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  1. Sup guys, second build is under way...tell me what you think, I hope to finish this weekend. Gonna try to add some hoses to it as well Happy Friday. Freddy B.
  2. Hello guys, Just a quick question, I've heard that you don't need to polish/sand metallic finishes on the body. Is that true? I put two light coats of tamiya metallic blue. It came out perfect, so my question is to sand or not to sand? And do I clear coat/polish? If I need to what grit? Type of clear/polish. Thanks guys, I love this forum everyone always gives great advice, oh and this is my 2nd build Freddy B.
  3. I think its a cool idea bro. Have fun.
  4. Hello guys, Just a quick question. What kind of paint to you guys like to use on the engine, as far as aluminum parts, what brand?. I've tried the model master aluminum acrylic paint, and it sucked lol, it looked like it was more water than anything. I'm not sure if i just got a bad jar or what, but I just wanted to hear what all my fellow modelers thought!! Thanks, Freddy B.
  5. Hello guys, Just a quick question...What grit sandpaper do you guys use after your primer coat just before you paint the model.
  6. Awesome thank you so much Dave. They are light scratches, so I think the Tamiya basic putty will work well, thanks again sir. Just a noob on his first build in a very long time lol, I'll have to post up some pics! Freddy B.
  7. Hello guys, Just a quick question. What putty/tips/tricks do you guys use when removing scratches? I just have two light coats of primer on the body, and there are just two scratches i would like to remove. Any help is greatly appreciative Thanks, Freddy B.
  8. Hey guys, Just a quick question. I put my first coat of primer on the body of my camaro, I was just wondering, some of the panel lines got filled, can I use the #11 blade to make them a tad deeper? Any suggestions are welcome I'm a newb to the hobbby Thanks, Freddy B.
  9. Hey guys, Just a quick questions, how do you all fix scratches on the body of your model? I was thinking sandpaper, but what grade would be good, i haven't primer it or anything like that, i just wet sanded it. The reason for the scratch is i was making the panel lines deeper, and well, i slipped and scratched a lil bit of the body, not a deep one but still noticalbe. Will it show through the final paint job and gloss?? Thanks, Freddy B.
  10. Thanks guys for the responses. Anyways, I got Model Master Huggard Orange lacquer, and 1961 gloss overcoat. Do i need a lacquer primer? or can i use enamal primer??
  11. [Hey guys, I'm new to the hobby and have purchased an AMT 1970 1/2 camaro z28. I've sanded the body and washed it with dish soap, and have let it air dry. I just have a few questions about the rest of the process. I bought Testors plain gray primer, how many coats of primer do i administer? Next, I bought a light blue enamal for the base color, I forgot to add that both of these paints are in the spray can form. Finally, what do I do for a final coat? I've read that people add a gloss finish. Do I have to buy an enamal base gloss? Since I used enamal for the primer and base coat? MY LHS only has that Model Master Gloss Lacquer overcoat, but I doubt that will work since its a lacquer, right? Sorry, one more question. Is it a good idea to wash all the parts in dish soap b4 i start to paint the engine and things like that? I'm just curious on everyone's process of building. Thanks guys, I really enjoy reading the forums and looking at all the fine craftsmanship Freddy B.
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