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  1. About 6 years ago there was a nice resin 1950 cab and fender assembly produced by the above company. They haven`t been the available for some years now, but have a question concerning them. Apparently included with cab and fenders were instructions on how the builder fabricated the chassis utilizing the front clip from the Revell pickup. I was wondering if anyone ever purchased the resin casting and built it and if they still have the original instructions for chassis. Here`s the link to the build as it appeared in the forum back in 2010 .http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/36565-conversion-for-monogram-50-ford-from-12-ton-to-big-truck/ Rick
  2. A few years ago I saved an old SA article on conversion of the 1950 Ford F5 pickup to an F8 Big Job tractor. I have searched all my reference material and cannot locate it. I was wondering if anyone would have a link to this article. Any help would be appreciated !! Thanks Rick
  3. Mike, looks good !! Will be keeping an eye on this build !!
  4. Little mor work today, cleaning up the chassis rails, plugging predrilled holes and such to get a clean set to work with. Left on the rivets in place.As these trucks had a short wheel base,doing some preplacing of the running gear,tanks and fifth wheel to get a proper stance and look This was the setup that looked the best.
  5. That looks great Richard !! How much did you add to the bottom of the fenders ??
  6. Jim, thanks for the link on the 337 !! I remember someone had it other then Dencon a while back but couldn't remmber who !!. Here's the link to the Flinstone cab, they are still listed as available. As I say for a resin piece of this quality the price was right. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jimmy-Flintstone-50-Ford-Cab-Over-Truck-Cab-Resin-Body-278-/360944291147?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item5409f4cd4b Rick
  7. Jim, the cab on this one is a resin piece I picked off Ebay, it's actually a Jimmy Flinstone piece and is really nice !! The beauty of it was the price with shipping was less then $20.00 US to Canada !! A real baragin. The scale is bang on , alot of great detail and all the pieces from the Revell 1950 pu kit fit perfectly, ie grill ,galss etc. Wil reqire some modification of the interior tub. I was going to start working on converting the pick up cab into the COE until I found this one. Not a thick resin either, almost completely free of flash. Very distinct body lines as well. The chasiss rails I am not sure what they are from as I bought a junk box of kit parts a bout a year ago off ebay. The game plan is to modify the kit flathead and build into the venerable 337 hp for this one and also for the 50 F8. Running gear will be bits and pieces from the parts box. Rick
  8. A little process today, fenders have been cut and spliced to get the widened effect, long way to go this one though 11
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