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  1. I WISH it was my dad's Olds. His first car was a '48 Studebaker (and not the flashy one). Nice work.
  2. My local grocery store, not really a supermarket, had a sign at the TP that said, "LIMIT 2. Be neighborly and consider and needs of others." Good for them to take a stand. We live in a flood prone area and every year people boast about how great we are for helping our neighbors with sandbagging, "...Because that's how we are around here and what makes our community special. We're that kind of people." ...Until it's not just about making themselves feel good. Where are those people when their selfish hoarding is denying their neighbors basic necessities?
  3. A great sentimental revival. It's a fun subject, made more fun by replicating the movie car. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Nor notes sometimes. My close friend entered a superbly detailed 1/48 B-17 at Minneapolis' big IPMS show. It even had self starting motorized props. Give it a spin, they start. Grab the hub to slow to a stop or the blades break off. Mid day we found a broken prop. The models are not to be touched, but that's on us for not posting a note, so we did. Came back later another prop was broken. Very aggravating. We instructed the judges to police the model and showed them how to handle the props and to ask us to assist if they wish during judging. The doors closed for judging and when we returned there was another broken prop. He was so furious he removed it from display, boxed it and it never saw the light of day again.
  5. Absolutely unbelievable. Still trying to make the connection between TP and coronavirus. If you're quarantined for 14-days and need multiple cases of TP then you have bigger problems than coronavirus.
  6. You guys who just finished, I gotta say that's some exceptional work and I love how well you've replicated your subjects. Just remember stay tuned come November when you'll be asked to load your best photos to the finishers thread.
  7. While I don't totally disagree, I have to defend the media to some degree. They are obligated to report cancellations, government statements, community actions and progress reports. That said, they don't have to hype it. But at this point, any reporting is feeding the hype, regardless of how innocuous. For that matter, so are social media (forum) discussions.
  8. Other than plug wires and BMF, there was no technical detail, just body work and paint.
  9. It was a private club award, the Bob Barnett Memorial Award for custom, presented by the Metroplex Car Modelers Assoc. of Texas. Thanks to Len Woodruff. The award was less about bristling detailing to the Nth degree than it was about custom styling choices and execution.
  10. This is how I won a specialty award at GSL. I'm no longer interested in trying to join the elite. I don't enjoy the hobby at that level. But creative modeling also has a value and at some level should be (and is) recognized, as long as you still adhere to the basics of clean building and believable techniques.
  11. It's not the disease I fear, it's the fallout. When services stop, venues close, trade gets restricted and markets drop, people lose jobs. Whether it's rational or panic, the fallout is real and will have real economic consequences that will not just bounce back, even if a month or two from now the virus dries up overnight.
  12. That would be my mis-speak. You are correct, he's the TV critic. I've corrected it in the post. I haven't read much of his work but I very much like his approach to the voice of this book. Almost the whole thing is just a collection of testimonials and quotes from the people who were there, threaded together in one comprehensive narrative of things you never knew about the production, people, relationships, history, the creative process and its influence on other entertainment.
  13. This is what I've been reading the last week or two. For the long time SNL aficionado like me this is a must read. Written in part by Tom Shales, Pulitzer Prize winning TV critic for The Washington Post. Superbly written and uncensored history, back stories and testimonials by almost any living member of the cast, writers, producers and network execs. A+
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