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  1. John, enjoyed looking at your great stuff yesterday at Desert Scale classic14, cant wait to see this one, next year!. never heard of the wild Cad, so I googled it and WOW...Looking at the real car interior, almost as wild as the outside!.............
  2. Had a great time! and looking forward to the next one. A special thanks to Danno, and his team! Having a behind the scenes look at the dominos falling into place, sometimes at just the right moment, was not for the week of heart! Great job Dan, Hal, Bernie Tim, and all involve. Thanks
  3. Looking forward to the meeting at your house this month! see what ya got!
  4. what a killer build and great weathering tips.....Diggin thru my woody stash Im inspired!
  5. I got so frustrated trying to build this kit that I actually. twisted the chassis in half and thru it in the box.......after the little 9 year oldish hissy fit.....I went to the trash can and retrieved it. repaired the broken parts. and finished it up The rear end is real fidley. But I think you got this one handled. I painted teh frame black
  6. Testors kiln red metallic works for this car also
  7. the inspiration for the build. this truck is a 1954 so I took some liberties
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