said it was always their most popular display. Your presentation is nicely laid out.
  9. Being a shooting brake fan and former owner of a Vega wagon and Astre wagon, I've always been frustrated at the poor dimensions of the Vega. Can't be built stock without wailing and gnashing of teeth. But it does fit the funny car chassis AMT used on its other short wheel-base American dragsters. All of these kits have the same wheelbase and body fitment. I believe the poor rear end proportions are self serving to drop onto that chassis with ease. I'd be interested in knowing if there is a real world (racing) precedent for this body mod. (Photos courtesy of internet contributors).
  10. Yeah, I pretty much see this every day. And by every day I mean never! Clever build Curt.
  11. Yeah, sunlight really does it justice. Beautiful piece Steve.
  12. Stunning. Really beautiful. Superb work.
  13. One of my favorites. I first saw him in the TV mini-series "Inside the Third Reich." I just didn't know it was him but he was very compelling as Hitler's personal architect Albert Speer, who you might say was a reluctant Nazi but who was drawn into Hitler's circle of trust because he was artistic, quiet, honest and not political. I became a fan with Ladyhawke and cemented my fandom with Blade Runner. I'd watch him in anything after that. So sad we won't see any more.
  14. I'm a bit of an Apollo nerd, so my fiancee makes great sport of tossing Cap One barbs at me, knowing I'm an easy target of aggravation at the mere thought of the premise.
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