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  1. Personally, I hate doing seat belts Scott..........but to make your own like you did.........sheesh. They're nice too! Good looking car sir. tim
  2. vroom, vroom...........sooner than later Dave. The more I stare at the front end of the car, well...........the more I stare. The new paint in the light shows her off so well. It has presence most assuredly. Great job sir! tim
  3. Thank you Dann and the entire Cactus Car Modelers Club for hosting this unique contest. Hopefully this will become an annual event of sorts in addition to the normal/show wherein everyone can gather and see the models too. Being so far from the venue, this was a great chance to show and compete. I appreciate sincerely the awards that the Bantam garnered and the recognition of the finished car as there many VERY nice cars thru out the classes. I've not entered a contest since I was in my mid-teens and this was fun beyond belief! Cheers and well wishes to each of you, Tim
  4. Took me a little bit but I found the thread Art. My bad for not seeing this one earlier. You nailed the colors / look of the car perfectly. Cheers, tim
  5. Wonderful pics you've posted Jason. The ones taken outside in b & w look so much like a vintage pic of the car. If not for the bricks behind it, I would have sworn it was the 1:1. Fantastic! cheers, tim
  6. VERY impressive. Congrats on a fine fine build. cheers, tim
  7. Great thread Raoul, I watched your video and really enjoyed it. Learned some things from you too. The white DID cover it beautifully and the paint v. decal direction you went was well worth your efforts and patience. Thanks for posting! cheers, tim
  8. Love the subject you've chosen Chris. Always had a fondness for that particular car. The 1:1 pic you shared is one I've never seen and it looks great..........you couldn't go wrong if you match that IMO. Maybe Gravity colors has some shades that could get you close? I'll be sure to check in on your progress. cheers, tim
  9. Never disappointing Eric. I've always admired your vision & execution but you and John Teresi have "Imagination" locked down. Cheers, Tim
  10. Now THAT is an attention grabber Kurt and with the name of your topic, I can find it easily to follow along in the future. Very cool build. cheers, tim
  11. That truly looks great. I like the diorama you created for it. Truly lends to the build. Congrats on a great job. Tim
  12. I like that tip you shared Francis on using the tip of the end mill to cut the grooves on the out-put shaft. Filed that one away for future use. cheers, tim
  13. I too like the stance of the car sitting on the chassis. nice one Ian. cheers
  14. Nice progress John. Can't wait to see the paint on it now.............cheers, tim
  15. Super slick job on the hood Alex. Will certainly follow along as well. cheers, tim
  16. Looks fantastic on all 4's and buttoned up Mark. That certainly put a smile on your face. cheers, tim
  17. And it's a great material for quick proofing of designs / operations on the machine........I can machine a teeny part in a fraction of the time it would take in metal to see if something is even feasible. Glues together great with CA. Instantly though so if you're working with it for the first time, practice and test it first. Once bonded, it doesn't come apart. Dave Sherman shared that tip and he wasn't kidding.
  18. Gentlemen, THANK YOU one and all for your interest still. This has been slow going but now with school officially over (and also the end of my teaching duties) I can hopefully be more productive. I'll try to explain briefly the pics in order.....the 1st pic is of the bottom half of the carb top plate. The pic shows it on the mill before parting off... I took one of the top portions shown earlier and placed it on this piece just to get a look. It does give a bit of a preview of what the finished carb should look like at least in terms of overall height. These are the top and bottom portions now that the bottom is parted off..........they're less than .5 thick The next 3 pics show the two halves joined together with some tubes inserted to line em' up.........looking at the 2 middle throats you can see they're a pretty good fit....... This last pic is the result of a lot of hours re-thinking and drawing how I want to do the main bodies of the carbs. I took some Renshape and spent an hour proofing out my drawings and the feasibility of my idea. I truly wanted to do the feet as part of the barrel/carb itself. The hold in each is .3 and the overall width of each "foot" ( I call them tangs) is only .6mm......I will have to do a new tool to be able to flip the ends to round them properly as I did for the top plates.........I'm very happy with it and I'm going to do these next (4 of them) If that goes well, just the base plate/portion and the accelerator pump and fuel bowl details.
  19. Ah Justin, good to see you took my advice to buy the book I recommended. btw, the quote you just described in the book was kind of my point that I shared with you earlier, in that if you want to get the most out of learning HOW to machine and if you can afford it, buy the mill FIRST. You'll learn more and be more capable after the fact if you can learn to use the mill properly. A couple years after I bought my mill, when I finally ordered a lathe from Sherline, it was like ho-hum....set it up and ran it. Just that much simpler. I'm sure you'll love your Sherline lathe when you get it. cheers, Codi
  20. Thank you everyone for the replies and input on the pic situation. Seems it strictly an iPhone issue. No problems on a computer per se. On the iPhone just turn it horizontally and they'll come into focus if you're interested. I did want to reply to Claude and his offer.....I actually bought that very issue about a month or so ago. You should all the info I now have on these carbs. They are every bit the challenge to make I can assure you. More experimenting today and then doing final drawings. Cheers and thanks once more!!!
  21. Hey John, thanks for the heads-up. On my end the pics look normal. My notebook is NOT an apple. My apple iphone distorts the pics unless I turn the phone horizontally, vertically they're distorted which is what I think you're seeing. How far back are the pics distorted when you go back John? I'm trying to pinpoint a date when the problem started. Anybody else having the same issues viewing my posted pics? If so, please let me know if you're using an apple or windows based notebook. I'm thinking it might be a software hiccup. Just not sure on which end though. Thanks, Tim
  22. Okay, remember, I am s--l--o--w. Builders like Francis and John Teresi just fly through major projects but I do plod along. Got the twin of the top plates done for the carbs. I've always been big on the "visual". For whatever reason, I want to "see" it along the way to ensure the vision is on track. After getting the other plate done, I put them on top of the engine at the approximate height they'll be off the deck. They're about 1mm too close to each other as an fyi. I came up with a solution on assembly of them I think and I might add mini (2.5mm tall) polished velocity stacks to them similar to an Ak Miller intake that I came across for this particular carb. cheers!!!
  23. Nice can Francis........I like the way you machined it too. You're really chugging along now with it. Keep her going, love the updates. cheers
  24. Ingenious solution for the hood vents Ray. I wasn't familiar with this car until I checked out your thread. Sharp car & project. cheers, tim
  25. Sorry I missed this thread till now. I'll be sure to follow like many others Jeff. cheers, tim
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