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  1. Thank you for taking the time to record and post the videos Tiago. Progressing very nicely. cheers, tim
  2. First time I've visited your thread Kenneth and must say it's quite impressive. I certainly admire your approach/attitude towards building too. congrats on a job well done. cheers, tim
  3. Wonderful pics Bruce. I love the lone where you have the engine in the car and the wheels/tires in front for a quick mock-up. Very purposeful. Your paint is phenomenal btw. cheers, tim
  4. Man there sure are a lot of interesting and wonderful builds in this category right now and yours, Chris, is another one. Great work! cheers, tim
  5. Man does that color "pop" Wayne. Looks great on the car. cheers, tim
  6. Steve, wonderful updates since I last checked in. The polishing of the body is just like the interior...........in that the scale and detail throughout are just perfection. Your paint always looks great but I've always admired the depth of it. It always appear "in scale". Polishing paint like that must be a bit nerve wracking worrying about burning through it somewhere. Like the "thought I'd throw some carpet on the door panel while I was at it".........that's an after thought for most and again I look at it and the scale you achieved and it just brings the door panel to life. Nicely done sir! cheers, tim
  7. Just a big ol' smile on my face of this post.....you nailed those (of course) 100%. Just 1 question Mark, how strong are the resin joints? I know you mentioned the brass inserts so they're most for the visual? The latest pic also shares that nice clean finish to the spoiler. A a lot of work and attention went into that as well. cheers, Tim
  8. Really enjoy the body changes you've made to the car Steve. The headlights look much better down low IMO and the rear fenders really change the look of the car (for the better). Awesome start! cheers, tim
  9. Hi Chris, I am fortunate to have several comprehensive historical books on the Porsche 917. Two were authored in Germany. The "bible" on this car IMO was written by Walter Naher. "Porsche 917, Archive and Works Catalogue". 575 pages with too many one of a kind pics of the cars developed and raced from 1968 to 1975. Unfortunately the book is out of print. There are new copies available on Amazon. They're $910. U.S. - and are printed in German/English. The Hippie car was chassis 21. It was part of the initial homologation (spelling?) of 25 cars that they produced to get them certified. All pics of these cars being assembled and in various stages of construction show a matte black chassis. Some chassis parts were left bare but the vast majority of the chassis was black. Your chassis assembly is just phenomenal. This is going to look so cool when completed. Keep her going man! Cheers, Tim
  10. Dave, thanks man. I knew they'd be a challenge but I'm tickled with em' for sure. I'll be in touch about a possible visit soon. cheers Randy, Also a big thanks. Love what you did on the Porsche engine. To anyone stopping by here, be sure to visit Randy's new thread on his Porsche build under "WIPS"...........you won't be disappointed.
  11. WOOF! Silly good Randy. Now, I want you to..............just kidding. You set a super high bar all by yourself. The entire engine just POPS. The detail on the coil is a head turner in its own right and made me stare for a few minutes in and of itself. Cheers sir!
  12. Stellar looking car Tim. cheers, tim
  13. Thank you as always fellas. The pair are done. What's left on them, fuels bowls, accelerator pump side detail, venturi's and final assembly / detailing them. The biggest part of these are done and to think it only took me a couple months to get to this point. Got a lot of ideas on how I want the manifold to look and how to make it. Cheers, tim The pieces are not assembled, the pics are just for mock-up purposes. There is still some clean-up to do as well before final assembly.
  14. Well done Francis....and imaginative in how you did it. I'll be curious to see your results with the "brass black"........can always use something like that. Hope it works well for you. cheers, tim
  15. Love those outside pics of the truck. Really shows the paint and decals. Nicely done! cheers
  16. Mike, I don't remember seeing this thread before so I went back to page 1...........wow you're talented. Love what you've done with the car and will certainly follow along going forward. Great work sir. cheers, tim
  17. A great builder with great taste in cars. This will be fun to watch Randy and I want to add to the fact that its so nice to see you back posting here. The pump looks killer and when I looked at the engine I can't help but note that the "fan" in the shroud will look great in metal. wink-wink. Seriously though, nice to have you back. Tim
  18. some pics of the other carb parts sitting on the base that I just parted off. Now onto the other so I can finish these up and get to the manifold. As a note, these are all just resting one on top of the other so nothing has been glued/assembled yet. Just a quick mock-up so I can see where I"m at. cheers, tim
  19. That's a beast of an engine. I'll be anxious to see how it prints out for you when you get to that juncture. Anybody that has CAD skills has a leg up on the rest of us for sure. cheers
  20. You've got my attention Joe. I'm curious to see how you progress on the changes you're making to the car so that big ol' motor fits up. You're saving me time for sure when I get to that point & can see that the towers fit up beautifully. Cheers, Tim
  21. Thanks Joe & Jerry. Dick, the reason is because I'm using end mills that are 1/64" that break when you just look at them. The length of cut is the biggest issue because of the overall height of the part when cut off it makes it difficult if not impossible because of how short a 1/64" end mill is. 1/64" being .4mm approx.
  22. Appreciate all of those that continue to visit and also post to this thread. Running out the door but I wanted to quickly share the 1st of 2 carb bases. Between drawing it up and milling it, about 15 hours or so. As much time drawing it as milling. 2nd one should go much quicker. I'll share pics of them parted off and completed as a set. Oh so close on getting these carbs finally done. cheers, tim Here you can see 4 of the 6 bleed/adj. screw holes on the fuel bowl side of the plate. The other two are on each end of the base.
  23. Love checking this thread every week or so. JC, the pic of the 919 LH you shared, phantom I know, is still a treat for the eyes. Any other pics of the concept you can share? Cheers Tim
  24. Tiago, I really look forward to your progress on this one. I was always a fan of Ferrari in F1 but 2 of my favorite marks besides them were Wolf & Brabham. The BT-52 was one of the most purposeful looking F1 cars ever made IMO. And who doesn't love the Fan car? I am certain you'll do it justice. Cheers, Tim
  25. 😲 - Phenomenal detailing Steve and I like the colors that you've chosen for the build. I stared at the dash and steering wheel for a LONG time. Made my eyes hurt. Cheers, Tim
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