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  1. You're away for months and yet..........ya' can still paint like that. NICE John! cheers, tim
  2. Holy cow Simon. What a model. You should post a pic of your ship with something of recognizable scale next to it so we can appreciate how big it really is. I have a book with mention/pics of this ship and it's nice to see an actual model of a very unique vessel. Great job, cheers, Tim
  3. Great insights / story from Chris and I love the job Kerry is doing on the model. Fun thread for sure. cheers
  4. Hi Chris - The blue was sharpie that I colored the renshape with before starting to machine it. The natural color of the material and the tiny size of the part make it challenging to see the end result sometimes. After cutting away the material, the blue part that remains just makes it easier for me to see and where I might have to make corrections in my method. Daniel, you're oh so right. It is amazing stuff. My friend Dave (comp1839) showed me what could be done with this material. I bought a sample kit of materials but Dave was kind enough to give me big chunk of it that I still use today. Francis - appreciated as always sir. Try to get a sample kit if you're interested. They make different densities of the material for different applications. You'll find the one(s) you need I'm sure. I love it for sampling etc. Super easy to work with and VERY stable even though you might not think so. I did the Bantam finned disc brake calipers out of Renshape btw. Leonard - Okay..........where have you been hiding? How about posting some of your latest work on the forum? Always enjoyed your work and threads or are they here and I'm not looking in the right place? All the same, thank you for the sentiments. cheers John, Art, Chris and Dave...........always a pleasure to read your comments no matter what I'm building or doing. Hopefully in a couple days I'll get my 1st (of 4) of the carb bodies done!! Took off time over the weekend like so many others! Cheers
  5. Okay Francis, now that you have MINE done........go ahead and make yours. 😃
  6. Kurt, if it helps, I have some hood scoops / hood that might fit the bill. I went through my parts stash and came across some that should help you fix your problem without sacrificing your other kit. Drop me a PM and provide your address if you're interested. cheers, tim
  7. I want to acknowledge each of you properly: John Teresi - Thank you and also for the insights on how to save the paint job........that was driving me nuts but it turned out great! cheers Francis - In our house, we play "word of the day".....OPUS is not one I've heard in a long long time. Good one and THANKS for the kind words. I Chris - Ah, Chris. I can't tell you how many times I went through your Vega Funny thread learning new things along the way to assist me in building the Bantam. Hard to believe this came about right after I dropped the Henry. Now, about that little project of YOURS we've been going back and forth on.......... Ian - Wow, you read the whole thread? Now I know what you did over the Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for posting and the compliment. Scott - Thank you too sir. There were many quality builds submitted and I'm pleased to have done as well as I did that's certain. The interior on Steve Guthenmillers 442 (along with the rest of the car) was something to see and the Best Paint winner (sorry, can't remember their name) was darn sweet too. Dave, yeah, let's celebrate this summer! Thanks too for answering all my annoying questions and the advice you shared on machining along the way. I never could have made this without your insights and knowledge that you shared. You're a good friend and mentor! Jimmy - I was looking for some info last evening when this thread popped back up and I came across your post about half way through the thread. Nice to hear from you again and thanks for the kind words. Bob - From the Henry to the Bantam, you've been a loyal follower of my builds and always offered encouragement. Thank you for that and your continued interest. Cheers Everyone, Tim
  8. Kurt, I really am enjoying the pics you're sharing. Seeing your mods done in different materials/colors makes them stand out and shows EXACTLY what you've done. You've got a great eye and imagination. It's sweet looking already. cheers, tim
  9. Jose, what scale is the car? Your approach is interesting. I'd be curious to know what and how you're modifying & creating things as you proceed. We can all learn something. More pics and descriptions as you go along would be great if you can. cheers, tim
  10. Personally, I hate doing seat belts Scott..........but to make your own like you did.........sheesh. They're nice too! Good looking car sir. tim
  11. vroom, vroom...........sooner than later Dave. The more I stare at the front end of the car, well...........the more I stare. The new paint in the light shows her off so well. It has presence most assuredly. Great job sir! tim
  12. Thank you Dann and the entire Cactus Car Modelers Club for hosting this unique contest. Hopefully this will become an annual event of sorts in addition to the normal/show wherein everyone can gather and see the models too. Being so far from the venue, this was a great chance to show and compete. I appreciate sincerely the awards that the Bantam garnered and the recognition of the finished car as there many VERY nice cars thru out the classes. I've not entered a contest since I was in my mid-teens and this was fun beyond belief! Cheers and well wishes to each of you, Tim
  13. Took me a little bit but I found the thread Art. My bad for not seeing this one earlier. You nailed the colors / look of the car perfectly. Cheers, tim
  14. Wonderful pics you've posted Jason. The ones taken outside in b & w look so much like a vintage pic of the car. If not for the bricks behind it, I would have sworn it was the 1:1. Fantastic! cheers, tim
  15. VERY impressive. Congrats on a fine fine build. cheers, tim
  16. Great thread Raoul, I watched your video and really enjoyed it. Learned some things from you too. The white DID cover it beautifully and the paint v. decal direction you went was well worth your efforts and patience. Thanks for posting! cheers, tim
  17. Love the subject you've chosen Chris. Always had a fondness for that particular car. The 1:1 pic you shared is one I've never seen and it looks great..........you couldn't go wrong if you match that IMO. Maybe Gravity colors has some shades that could get you close? I'll be sure to check in on your progress. cheers, tim
  18. Never disappointing Eric. I've always admired your vision & execution but you and John Teresi have "Imagination" locked down. Cheers, Tim
  19. Now THAT is an attention grabber Kurt and with the name of your topic, I can find it easily to follow along in the future. Very cool build. cheers, tim
  20. That truly looks great. I like the diorama you created for it. Truly lends to the build. Congrats on a great job. Tim
  21. I like that tip you shared Francis on using the tip of the end mill to cut the grooves on the out-put shaft. Filed that one away for future use. cheers, tim
  22. I too like the stance of the car sitting on the chassis. nice one Ian. cheers
  23. Nice progress John. Can't wait to see the paint on it now.............cheers, tim
  24. Super slick job on the hood Alex. Will certainly follow along as well. cheers, tim
  25. Looks fantastic on all 4's and buttoned up Mark. That certainly put a smile on your face. cheers, tim
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