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  1. Extremely creative Brizio, you are a true artist and it shows in this piece. There are just some details that I would not think of or even know how to complete. I don't think my build "style " could differ anymore from this and yet it is one of the coolest thing's I have seen in a while. This is why I am so into this hobby, thanks for sharing.
  2. Very clean looking model, great job. I'm interested about the gun you are using...is it a smaller touch up gun or full size? Also are you using the same size tip as when your painting 1:1. Most don't have access to a paint booth, mixing room etc. ,but if you do I see a full size gun can work fine.
  3. Very well built factory fresh ride you have there, the paint looks like glass its so smooth.
  4. That is a amazing looking kit you have built there. I like everything about it Matt, great job.
  5. Very nice build, look's quite shiny ,but like you I am still mastering my polishing skill's. I like everything about this, keep up the good work.
  6. Tim I would recommend the chisel tip, you can hold it at such a angle and use the edge of the marker to drag a real crisp line. You may have to go over it a few time's ,but you will be amazed at how much better than paint it is. I also have a few regular tip's and a silver for picking out detail's such as bolt's. Good luck
  7. I agree you set the bar kind of high ,but the kit look's great. Old decal's are not easy to work with and white is tricky as well. A black chisel tip sharpie marker works very well for black window trim.
  8. Very nice build, I like the color and the wheel choice.
  9. Wow you did a amazing job on this thing, all the working feature's bring it to the next level.
  10. That is a beautiful model, I love the wheel's.
  11. This is the second time I have looked at this model, I would agree it is the nicest example I have seen built. As mentioned you did a heck of a job on the paint scheme, I like that the bay is blue and not white. I don't want to step on anyone's feet here ,but Charlie @ Pro-Tech has the best braided line in scale...there really is no argument it is just the simple fact. Again not bashing any part supplier's as I use all of them, but only one for braided line. Amazing build Jason.
  12. krazyglu

    Mazda 787B

    Jim that thing is wicked looking, very nice box stock build. I have been wanting this kit...now I really want it and thanks for the tip on the front splitter.
  13. Certainly my cup of tea, I get tired of seeing the same Mustangs and 32 Ford's done to death so I always look forward to your build's. Great job as usual Delfin..I like the motor, added details and the wheel's are perfect.
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