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  1. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic Ford Taurus by AMT   

    I like what you did with her, its just a shame shes all SHO and no go!
  2. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I got a great surprise this morning from my boss, he brought me in a Jo-Han 64 Dodge super stock that he thinks is all there except the wheels and tires along with a Dale Sr. Monte Carlo/Grand Prix double pack open box untouched. The best part of it all was the price of free as he said he would never build them.

  3. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic vote best car (chase) movie ever// the most fun   

    I would like to add Christine to the mix, I love the movie as well as the book.
  4. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic WIP 55 Chevy with issues   

    Thanks a lot guys some really great info to links as well as some ideas to save the paint job that I have worked on so hard, I love this site!
  5. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic New Hobby Room   

    Wow thats great that you are able to keep and save something that has been in your family for so long, what an awesome building. I could see myself spending way too much time in there by my wifes standards, kudos and happy modeling!
  6. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic WIP 55 Chevy with issues   

    I really would like to start all over but I dont think I will have enough time to get the model finished before Fathers day with my work schedule. I may try to touch it up anyway and if still dont look right then I will strip it down and start from scratch re-painting it.
  7. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic Stand to hold car while airbrushing   

    I also use the Tamiya paint stand set and while they work great and hold the parts nice and tight I find that they sit a bit too low on the craft table I use and it makes it hard to airbrush the bottom edges of the body. I do like the taller stand that Rodney has pictured and I will probably make me a couple of those, if for anything else, just to get some room to spray the bottom easier.
  8. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic WIP 55 Chevy with issues   

    I ended up going out of town at the spur of the moment, I didnt plan on the model sitting for 4 days before I peeled off the 3M tape. I just got a roll of Parafilm in the mail today so Im gonna give it a try and see if its any better. If it doesnt work any better then I will order some of the Tamiya tape.
  9. shatteredsoul76 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    WIP 55 Chevy with issues
    I have been working on this 55 Chevy to try and get it finished in time to give to my dad on Fathers day, I havent built any models in years and up until this point I have never used an airbrush. I was well on my way to getting the paint to the next round of wetsanding as well as clear etc. and when I pulled the masking tape off I ended up pulling a couple small spots of paint off with it.

    I was using the blue 3M painters tape as I had good results using it on wood trim and also Pactra fastape for the finer lines. Im not sure if the 3M tape is that bad on a model car or I simply left it on too long (4 days) while the paint dried really good. I have a few questions that I need help with.

    1. Will parafilm pull off paint from the edges like the 3M did? If so whats the absolute best masking tape?

    2. Can I simply touch up the where the paint came off or will I have to airbrush it again? I dont want to airbrush it anymore as I would have to mask it off again and would probably come up with the same results.

    3. Wheres the best/cheapest place to buy sandpaper in bulk in high grits like 6,000 and above? The highest grit I have found was 4,000 at Advance. I have the variety packs for hobbies that go up to 12,000 grit but they are pretty small and I seem to go through them pretty quick not to mention they are not too cheap. It seems to me that sandpaper is sandpaper as long as its the correct grit and made for wetsanding?

    Thanks for any and all help guys, heres a link to the pics.

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  10. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic '70 super bee   

    Great job, super nice sleeper she is!
  11. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic Mopars Projects   

    Nice attention to detail, keep it going!
  12. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic Fairly new to the hobby   

    You can also use acrylics from the craft sections of hobby shops as well as department stores like Wal-Mart, they are cheap, come in a wide range of colors, can be thinned for airbrushing and come in metallics, glossy, flat, etc. Most of my paints are craft acrylics made by Folk Art, the only thing I dont like about them is they are kind of a soft paint compared to others.
  13. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic Back after many many years   

    Thanks for your help Mark, you are exactly right, I just put up my airbrushes after bringing them in the house for a good cleaning and I checked to see which one I have and I bought the wrong thing. Its no wonder Im having so many issues with cracking and not sanding smooth. I guess I will chunk what I have and buy the two part putty.
  14. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic Momma's Grocery Getter   

    Awesome, the paint is perfect on her! Thanks for all your help as well.
  15. shatteredsoul76 added a post in a topic Larry Griffith's Hemi Dart   

    Man that engine detail is great, keep it up!