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  1. flashbender added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Two Tone Paint job using Testors Gloss?
    Hi there I'm still a bit of a noob with the modeling. I was wondering can testors gloss spray cans be used to get an effective two tone paint job (i.e. petty Pontiac). I already know testors gloss isn't a great paint to begin with. Also would be better to spray one color over the whole body then mask off and lay the secondary color. Or mask off the stripes, lay down the blue, then mask the blue, then lay down the red.

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  2. flashbender added a post in a topic 71 Hemi Cuda   

    I like it, is that Go Green model masters paint? Also what did you do for the rear tailight, did you just paint red over the decal?
  3. flashbender added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Is there a book in print for step by step building?
    Now I can't seem to find any books on the subject at Borders or Barnes and Noble on modeling. I checked out some books at my library, but those seem to be advanced skills to learn to a modeler that already has the basic knowledge. My question is there a book out there that is in print for the basic knowledge on everything, esp spraying a model, sanding the painted model, and finishing kit. Basically like a "For Dummies" type book. Any help on this would be great appreciated.
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