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  1. Ian - We most certainly agree.  Hopefully this one turns out as sweet as I envision it.  Time will tell.  cheers

    Francis - Thanks for the insights. I tried it quickly with a 2 flute 3/16" end mill at 1000 RPM........turned out perfect.  More experimentation to come I'm sure but it works well.  Now I know why you use it too in your builds.   cheers

    Dave (Goatguy) always good to see you too.........June seems so long ago......we'll get together soon! 

    Claude - Thanks for the heads-up.  Funny that you mentioned that about the promo kit cars. The bodies DO feel different.  I'll be cautious when cutting em' up as these Maverick kits are getting pricey.  

    Art - I appreciate your support Art and I would hope I can be there.  Not sure if I'll bring a car.....certainly won't be the Maverick unless there is a "work in progress" category.   We'll see! 

    Bruce - a sincere nod of appreciation too sir.  Hope you follow along and that my progress on it picks up..........

    So.........I've been "quiet" on the build as I've been having neck / arthritic issues that have prevented me by and large from moving ahead in a meaningful way.  Short story of it.........numbness and a thousand needles in my hands at night......can't sleep.......can't get comfortable because of the pinching of the neck vertebrae on the nerves themselves.  Seeing my doctor next week and will be getting surgical advice / options as I don't want to live with this anymore.....sadly, in 3 of the 5 types of surgeries I explored on-line, fusing of the spine is part of the deal.  UGH!  I don't want that of course.  So, I do what I can do each day and right now I'm feeling a little better.  Working on the mill or lathe creates "awkward" positions that irritate my neck so I thought I'd explore eventual paint options.  This is NOT a Maverick as you can see and my masking job was quick and it shows.  The good that came out of this little test was that I LOVE Splash Paints.  Their product lays down so beautifully, color options are huge and their shipping and customer service is top notch.  I'll definitely use their paint when it's time to paint the Maverick.  Thanks to John Teresi for sharing a few tips with me that I were most helpful.   The colors I chose are period correct "Ford Factory" colors btw. 

    Cheers everyone!  

    DSC 0001 (11)

    I just sprayed the 2K clear on the car an hour ago and the body was not polished at all........no orange peel either! 

    DSC 0002 (8)

    DSC 0003 (7)

    DSC 0004 (7)

    DSC 0005 (6)


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  2. Well, with the engine out of the way and on it's new stand (wink-wink Claude) I'm moving onto the body. But first...........

    Claude, I admit, the block off plates were the "lazy" albeit creative way of not having to make headers for it........remember, this is my "supposed" quick build.

    Chris Smith - Yes sir, long journey so far but still moving forward with her..........btw, your Ferrari is looking sweet! 

    Daniel - I do admit there's a ton of effort in this build so far.........appreciate the acknowledgements & compliments.

    Francis - Well.......trust me I'll be spending some time looking at your truck again and what's possible in machining plastic.  btw, what type end mill & speeds do you typically use when machining plastic?  I know it'll melt at the blink of an eye......you need to try out the renshape material too........you'll love that stuff!  

    Onto the bodywork - This pic is what I'm starting with from Johan .........I know it's a Dyno Don Mav but I don't like the scoop on this build at all.  To be fair, my car is a few years down the road as Pro Stock developments go...........

    DSC 0005

    I found a great article with "Things to Come" as they applied to early 70's Pro Stock development.  This pic gives an idea of where I'm going with this car --

    DSC 0001 (9)

    back to the hood scoop.........this one on the "Super Shaker" Colt caught my eye and would work well with the big boss 494

    DSC 0003 (6)

    What I've learned so far...........after messing around with making a wood buck and trying my hand at forming a brass scoop, I gave in and accepted that I'll NEVER be a Randy D. panel beater............some of my failed experiments

    DSC 0013 (2)

    So what do I do (he said to himself) well of course........machine it........well.......try to.  This is one I did that has some mistakes on it but it did prove out that I could do it and that it will give me a good facsimile to the real one.  The resin base is from the parts bin of some piece I bought a few years ago.........the base will be metal as well, the whole scoop will be made in 2 parts.

