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  1. Your heart's in the right place, but don't let it give you a heart attack that tosses out the fun along with an unfinished build. I did this Cruiser for the CB a couple years ago with the body on an Audi R8 Chassis. I'm sure a serious car guy could pick it apart, but I stayed centered by sacrificing technicalities for fun. Of course it's never won anything either, but winning isn't everything (says losers 😆).
  2. I've been an ad creator for 20+ years and when in radio I used to be amused at how many clients want their ads to say, "...for all your (blank) needs." "XYZ vacuums for all your vacuum needs," etc. My favorites were, "...XYZ Forklift, for all your forklift needs" and the all time winner "ABC Abstracting, for all your abstracting needs." I kept a list hanging on a cabinet that we all contributed to as they crossed our desks.
  3. Reminds me of my best friend who has stainless auto trim shop. He recently finished a 59 Chevy and said there was 200-feet of stainless to polish. You wouldn't think so to look at it. Great work on the BMF Brian, you're well on your way.
  4. Ohhh Nigel, your faith is inspiring, but the beast is sleeping, waiting to arise and bite you in the assemblage. 😆
  5. Eric, the spoons are an ingenious idea. Yes, I'm toying with what goes behind the heads. I know the squares I used earlier are out. The spoons would be more complimentary to the dome, so.... hmm.
  6. A little update on this... So I going with a bubble top and I'm using a clear egg ornament. Not being a geometric engineer, it took a few cuts to get it right. Then I added a frame on the rim. I lowered the suspension about 3 scale inches and I think it made a big difference. Body work around the cockpit to fill gaps and to accept the interior correctly. Most of the work was at the dash for trimming, fitting, filling.
  7. Some of the best weathering I've ever seen. I also really like the lighting of your outdoor photos. Nice work.
  8. It's already looking neato toledo. Looking forward to more. I've been wanting to do a project like this for years, but have never found the right hull for the right project.
  9. It doesn't grate me a bit that SA closed up, that's business. Sh@t happens. I was subscribed and I'm saddened for the loss, but that's life. What flames me is that without warning, they pulled the plug on their site, which was many, many years of resource material. That alone tells me how much they gave a ding-dong about car modelers. Gregg Hutchings had essentially no magazine left and no revenue, but remained committed to the hobby community to at least find a way to keep his digital content available. If he did have to close shop completely, we would not learn about it by 404 Error. I think he'd care enough about the hobby and its members to give fair warning and an expression of gratitude. I'm sure the new booklet is worth the cover price and I'll pick one up if/when the need arises.
  10. Today I mourn. In the late '80's while I worked in broadcast news, he came to town to honor hometown kid Roger Maris. Tommy held a press conference and it's the only PC I'd ever been to where none of the press people left after it was over. The reason is because Tommy Lasorda, IMHO, was the greatest story teller ever. We all sat around for an extra hour with our various ENG machines turned off, just listening to him spin fantastic and immensely entertaining yarns about baseball and its wild characters. The press corps, maybe 15 of us, didn't leave until he had to split for other commitments. RIP old man.
  11. Whoa! Fantastic! I thought first pic was a movie still until I saw the second. I have the Heller version and drew up my own decals 20 years ago for Northwest Airlines livery. They were printed on an early Alps and quality was very poor so it's sat unfinished since then. My skills have improved since then I would have to restore some things, but from what I remember it's actually a pretty good kit. Thanks for sharing.
  12. With Misha in, that almost completes the list of the usual scofflaws 😄. (Belugawrx is still thinking.) Bummer about that body Mish. I'm sorry I could've donated a clean body, but just prior to this CBP I hacked into it for a sci-fi build.
  13. Stunning! All of them. Each one is a pleasure to look at. Quality builds and very nicely photographed. Wish I had your stamina.
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