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  1. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Late-season update: Nothing done. But with the northern chill moving in, it's almost model season again.
  2. 2018 Cannonball Run

    The blue accents are graphically risky, but I just love it. A bold choice that really adds interest.
  3. difficult question

    Everything above is valid. I will just add this... This kind of stuff still brings a ton of interest at the auctions. Piggy-back your models onto someone's auction, or work with an auction company to gather up your stuff and they'll add it to a weekly auction. Your family doesn't have to deal with it, the models will go to collectors and resellers and the auction company may come and get 'em up for you and they don't go to the trash You may well have to give up 30-to-40 percent for their commission but basically, you give up some of your value to pay someone to do the work for you.
  4. Your Favorite or Interesting Race Car Livery

    In the outdoor advertising business (which is essentially what we're talking about here), less is more, and that's why I like this. Bold, instantly defined and sponsor pleasing.
  5. Body filler

    For filling and shaping, this...
  6. Model Mania Top 20 NNL, 2018, 10th edition...

    That's great that you put forth the effort to bring modelers together like that. Some quality builders brought some good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  7. 53 studebaker

    It appears to be lowered a bit too. Definitely, let it out to be seen.
  8. 1959 Cadillac Surfwagon - a teenagerĀ“s dreamcar...

    A lot of work paid off. Well done, I very much like it.
  9. Celebrity Crushes?

    Her relentless, non-negotiable, black white and grey color pallet for every flip is what makes me sharpen my pencils. Can't watch it anymore.
  10. Buddy Baker Torino .

    A nasty, handsome model there.
  11. 1953 Ford Crestline Victoria.

    They're beautiful kits and you did a splendid job on it. The kit was produced in big numbers and under appreciated, which make them one of the nicest cheap kits you can get.
  12. Some artworks

    Amazing work on some of those pieces. I keep going back to the hubcap. I'm not sure what's going on there but I don't really want to know. It's enough that it holds my attention and keeps me thinking. I wish my town had that kind of a repurpose exhibit.
  13. eBay part seller now gone

    Somewhere there is a mountain of highly desirable, collectible and flat out rare vintage kits ravaged of pieces, and will never be built or enjoyed by anyone again. You know, that holy grail kit you were outbid on.
  14. ACME Club "Back to the 80's" challenge

    X2. I was just out of high school and those were the paint jobs that got me totally jazzed about paint and body. High impact and seemed so do-able. Glad to see Centerlines on the table. That speaks '80s to me.
  15. What do you do with your built kits?

    Sadly, mine go straight back into the boxes and put away. Until I have a proper display case and location, they are too precious to get filthy sitting out. I show them from time to time I want them clean and protected. Besides, nobody who visits my house would care enough to notice them.