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  1. Very cool! I've got a similar type of vehicle that's going in my diorama, mine's a '69 F100 propped up on tires with a narrowed rear end and big drag slicks sitting next to it and a motor sitting on a tire in the bed. Not only is it a neat "drag truck in progress" type of deal, it does make me want to actually do a complete build on a muscle truck model when I see it
  2. I'm really digging that simulated stucco finish. Great work!
  3. Wow, great work so far! I love how that waterfall turned out!
  4. Hey guys, thought I'd share some pics of my first attempt at making a diorama, a two bay mechanic shop. I got the basic exterior walls made and started planning what I'll use for the roof. It'll get siding made out of overlapped horizontal popsicle sticks, hopefully next weekend. I'd like to use a sheet of MDF for the base and find some laminate that looks like a scaled down shop floor material inside and some grass and pavement out front of the shop. Here are a few pictures of what I have so far setup in the spot that I'm specifically sizing it to be displayed in (and some cars in it because I can't wait to finish it to put them in haha). Excuse the blurriness of the cell phone pictures, I know some of them are pretty bad. I would've liked to make it a little deeper than nine inches, but the depth of the top of the dresser it's going on limits that. My goal was to make it deep enough to at least fit one 1:24 scale diecast car inside, yet shallow enough to leave enough room to do something with the exterior area out front. As mentioned before, I've never done this before, so I'll definitely be cruising around this section of the forum looking for ideas to add to the realism. A big goal of mine is to get my hands on one of those battery operated model car lifts I see pop up on eBay and fit it in a way that makes it look very realistic inside the shop. I'd also like to add some interior lighting, some aftermarket parts banners, and other fun goodies like that. And by all means, if anyone sees anything that doesn't look like it would work right or has an idea that looks better or is easier to make, please let me know! Thank you!
  5. Wow, there's quite a bit more out there than I expected. Thanks for the info, guys!
  6. I never realized that, I'll have to keep an eye out for those.
  7. Wow, that site has some cool bikes on it. I'd love to get that Indiana Jones bike in my collection!
  8. Hey guys, I got out of the model building scene for a while, mostly due to lack of time to do them. I still have plans to finish my "Beater Bel Air" '57 gasser and the powderpuff pink "Mary Kay" Shelby convertible models that I started threads on here, but for now, I've resorted to collecting 1/24 die casts. So far, I've bough mostly the cheapo Motormax $10 Wal Mart models but they do make great shelf pieces and I hope to eventually do a little bit of touching up and customization on some of them. Interesting bit of trivia: I got my hands on the Motormax 1/24 1969 Ford F100 and after staring at it and admiring it in my collection for a couple weeks, I went out and bought an actual 1:1 1969 Ford Pickup! (it looks nowhere near as nice as the model, though lol) But anyways, back to why I started this thread. I really like the 1/24 scale since it's a great size for displaying. I'd like to expand my collection to motorcycles, too, though. I've found all sorts of 1/12 scale bikes, but I'd love to find some 1/24 bikes to mingle in with my car display. So far, I've found that Maisto makes a few 1/24 Harley Davidson bikes, but I'd really prefer dirtbikes and/or sport bikes. Anyone know of where I could find some bike models like that in that scale?
  9. Yeah, some quick research proved I was completely wrong, the ZR-1 and Callaway wheels look completely different. It'd been a while since I've seen a C4 Callaway Sledgehammer, I guess lol
  10. Too cool, man! That thing looks absolutely killer. Actually looks like an actual 1:1 Malibu I've got my eyes on in my area that's sitting on a lifted K5 Blazer chassis.
  11. Wheels look like early Calloway Vette wheels, correct? Maybe not. Either way, sharp looking truck!
  12. It's the Revell Penske Racing 'Vette. Looks like it could be a fun build, wondering if anyone had any experience with it. http://www.modelcars.com/revell-1966-corvette-penske-racing.html
  13. Mine turned out pretty bad, but it was my first try lol. I think I can fix it with some trimming and filing. It's amazing what you can do with a dremel tool, though. I didn't have mine yet when I chopped the top, but I did have it when I sectioned the body.
  14. Looks good! I bought that kit with plans to build it up but never did. I ended up snagging a bunch of parts from it for the Gasser Bel Air I'm building. I did end up chopping and sectioning the factory cab when I was bored one time lol
  15. I can dig it! I'm going to try a similar technique, although my rust is already in rust form. I grabbed a handful of rusty metal flakes out of my '73 Maverick's quarter panel and ground it up lol
  16. Thanks! I appreciate the encouraging feedback from all of you guys!
  17. They're not showing up for you? Odd, I can see them. Tell me if these links work, then. First pic: http://s4.postimg.org/ygisv0ljv/P82_A0235.jpg Second pic: http://s18.postimg.org/eiclx2iaf/P82_A0236.jpg
  18. First glimpse of the Beater Bel Air with the new wheels. I like it, it goes with the look I'm going for. I'm at a standstill until I can get out to Hobbytown and buy a bottle of matte black paint to paint some of the finer details on the suspension, but for now, this is what I've got still in mock up My dinner table looks like a chop shop! And once the Beater Bel Air is completed, here's a teaser shot of what might be to come if I can find a way to make a radical rod like this look good
  19. Seeing as today is my birthday, I'm going to give the gift of time to myself... time to work on my models! It's early yet, but I've made a few notable changes in the plan. First off, I've ditched the idea of running the big Hemi for now in favor of the 283 that came with the kit. Also, new plan for the interior. I figured if this thing is going to look like a ratty, cobbled together rat rod gasser, the factory bench seats weren't the best option, so I opted for some Peterbilt 357 seats (yes, Semi truck seats lol). They're not completely modeled in on the back since they were designed to go flat against the back of the Pete cab, but I like the look of them and was too lazy to correct it lol. Also, the Nova SS model donated its 4 on the floor shifter. The front wheels have also been rethought. I think I'll go with the steelies and white wall tires from my '65 Chevy pickup. I'm painting them flat red and running the chrome dog dish center caps for the classic rat rod look. And last but not least, I'm high-jacking my own thread with the Tahoe PPV again lol. As I was scrounging around the Nova parts box, I came across what was left of the decal sheet for it. Some "Chevy Tough" license plates seemed appropriate for the police cruiser. pic is a little blurry, but you guys get the idea lol
  20. Agreed 100%. The stuff that this board's members build is amazing. I love the fact that knowledge is abundant and everyone feels welcome, even unskilled builders such as myself lol Forgot to mention regarding the pic above, I'm going to make an order soon to PoliceCarModels.com and get half a dozen or so 3mm red/blue flashing LEDs for the Tahoe
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