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  1. Well I couldn't take any pictures, my mom's camera is dead. Regardless, I'll tell you what I got so far. I've cut off a little tab that the muffler glues to, since the exhaust is going to exit straight out of the hood, and I assembled the rear suspension from the Rat Roaster kit. (And disassembled, and mocked up, and reassembled, and disassembled again, etc.) In order to put it in the F1 frame, I needed a different crossmember. I cut out the center section of the Rat's crossmember containing the ladder bar mounting points (strange, because the actual car uses a triangulated 4 link), and grafted it into the center of a crossmember from the other F1 kit that got stepped on. I also glued a piece of the parts tree along the back for rigidity, and smeared some Bondo glaze over it to make it all look good.
  2. Thanks everyone! I read about the Ardun flattie quite a while ago, so I was pleasantly surprised that the '50 F1 came with one. I'm thinking I'll put it in the Rat Roaster! Everyone has a small block Chevy, so no harm done.
  3. I'll be starting a 1950 Ford F1 Revell kit that I recently bought. I had the same kit back when Gearz had the first model competition and intended to enter, but the model fell on the floor and got stepped on. I believe this'll be the second model I've made. I intend to go for the weathered look, but this will also be my first stab at that. The plan is to use a set of zoomies turned upside-down that will exit out of the sides of the hood. It also has a Mustang gauge panel grafted into the dash, and it will use the 9" axle, rear suspension, and wheels/tires from the Rat Roaster kit. It will use a 428 Cobra Jet salvaged from my brother's broken '69 GT500 model. I'll post pictures as soon as possible!
  4. 2013 Cannonball Run CBP

    Is there any plan to do this again this year? I've really never completed a model car, but I'd love to enter in this if it's happening again.
  5. Stretched pickup cab

    Well their website has it in an 8"x10" sheet, but the store in town doesn't. I even asked if there was any way for them to order it, but aparently the manager chooses what the particular store carries and they don't think anyone but me will buy the stuff. I did go to Wal Mart and buy a "For Sale" sign, though. It seems thinner and less structural than the model's plastic, but it may work I suppose. Any tips on putting it together?
  6. Stretched pickup cab

    Yeah, it was really disappointing.
  7. Stretched pickup cab

    Oh, right, you did mention that before. I'll try that tomorrow, thanks for the help.
  8. Stretched pickup cab

    Well I went to Hobby Lobby, and the confused looks of two employees as to what syrene, sheet styrene, or polystyrene were, and they both concluded that the store didn't have anything like it. I could order it from the website if I had a credit card, but I'm 15 and my dad doesn't want to order it from the website, and told me I should find something else to use... Any ideas?
  9. what car did you own that you wish they did a model of

    The '72/73 Montego GT is probably my favorite car on this earth, but more or less you can get a model of it. http://mmgt.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=2415750&highlight=model Check out this forum on the Montego GT Registry. From what I understand you get parts from a couple sources and a donor kit (maybe a Torino if they make one) and build it using all that.
  10. Looking for a 78-79 Ford Fairmont

    Where do you find Dominators?
  11. Stretched pickup cab

    Thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to post pictures.
  12. Stretched pickup cab

    Alright, thanks for the ideas! I think I'll at least give the styrene a try before I ever think of buying another cab, though.
  13. Stretched pickup cab

    Alright, that sounds like a good idea. Is styrene flexible enough to fit decently with the body before the filler? The truck is a 1950 F1, and the extension will have to have a bit of a curve to fit right. Meanwhile Hobby Lobby is closed, so I can't get the styrene until tomorrow, and I don't know of any other places in town that'll sell it.
  14. Stretched pickup cab

    I'm new on the forum and building a model pickup and I'm attempting to stretch the cab. The back is already cut off by a Dremel tool, and I have a tube of one part Bondo spot and glaze putty, some spreaders, and 400 grit sandpaper. As most people know, you can't just shape Bondo into something without some sort of structure, like spreading it on a surface, but what should I use to give it structure? I plan on making the walls and roof out of it. Thanks.