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  1. Hi Guys, i've not posted pics lately as I've been working through the chassis design and build techniques before I get started. I've ordered a couple of new tools that should assist with the build as I'm committed to doing the chassis in brass afterall. I've also turned to Dave (comp1839) for insights on building a "correct" chassis for the car. He's a true wealth of information and he's helped tremendously in clearing up certain misperceptions I had about chassis design and rules for this particular car. There is so much stuff that must fit in the car and as I've stated before, space is at an extreme premium on this particular build. I'll post pics next week if all goes according to plan.



    btw, the chassis jig should be helpful but I did discover that all steel is not the same. I was practicing some new techniques of soldering on an older sheet of steel and ended up with solder splatter and blobs on the steel and the brass I had just soldered together was stuck to the steel sheet....."huh" I said....so I flipped it over and it was marked as "weld steel"....I got out another sheet of steel that was marked as plain ol' steel and had no such issues. Obviously there are different grades / types of steel and "weld" steel doesn't work for the jig. I bought the regular steel that I made the jig out of at Tractor Supply for those interested. It's 16 gauge.

  2. Dave/Mike& Tim...Thanks for you compliments. Dave, a special thanks for all your help and insights.

    Bob, I use resistance soldering and did so on my Willy's. I have different sized tips that I use for the tighter spaces and that require less solder. I suspect that it will help on this build as well. Today I spent a few hours exploring methods of setting up brass tubing for drilling holes in straight lines on my mill. Used center drills (size 00) and they came out very well. It's important as I'm going to probably use 2mm tube for the two main bottom rails and then 1/16" tube for the other "main" rails. Then to tie them all together, I'm planning on using 3/64" rod. Those scale out to 2" and 1.6" and 1.2" frame rails in 1:1. Pretty accurate all in all to a real chassis. I might drop the 2mm and just use all 1/16". The next thing I want to figure out before getting started is how to tie in the 3/64" rod that runs diagonally to the parallel vertical and horizontal rails...if that makes any sense. That's probably the trickiest part in my estimation. Once I'm convinced that I can pull that off.......then I can move forward with the rest of my planning.

    Cheers to all of you!


  3. Hi everyone, I want to thank you for your posts and interest in the Henry build. It's taking a bit longer than I had hoped or anticipated but I'm taking my time to learn new things on this build. Now it's time to finally layout the chassis design itself. I'm leaning towards making it out of brass but on a build in 1/25th, soldering becomes a bit tricky because of the close proximity of the soldered joints. Nothing more frustrating than having a joint come apart while attempting a new one. If that doesn't work out too well, then it wil be plastic.

    Oh, and it's not going to be a ProMod....it'll be built as a Top Sportsman.

    Thanks again,


  4. Your fabrication skills and eye for detail are very impressive no matter what scale it might be. I especially like and appreciate your machining abilities. The quality really shows. Enjoying your posts as you near completion.


  5. Got the rear end assembly bits and pieces done. There is a bit of touch-up and minor detailing I have yet to do but I can get started on the chassis itself now. I want to acknowledge an important contribution to the build and to me personally. Dave (comp1839) has been mentoring me as I'm trying my hand at machining. He assisted GREATLY with teaching me fundamentals AND he made the fabbed rear and carrier for the Henry. I couldn't be happier to put them on the car as they'll remind me of the man that got me started in milling and became a friend in the process. Cheers!

    Here are the two pieces Dave machined for me. There were 4 "facets" at the very end of the milling process on the rear itself that Dave did "freehand".....that was something to see.


    The brakes i made fought me all the way during assembly. I like how they turned out but admit they were tough to make.



    And of course, the "penny" shot.


  6. Hi everyone, Here are the fabbed brakes (all titanium pieces fabbed by hand) and the threaded hubs with nuts and the soldered 4 link axle brackets. I'll explain those when I should be able to share the rear end, brakes and hubs all as one unit which should be done by the weekend. I am quite pleased with the rear end itself especially with the help that I got from a friend. I'll explain on my next post. Then it's time to do begin the actual chassis construction. Thanks for following along.



  7. Hi Bob, this car is being set aside for the time being as I have so much time and effort already expended on the Henry J that I'm picking that one back up so I can have it completed sometime next year. The last couple of weeks I've been spending time trying to learn how to mill as I mentioned in the Henry J thread and it IS time consuming (at least for me as a beginner) there is SO much to learn. I had a healthy respect for machinists before I even bought the Sherline, but for sure, I've come to appeciate their skills even more so if that's possible.

    Thanks for asking and following along on my builds.

    Cheers, Tim

  8. Hey Bob, well....I've been making the brake calipers for the car to work with the Delta 1 wheels. Nothing in my parts bin was to my liking so I decided to make them from scratch...out of titanium no less. I know that real discs brakes aren't made of titanium but the color is just so cool that when you see them, I think you'll agree it was a good decision. Next week I should have some pics to post.

    ALSO, I've been trying my hand at milling on my Sherline. It's finally setup AND I've had the great opportunity to work with Dave (comp1839) in learning how to set it up properly and to actually use it finally. The learning curve is steep but with his help I'm making positive headway. For those of you that have never had the pleasure of meeting the man, I'll say up front, he is one cool dude and a great mentor. And his 37' Chevy is simply unbelieveable.

    I want to get the entire rear end assembly, brakes, hubs, diff, caliper supports completed before I get onto the actual chassis construction. It might seem backwards, but I have my dimensions tightened down and I want to be sure that the parts fit when all is said and done. I'm following the same process that II did on my 33' Willy's when I fabbed the chassis and suspension and it worked out pretty well.



  9. Hi Dave, wIthout a doubt my favorite part of this build was the engineering & fabbing of the entire chassis and drivetrain. The fun is having a vision and then bringing it to life. Just like your models and for that matter, your 1:1 37' Chevy. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to see them personally.



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