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  1. G'Day Joe! These look familiar, and all of them awesome! Nice to see you here too, your builds really need to be seen by the bigger audience on this forum. Chris
  2. Thanks, Dave! This version also had a retooled interior with the stripped door panels etc. Not a bad kit, all went together really well.
  3. Here's a quickie build I did so I'd have something new for a model show. Pretty well box stock, Aoshima Mad Max 2 Interceptor. Painted in several shades of black with a pastel weathering. Reckon it came up pretty good, was a nice change from trying to do glossy paint! Enjoy!
  4. One of my favorite kits, will do another one at some point.
  5. Another Aussie! Awesome, that is ridiculously well done!
  6. Hi Guys, Here's some pics from the 9th NSW NNL I attended here in Australia. A great show with around 500 models entered! It was a pretty impressive turnout, as Tumut is a small country town located about halfway between Sydney & Melbourne. It was almost a 5 hour drive for me to get there, but well worth it. Thanks to my mate, Guy, for the pics. Enjoy! 9th NSW NNL Pics
  7. I'd avoid the Revell, go with the Tamiya. I'd kill for a Type 3 kit, I'm in the midst of rebuilding my 65 Squareback, would love to do a kit...... Nice V Dubs there Dave, the Ovals are sweet! The Tamiya Bug looks to be the same colour as my Squareback will be!
  8. My unsolicited opinion..... Totally worth it! My Flame masks have gone great guns since being featured in the mag. Honestly, the best promotion I could have had. Thanks again Gregg!
  9. Like! Really digging the wheel & tyre combo.
  10. Awesome! These are cool kits, I built one a few years back. Now have the 57 Chev and 2 planes in the stash...
  11. Awesome detail in a 64th! Nice one.
  12. Very nice, you don't see that livery too often. Actually, the only time I can recall seeing this paintjob on a model was a dodgy old Japanese diecast. Yours looks spectacular!
  13. Awesome! How long does a paintjob like that take?? Think the wheels are from the California Wheels 57 Chev, if memory serves? (which it usually doesn't!)
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