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  1. I know it's 1/43 or so. I have the dragster kit. A rather crude curbside, but it's the only thing out there.
  2. Saw the completed cars at a show outside Indy this weekend. Get ready to spend money, they are gorgeous ! As for the Chevy 2, the problem is GM prefers to have only one liscense holder at a time. This was told to.me by Mobious rep.
  3. Nice work. The bootheel of Missouri isn't as middle of nowhere as you thought.
  4. They were ovens on wheels. Those little rockers held in the heat. The open top one would be great.
  5. Keep the narrow tires. That makes it more about the driver. Big gumballs are easy to run on. Narrow ones are a lot harder to run on.
  6. I went to the one on Indy's south side yesterday, nothing.
  7. Here's one at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the first SVRA vintage weekend.This is also a great place to get photos for detail work. IMG 1111 copy par Chris Pedersen, on ipernity
  8. Thanks for the link, and the Bentley really is awesome,Styrene-Surfer is right.
  9. Beautiful work and one question. The wheel spats or pants for the front tires, did you make them? I'm doing an old front engine car, and was wondering about them.
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