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  1. Half the time, once built, I don't remember what stalled them out in the first place. Deadlines are my best motivators. Left to my own devices, my time and interests wander too much. Guilt is a motivator. Not a good one, just a motivator. Finishing a decade dead project is more rewarding than finishing a fresh one because it's done shaming me.
  2. Admittedly, there were times I'd cut corners on a build and ask myself if this is something important enough that Harry would notice or call out. I think for many who posted on this forum, Harry was, consciously or otherwise, the barometer by which building choices were made.
  3. That's a beauty on a sentimental favorite.
  4. So slick I think I slipped and broke a hip.
  5. Lunajammer

    RPM Act

    Brings new meaning to the term "World of Outlaws."
  6. At least you can take comfort in knowing your stash is being cared for by top men... Top. Men.
  7. Along with the classic artists, I also like 3D artist Sal Salvador's space rods. Mostly not practical, but like many concept cars, it's the style of the dream that counts.
  8. Those grills look so excellent, they frequently inspire me to build a '34 just to use one. Haven't done one yet, but that's all it takes for me.
  9. Seems to me these paint jobs are made gaudy with intent, sort of "in your face" extravagance. The intent is to blow your mind with artistry, talent and technique, where excess is a means to an end, which is a jaw dropping wow reaction. It's under rated as an art form and over rated as an automotive aesthetic. Truly, gallery quality work, but probably would not be respected outright in the arts community because it's too closely associated with the motor crowd. Shame.
  10. Great job, yes it almost looks real. Photos are very good too.
  11. Looks like you accomplished exactly what you were striving for. Nice conversion, the details really came through and you especially captured the "feel."
  12. I'd love to see a '72. My only hope would be that the body type is reaching a younger audience through recent video games and movies. If that helps keep it relevant and contemporary, maybe that will improve interest. I don't think R2 can count on sales among the long established builders alone to generate a profit.
  13. MPC - Model Products Company AMT - Aluminum Model Toys MRC - Model Rectifier Corporation Jo-Han - John Hanley
  14. Hmm. I've never seen one with no side trim and no padded half-roof. Learn something everyday.
  15. Which is why, with these plane becoming more precious every year, in the long run I think we're living in a slowly closing window of opportunity to see them flying at all. Knowing that, I've never appreciated them more, or as a friend says, "We've been taking them for granted."
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