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  1. Yeap.... I saw this a few days ago... To be honest, it is not the same design I want to... but it is very close.... Thanks brother.
  2. WOW.. great tip. Thanks Mark I have this kit.... gonna check it out! 😉
  3. Hi folks Where I can find this "bullet" style cap for my next hot rod project? Thanks
  4. Thanks Dino. Still wondering on how to solve this... Besides that, the original wheel is 4 lugs and the resin option is 5 lugs...
  5. Great projetct. Even better choice of wheels. You should consider make copies...
  6. I just found one (aftermarket) from Modeler 124. But it is 18" (the real one is 16"). Not a big issue once I could reduce it on the late... Anyways, I would still like to hear from you...
  7. Hi guys. Does anyone can remeber if there is any kit that could provide me this type of wheel or at last a very good source for a start? Thnaks.
  8. yeap, but that is not the real issue once the Vette chassi was lengthened for the Ompostor. My doubt is regarding other parts ;-) Thanks anyway ;-) Ace-Garageguy many thanks for your insights my friend. Very usefull!!! Exactly what I was in need... Jantrix, that´s exactly kinda work I go deep in the hobby. I just love to cut, merge, modifie, etc etc... Hope to start a topic very soon ;-) Thanks Casey, yeah, that's true... almost... too bad, I think! Thanks for the photo. At least I have the right wheels ready to go already! Muncie, thank you so much for the inputs. Right on point. I have plenty of photos, measurements, etc etc. Also made a visit tour in 2013 at Foose´s Shop and could see in person the Impostor being fabricated (was in baremetal yet). Reference material is enough for me. I just need the right kit(s) in order to start this project. Gonna grab some Vettes, fellas! Thank you so much guys. I really appreciated that!
  9. Hello guys Ok. Foose´s cars are always a trouble subject. Some like, some don´t. Well, I kinda like it. Not 100% of his cars, but I appreciate almost all of them And one is '65 Chevy Impala Impostor. Once there is no complete kit of '09 Corvette (only a few snap versions from AMT), what would be the best donor instead of? I mean, I´m not a big expert on Vettes, but are the 2008, 2010 alike in terms of engine & suspension? Could I use a close year model or would be better to get a '06 Z06 from Revell for mechanical parts and the '09 from AMT for the interior parts? Thanks
  10. Hello fellas. is there any 1970 Plymouth valiant resin transkit available?
  11. very nice... May I ask you what paint did you use on the valve covers? Really great!
  12. Oh, that's ok for me .. My concern is exactly the body, because so far I only found it in resin.. I could use '69 as a donor... Thanks ;-)
  13. Yes, just in case it allows me to reproduce Dan Gurney's Bud Moore 1967 Mercury Cougar, Wondering if it does or doens't
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