    DSC 0009 (2)

    the next several pics are just mock-up pics that will benefit me as I make copies of them and pencil and pen them to get the final look I want.  I have a couple tools (long reach end mill and drill bits) coming to make the scoop.  I have not had a tool break on me in a LONG time and I snapped 2 dremel drill bits while machining this piece........I was quite surprised to say the least.  This profile pic gives a good idea but I will extend the base of the scoop by about 3 or 4mm.......remember, it's a boss 494 underhood.

    DSC 0006 (5)

    DSC 0010 (3)

    DSC 0007 (4)

    Lastly, I gathered up the CompResins Maverick body I bought from them 2 years ago and the 2 recent Mav Promo models I purchased in July as well.  The resin hoodscoop at the bottom of this pic is a Futurattraction piece (well done btw) and of course the primer gray scoop that came with the car.  All the bodies and bits are to help me "speed" (funny huh?)  along with the bodywork.  I can over cut doors, fenders & the trunk and then mix and match the bits for tight fits.  Since I don't build many cars I figured I could spend the budget on these to help me out to get her done.    Cheers to Everyone!!!    tim

    DSC 0015 (2)


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  3. I started this build Sept. of 19'...........almost 3 years now.  Health issues and many other parts made along the way and I can finally set the engine aside as completed.  I'm moving onto the body mods & clean-up now before crafting the final chassis bits & rails.  I did order some Splash Paints based upon others recommendations here to see if they might be perfect for the Mav.  The body mods planned required me to buy another Johan Mav (a cheaper promo model) so I can cut it up for panels etc.  But first.........

    John Teresi - I'm blushing as I've never been called beautiful before. 

    Ian - I have to disagree on the "clean engine" sentiment....you've never seen Dave's car and shop (comp1839)........spotless!

    Francis - Of course I agree with your sentiments and like everyone else I can't wait to see your next build........goooo Pro-Stock!

    Hakan & Jason -  Thank you gentlemen!

    Dave (comp1839) - Always a smile when I get to visit.  Plz. let me know when you've fired the new motor.  I'll search for a vid of it.

    Now the pics.........warning, pic heavy.....a dozen!      Cheers !!   Tim

    Engine FInished 1

    Engine Finished 2

    Engine Finished 3

    Engine Finished 7

    Engine Finished 4

    Engine Finished 6

    In this pic you can see I media blasted the "cast" block for contrast and to simulate a 1:1 alum. block

    Engine Finished 5

    Engine Finished 8

    Engine Finished 10

    Engine Finished 12

    Engine Finished 11

    Engine Finished 9


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  4. Still painting & detailing minor bits and pieces along with some painting ( I miss doing that, this has me really excited to start planning a paint scheme for the car )  I'm figuring another 4 or 5 days to finish it up and then it's onto the chassis or the body mods so I can get it into primer by this fall.  The plan is to complete the chassis over the winter & spring and then final paint by next summer.  Lots to fab yet for the chassis actually.  A few pics of the almost completed engine now........Cheers to All!  tim

    DSC 0001 (7)

    DSC 0006 (3)

    DSC 0008 (2)


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  5. Just found your thread Michael.  I've always loved Pagani. The car you've shown does have one of the lesser appealing interiors which I found very surprising.  Their interiors (along with Singer Porsche) make the best interiors in the world IMO.  Will certainly follow along to see how yours turns out.  Cheers, tim

  6. Hi everyone, making headway on the engine assembly and the stand is partially assembled and painted.  I've spent a lot of time this week at the bench and it's been fun seeing these things come together.  I think you'll be a bit surprised when you see the end result.  Next week should be assembled on and on the stand.  Meantime, I'd like to briefly reply to those that have commented.  Cheers, tim

    Daniel (Straightliner 59) - I knew you'd find my comment amusing.  It's just one of those things and it seems I just can't help myself.  

    Andy -  Thanks for the post........a lot of great builders in Canada I must say and Francis is surely one of them. 

    Francis - Your recently completed truck is sure bright.........I think you'll like my next round of pics.........hint-hint

    Michael (mrm) - Glad you found the thread and hope you follow along for the rest of the ride.  

    Claude - You saw that did you?   Just wait for the next pics.........The assembly is coming along better than I had hoped. 

    Leonard (Redrocket10) - Thank you sir for the compliment.  I do appreciate it and hope you continue to follow along as well. 

    Cheers everyone and try to stay cool!   Cheers, tim

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