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  1. its comin to put 84 and up clip on older 73 chevy and gmcs that's my story and im sticking to it
  2. if its a ford use the 50 to57 fords if gm used a 50's chevy or olds
  3. HAPPY CRISTMAS to all my peps I hope you all get some plastic is year
  4. they could do a new one with the 40 willy coupe and the 55chevy truck or use the 53 ford truck and small flat bed trailer that they had with the clear topper
  5. with that big 427 fe siting in bay is more of a moonshine runner
  6. some one will have a 69 Carger or a newer ram truck with the hellcat's 700 hp hemi
  7. killer 32s that are not a ford love all of them
  8. go all auss style a big 14/7 blower siting obnoxiousy high out of hood and big bad shot gun scope on some carbs
  9. same peps that talk about the 2014 vette looking bad whats going on with usa's car they start to look so so
  10. the AMT's 56 ford coupe 3and1 has some thing that looks like that
  11. 90's ck truck and blazers 80 to86 madza b2300 truck a 2010 madza 3 a 49 caddie fastback coupe [zztop car]
  12. great job on a truck of my dreams you guys are killing me for showing is
  13. goddddddd that thing looks like a cat fish
  14. what not a custom frame for it are u using the same wheels that u did older built
  15. you from my home state maine im from glenburn me. we know what rust is all about. lolo
  16. a nice chevy car or truck from 1932 to 40'' a good 67 to 72 gm pick up a better 66 ford stang coupe
  17. it needs duck tape on it some were and call red green show
  18. if its a big block then find the amt's new tool 57 chevy street rod kit
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