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  1. Hi Everyone,  Wanted to share pics of progress in this post but sadly still dealing with my stupid back.  Next step might be an MRI and some minor surgery..........if this week coming isn't better.  But to everyone again that keeps checking in for progress on the build and for your kind sentiments, THANK YOU.    Cheers, Tim

  2. Randy, you tease.  Now stop what you're doing and show me the "hammer & dolly" tools and technique.  You're so fortunate to have a friend like Steve(muncie) offer up tips & advice on how to do this and of course your talent  to bring it to fruition.  This is a skill I hold in the highest regard and would love to learn more from someone that has figured it out in our scale.  To be able to render that in 1/25th is just nuts. This build is honestly like no other on the forum and some of the "old world" skills exhibited will someday be lost to us all.  That's craftsmanship sir.  Cheers,  Tim

  3. Tim, I share your sentiments exactly.  I don't have 70 other projects going but even with what I have, I realize I'll never get to most of them.  Pick and choose those that mean something to you.  I have a rear engine Mustang funny I'd love to complete............this car you have would be sooo tempting to move up the list.   I really like the concept you had and mods you made.  cheers, tim

  4. I've been away too long.  After the rear brakes I was helping my daughter with a school project and blew my back out.  It's slowly coming around.  This 65 year old thing just sucks.  Eyes, now this.  Anyways THANKS to all that continue to follow and I promise to be back at it right after the holiday.    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!   Tim

  5. Hi Francis, been too long but boy did you stumble upon something.  I like all that you've made and you'll ultimately decide what is the best color scheme / finish when it's time.  What color is the body going to be btw?    That should definitely factor into what colors and finishes you decide upon now on the additional parts you're fabricating.

    Regarding the fuel tank kerfuffle, check our the blackenit options from caswell........alum. tank with some properly dipped/aged straps holding it in place could be the ticket for you.  The tank is far enough away from everything else that the "pop" of the aluminum in the chassis at the back of the truck could be just what you are looking for. 

    My "sandblasting" operation is nothing but my air compressor and a $40. air brush that comes with the media material required.  Cheap to get into, but use it outside as that stuff can get everywhere with one "mis-guided" point of the nozzle. 

    No matter what, a stellar build and it's so nice to see your progress.   cheers tim. 

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  6. Fascinating Mark, just fascinating.  I learn something every time I stop by and check your progress.  Just the realism reflected in your finish of the steering wheel rim blows me away.  Your talents are something else and I love to see how you use them.  Cheers, Tim

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  7. It's been a while since I checked in on your progress Steven but "oh my" I'm not disappointed.  The effort and certainly the results of the paint job would make anyone proud.    I appreciate all the documentation / insights you've given throughout.   Can't wait to see her when completed.  Cheers, Tim

  8. AJ, I hope when I'm done with these your jaw hurts for a week.........🙂   Seriously, thanks for the comment.

    Dave, LOVE that wheels up stance.  When done I'm hoping this build looks that cool.   cheers!

    Mike, you win the internet for the day.  Almost blew my morning coffee out my nose.  Thanks for the laugh!  

    Andy, thanks for stopping by too and for the sentiments.  Regarding fluid on this tiny piece, the endmill is a Kyocera 4 flute.  I couldn't get a 2 flute like I wanted in the extended length in this small diameter. I always use oil when drilling with tiny bits or machining harder metals (steel or Ti).    Liquid/fluid of any sort that causes any particles to be trapped or adhere in the flutes would be an issue. This thing is so small you can't even see the flutes.  The life expectancy of a tiny mill like this IS limited.  It cost me $20. btw. Considering I got 5 hours running it before snapping, I'm okay with it.  I did make one adjustment however that I should share, that being instead of backing it out half way during each cut of the fin, I started backing it out twice (third of the way).  I should be good from here on.   Thanks again for the comment & suggestion.    Cheers to everyone,  tim

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