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  1. Re posting ?

    Replacing pics is what I've been dabbling at for a while. This might be preferred, in consideration of those who might have bookmarked the original posts or who want to preserve the context of the original discussion.
  2. Yeah, that was a good one. Really, I think that whole disk was their best of all. I believe she even said that as a group they were in a good place when they made that one. They were free of studio obligations, had the producer that fit them well and were beyond their past anxieties, frustrations and brooding and made the music they wanted to make.
  3. That sucks. This was my screen saver for a while... She was a good kid. RIP.
  4. i wish they would

    This one seemed really bad. I haven't measured, but wheels look pretty small.
  5. i wish they would

    I've always thought tires look a little small too, but I also think it's an optical illusion. If you look at real cars and try to mentally erase the darkness of the surrounding wheel wells, the tires do look a little small. I'm certain most kit wheels are scale correct.
  6. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Watch out Rob, don't get seduced by the gremlin's sweet siren song of "just one more little thing," and its B-side hit, "Well, if I do this then I might as well just do this and this." And then, well, you know how it goes.
  7. You are what you drink

    Well, if you've moved on to drinking Sterno, nothing will help you understand
  8. 40 ford wagon

    This is really neat. The kind of thing that inspires me.
  9. More Bovine Exhaust...

    Our group of people has nominated you to our list of other people. You will join esteemed others to be in our thing. We are pleased to announce that you have been announced. Our yadda welcomes you to our yadda yadda and are proud that others like you celebrate your you-ness.
  10. Save the planet. PLEASE DELETE THIS POST

    Yeah, there's some recent memory of malfeasance in trades from relatively new members with low post counts and folks are a little gun shy, that's all. Hang in there Pat, people will come around. I picked up a monster load of parts last summer, literally a Ford Ranger pickup load for $50 from an antique dealer who needed to clear space. I just don't know what I have yet, lots to go through.
  11. Hum3d - Large Source of 3D Modelled Autos

    $50 for jpg/pngs? Seems a little pushy to me.
  12. 17 was a good year

    A lot of good stuff. Thanks for sharing. Also for including the WIP pics.
  13. wip- VK4502P

    Wow, really a superb eye for weathering and masterful execution.
  14. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Niko, if you need anything from the states to help you out, PM me. I'd be happy to do what I can.