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  1. Extremely creative Brizio, you are a true artist and it shows in this piece. There are just some details that I would not think of or even know how to complete. I don't think my build "style " could differ anymore from this and yet it is one of the coolest thing's I have seen in a while. This is why I am so into this hobby, thanks for sharing.
  2. Very clean looking model, great job. I'm interested about the gun you are using...is it a smaller touch up gun or full size? Also are you using the same size tip as when your painting 1:1. Most don't have access to a paint booth, mixing room etc. ,but if you do I see a full size gun can work fine.
  3. Very well built factory fresh ride you have there, the paint looks like glass its so smooth.
  4. That is a amazing looking kit you have built there. I like everything about it Matt, great job.
  5. Very nice build, look's quite shiny ,but like you I am still mastering my polishing skill's. I like everything about this, keep up the good work.
  6. Tim I would recommend the chisel tip, you can hold it at such a angle and use the edge of the marker to drag a real crisp line. You may have to go over it a few time's ,but you will be amazed at how much better than paint it is. I also have a few regular tip's and a silver for picking out detail's such as bolt's. Good luck
  7. I agree you set the bar kind of high ,but the kit look's great. Old decal's are not easy to work with and white is tricky as well. A black chisel tip sharpie marker works very well for black window trim.
  8. Very nice build, I like the color and the wheel choice.
  9. Wow you did a amazing job on this thing, all the working feature's bring it to the next level.
  10. That is a beautiful model, I love the wheel's.
  11. This is the second time I have looked at this model, I would agree it is the nicest example I have seen built. As mentioned you did a heck of a job on the paint scheme, I like that the bay is blue and not white. I don't want to step on anyone's feet here ,but Charlie @ Pro-Tech has the best braided line in scale...there really is no argument it is just the simple fact. Again not bashing any part supplier's as I use all of them, but only one for braided line. Amazing build Jason.
  12. krazyglu

    Mazda 787B

    Jim that thing is wicked looking, very nice box stock build. I have been wanting this kit...now I really want it and thanks for the tip on the front splitter.
  13. Certainly my cup of tea, I get tired of seeing the same Mustangs and 32 Ford's done to death so I always look forward to your build's. Great job as usual Delfin..I like the motor, added details and the wheel's are perfect.
  14. My mind has had a few moments where it really can not comprehend what you are doing in 1/25th scale.....and no mill or lathe work makes it quite frankly a notch above anything I have seen. Keep up the good work Tim, you have us all amazed.
  15. Very cool looking build, the low boy is just awesome and you made the excavator look great.
  16. Very well built model, I like the decal's, paint and added detail's.
  17. Your pictures are getting better and better, meaning your set up and background's make it look more and more like the real car. My favorite pics are the first, I like how it fades out of focus and the fifth one down with the shrub background is awesome. Cool model by the way.....
  18. Look's super clean as usual Krishna. I am not a huge fan of the goodyear decal or the side graphic's ,but it is a well built model of a cool car none the less. Nice rebuild
  19. This is very cool looking, I like the missing door panel look and the Performance VW mag's are the perfect touch. Great build
  20. Wow what a nice kit and at nearly 20 years ago it has held up just fine. I have this kit and plan on building similar to your's with the detailing....the hauler is a whole extra level of awesome. I was but a boy in the early 90's ,but drag racing has consumed most of my life so I remember this and many other car's from that era. I have read that Gary was a mastermind when it came to working on nitro car's and much like Garlits had the ability to completely change the class as we know it. Again great build.
  21. Great looking model you built there, any details about it?
  22. As a VW water cooled freak you have just completely turned my world upside down, I had no idea they made a Corrado in scale and now I wan't one. Sound's like it is going to take some time and $ ,but I have to build one. Look's like you are doing a fine job on your kit, I think the steering look's fine grey.
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