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  1. Finally got something off the mill now that I've started the manifold. I made some mistakes along the way and learned how fragile this part is after spending 3 1/2 hours yesterday making one and having it bend while machining it. Without sharing too much yet on the overall design, I really wanted the curvature that you see on the manifold "log" (as I call them) Some imagination and trial and error and I got 1 done to my liking. The drivers side "log" is bent as you can see from the pick and is junk, but I had to put it next to the other that turned out. cheers, tim some of the experiments in the foreground. a better view of the curvature I wanted to maintain the piece of brass is scrap that is supporting the log. I just wanted to be sure the dimensions were proper. I wanted to an "experimental" intake for the car in tune with the whole build theme. The manifold logs look like an injection style manifold but I came across several intake pics of the Autolite carbs that used a similar style. Not counting nuts and bolts, I think there will be 14 or 15 parts to it when completed.
  2. A lot of attention to detail Kurt......really shows. cheers, tim
  3. Thank you Lorne for the sentiment you've shared. I'm getting anxious to see all these beautiful sub-assemblies on the truck. Granted I'm sure not as much as you are, but it's certainly shaping up to be a gorgeous build. cheers, tim
  4. Charlie, I'm just sitting here scratchin' my head try to figure out how you do TWO involved large scale projects at once. You have brain reserves I can only dream of. btw, super nice work on this car too!! cheers, tim
  5. Thank you Chris but you really need to read my notes.........waiting on YOUR new build post sir...........hint-hint-hint............... Randy - wrong count sir.......150 total parts of the 2 carbs combined.........75 each....sorry to confuse! Sure seemed like 300 each though..... Too funny Bruce, and thanks once more for following along. Bob, also a big thanks.........regarding your comment, it's a sickness I think I have. I can't imagine anyone else would bother or take the time I put into these 2 carbs. Sometimes I get too far into the trees as they say. Charlie, having checked out and admired your work as well, I will certainly be looking forward to your Boss build as well. Cheers fellas!
  6. Charlie, I can just tell Charles you're having fun with this one and I've always been a big fan of Mustang fastbacks......Certainly appreciate the kind words too. cheers, tim
  7. That'll put a smile on anyone's face. Kudos to you Francis. cheers, tim
  8. Hey Eric, been far too long since I checked on your progress. Man have you been busy. Every time I see the title of this build "Advanced Custom Version" I chuckle as it's becoming more and more an understatement. The car is wickedly cool. Nice touch to add the LED lights as well. cheers, tim
  9. Thanks for sharing your pics John. These show ALL the detail you put into it. Nice. Now it's time to get back to work on the Monocoque Mustang Funny.............hint-hint..........
  10. Fun to check in on your progress. More please. Cheers, tim
  11. Thank you Jim. Hope you like the rest of it. cheers, tim
  12. Hi Francis, I like the update, they're going to really complement the carbs. Have you thought about possibly media blasting the bowls? You'd get a color & texture (cast) that looks like the fuel pump drive I did on the Bantam. If you're interested, send me a PM and I'll provide the media blast air brush and material I've used. It's not expensive either. Cheers, Tim
  13. Okay Bruce, now THAT one is one of my favorites now. The list is endless. cheers, tim
  14. Great job Randy. The design, fabrication and engineering are top notch. I really like the "delicacy" and accuracy of the latest bits you made. Cheers, Tim
  15. JC, just when I think I have my favorite picked out.........along comes new pics. Love them all!! That bright red one though is a REAL eye-catcher. I watched the various videos posted as well. It's all too confusing..........I'm convinced you'd have to have enough money to own a different one for each day of the week. Cheers, Tim
  16. Dave (Comp1839) - You've been an avid fan and supporter for a long while. Will always be thankful the knowledge you've shared over the years and helped me become a better machinist. I admit that these were/are the most challenging things I've ever tackled. These are at the limits of my abilities. Ready to move on to get this build done. Brad (Gasser59) - I echo what I said to Dave. You've always encouraged me and followed along. Means a lot. Thanks! Francis (AmericanMuscleFan) - Appreciated sir. Your work speaks volumes for sure. Really enjoying your threads and glad you like what I'm doing on this one. cheers Jason (JasonCamaro) - Thanks too man. The details are a bit much and sadly, only by taking pictures and showing them on the computer screen can you appreciate the effort in these. They DO look great in person, you just have to look REALLY closely (a magnifier helps too). Randy (RandyD) - Who doesn't love a RandyD. model? Answer: No one. Thanks my friend for posting and following. It's always a treat to open your build threads to see what you're up to. Daniel (Straightliner59) - Thanks to you as well for checking in and the comments. Hope you like the rest of it as I make S-L-O-W progress! Cheers to one and all! Tim
  17. Carbs are done. I'll attach the accelerator pump arms after affixing to the manifold. Which is next to be fabricated. I wanted to mock-up the carbs for height and position on the carb (this is pretty close) as I'm all about the visual. The manifold will be machined of brass & soldered then media blasted. It will be painted as an aside. cheers everyone and I'm running out the door.......I'll be sure to thank each of you for your posts when I get back later today. Thanks too for indulging me for all the pics I'm posting this time around. Cheers, Tim
  18. Well Claude & Chris......the pair aren't done yet but I have many of the sub-assemblies complete. I've got many hundreds of hours now into these over the last 5 + months. I do have 1 finished with the fuel bowls attached & I wanted to share some pics as I'm quite pleased how they're turning out. FInal count is 75 pieces PER carb / 150 for the pair. Pushing hard to have the pair completed by Sunday. Cheers, Tim
  19. Turbos, what turbos? We don't need no stinkin' turbos. This engine is spectacular in it's own right already. Nice work Francis! cheers, tim
  20. Randy..........DROOL.............SLOBBER............well, you get the idea. Beautiful as always. cheers, tim
  21. You're correct Claude. Mine look like new/factory fresh if you will from the day. Here's a pic of one fresh from manufacture back in the day. I think this will help you. Cheers, tim
  22. Many thanks EVERYONE for the comments!! I'm well into the assembly finally and thankfully. They're challenging lets just say. I think by next week both will be completed and I'll be onto the manifold. Cheers, Tim For Claude's question about the coloration. I have that magazine cover. It was shot that way by the photographer for whatever reason. Seems the hot rod mags were "experimenting" a lot in those days and thought it looked cool I suppose. The accelerator pump plates and some of the fuel bowls have that "zinc" tint to them in some of the pics I've seen. Maybe those parts were cast separately in a different metal/alloy. I know they're cast aluminum but I've seen them polished too. The pic I'm sharing is of the real deal in natural lighting. You can just make out the tint I'm speaking of.
  23. Boy does that pop in the sun. Nice save on the hood. Odd what happened to the 1st one. Cheers, tim
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