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  1. Slowpoke added a post in a topic Another Chi town build   

    Lookin' good .. love that color!!
  2. Slowpoke added a post in a topic Using Acrylic Fingernail filler for bodywork   

    I've been using CA + microballoons for a long time. Sounds similar. With the CA+balloons, the mix gets harder and harder the longer it sets, so rough sanding is easiest at the beginning. Will try your combo too..sounds good!
  3. Slowpoke added a post in a topic My autistic nephew made this for me   

    Can't wait to see the garage dio.... ))
  4. Slowpoke added a post in a topic Real or Model #157 FINISHED!   

    next one!
  5. Slowpoke added a post in a topic 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Project!!!!   

    Ditto: Ditto: Nice job!!!
  6. Slowpoke added a post in a topic 1969 Camaro Pro Mod w.i.p updates 03/06/2011   

    They're coming along excellently . Don Fahrni would be proud. More!

  7. Slowpoke added a post in a topic McLaren M8d   

    Coming along nicely..and that's a hard kit to build. I wanna see the wheels on it! Over the years I've begun to notice how important stance can be.

    More, more, more.
  8. Slowpoke added a post in a topic Garage Dio   

    Dannyl, I'm new here on this forum but I have to say, after looking at your work, especially the brickwork, I am TOTALLY impressed.

    Do you use a Sherline? Or which brand? I ask only because your light shades seem like you started with a big workpiece...

    Carry on!
  9. Slowpoke added a topic in Dioramas   

    My website
    I FINALLY managed to finish my website... Whew. It's from a template and the site looks pretty good (because of the quality of the template). The modeling part though, that's me.

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  10. Slowpoke added a post in a topic i am SO angry right now. i hate models!   

    Solvent glues and CA are pretty caustic. For some parts I use Elmers white glue, which will not ruin paint and cleans with water.

    Also, holding parts with your fingers will get old real fast; you are not a clamp. Maybe set your model on a surface propped up however it has to be, then try to come up with some sort of blocking that will hold the part roughly in place without glue. Let gravity be your friend. Then when you finally apply the adhesive (you need less than you think) position the part then block it up for drying.

    I use anything for supporting the car and its parts, stacks of old business cards, lego, popsicle sticks held by those alligator-clip "third hand" things; whatever works. Then go have a snack after you're sure the part is in position and not apt to slip or fall.

    Best of luck ))