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  1. This kit certainly is not state of the art or perfectly authentic by any stretch of the imagination, but I definitely am thrilled to have it back in this form!! When I was just beginning I had one and spent one joyous afternoon smearing Testor's tube glue all over the bare white styrene flanks while managing to find a home for EVERY antenna, light, siren and lens!!!! Oh the joy...….
  2. I believe the Buick ragtop is from Mill City Replicas...he is still doing business and offering many of his products from the eighties and nineties,
  3. Thank you too!! I scored a set of stock wheelcovers for a newly acquired gluebomb!!
  4. Love the Chevy truck sheet!! Any chance of including the 1973-1974 plain - Jane emblems such as these in the future?
  5. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any casters offering a resin cast Torqueflight automatic transmission in 1/24 - 1/25 scale? Any info would be greatly appreciated.....
  6. I personally cannot wait until the Honda is out - any indications of when we can expect to see it??
  7. Beautiful - I hope that mine will look half as nice whenever I get around to restoring it!!
  8. GORGEOUS finish, and the signage is a hoot!!!!
  9. Beautiful replica, Steve - looks flawless!!
  10. BEAUTIFUL!!! Patiently awaiting when these will be available......
  11. BEAUTIFUL craftsmanship!! Did you base this conversion on the Lindberg kit??
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