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  1. BTW, sears hardware will do the same thing. So i'd get your mom or dad with ya, or pray the girl at the regester is an I-crack addict... who barely cares whats going on around him/herself rather than the song that is playing.
  2. Nowadays, everyone I'Ds you for paint (even the LHS's around Long Island). I have this problem sometimes, though in the past when I was 14 I was able to buy it without being questioned for ID or age.
  3. Quite possibly. After all, I did see the '10 Mustang GT Convertable Snapper there a few days ago, and the '10 GT500. But the strange thing is, the product listing for the '10 GT convert came up under "Snaptite assortment" and the '10 GT500 under "07 Gt500 Mustang. I've been noticing this alot lately at michales for example, when they have the '63 impala (which is somehting they don't carry) it's lisited as the '64 kit they have, but at $2.00 more. Could they be moving to more "Assortments" rather than just one product name per listing?
  4. I leave them on all of my models, cause if they're gone, then who made the kit orginaly?
  5. Ya' know what I find works. If you want to make a car with different colored primered parts, use the sears primer for the first coat, then for other parts of the body (EG doors, hood, fenders etc.) use the different brand primer in the color/brand of your choice. Since the paint will have a primered serface to adhere to without attacking the plastic.
  6. I've had excellent experience with sears quick 'n easy fast-drying enamal gray primer. If you got a k-mart or sears hardware near you, i'd pick some pu and try it to see if ya like it. Which you'll prolly love to death will since it only costs $1.79 a can, and being far better quality than testors for that matter.
  7. I know for sure it's definitely the AMT Snap Fast kit. I had a complete kit I got for $2.00 at the L.I.A.R.S. show 2yrs ago. I didn't feel like building it, so I traded it off for a Revell '93 Camaro Snapper (which is a glue-snapper and is full detail) I got at the 2010 NNL east
  8. I heard that the Revell '10 Camaro will be out in Q2 January for shops on Revells Preferred Program list, while others that arent in the program get it Q1 Feburary. My LHS has the Gremlin at $21.69, might get it but still dabbling over my christmas score, so it may have to wait till my B-day in Febuary.
  9. I get pitty on you guys dat gots Meijers and Wallymarts with cheap kits... WHY ME?! Well at least the days of good deals arent gone forever... some are still around if ya know where to look that is. I just picked up the Revell-o-gram '02 Camaro SS from Michaels for $9.00, but was free with the gift card I got for christmas (yay!!). It was $13.99 on clearence but it was opened and I asked for a discount, so I got 30% off the clearence price under "scratch & dent" item. Since I didn't have any coupons with me and even if I did, chances are they wouldn't take it.
  10. Hey there. Nice job on dat Camaro! Lets give this guy som' respect... I remember in a magaziene seeing a 1:1 base camaro that was a plain-jane drag car sleeper wit a twin turbo-d 2JZGTE engine making 940HP. PPL said "I don't remember my moms Camaro EVER being this fast?" LOL!! Here's a '93 Trans AM I did the exact same thing to i built 3yrs ago, and still have to this day!
  11. As Flinn from Tron: Legacy wouyld say, "Game ON!!" When my sis get her cats pics ###### developed into photos off our camara, you'll be soo sorry when I gots a lotsa imgs of copyright stamps to show off!
  12. Glad ya like it! I almost never had a problem with this stuff, aside from using it on an AMT '70 Monte Carlo kit with REALLY thin plastic that almost would never stop crazing! Incase tamiya primer cant be found and/or testors dosen't do the job, this stuff is an excellent alternitive primer that you can easily stock up on without hurting the wallet badly! I've applied krylon and testors one coat lacquer over the primer (and the colorplace color over the primer coat), and had no compadibility issues. However, the weird thing is if your using another enamal-based primer ON THE BARE BODY, like say Valspar or Rustoluem, and the color you applied over the primer coat is lacquer-based (EG Tamiya, testors lacquers). The entire surface will form "moulten round patch craters" due to the lacquer being too hot for the enamal base, and ruin the entire paint job (quite possibly damageing the plastic underneath and preventing it from being stripped). Though from my lucky experience, the Quick 'n Easy primer is enamal-based, but surpirsingly it will handle all types of paint fourmulas withouy any surface ill-effects or crazing. I remember one time I used rustoluem automotive primer on a test body and it didn't craze the body, but the surface was very wrinkly. I thank someone mentioned they had that problem too with that primer a while back (think it was Turbokitty who posted it),
  13. I've seen some where theres more than one copyright stamp on the chassis (EG 94 impala) or the previous one is poorly removed or filled in where you can still see it (which is seen on many models). Well, I know this topic may seem dumb to soma you guys, but i've never seen someone start a thread on this subject EVER... even on any model building fourm I've visited.
  14. The primer might work, but will most likely craze the plastic and make it alomst impossible to remove. If the fusion paint was applied on the primer coat, you could still save it but it's gonna take some time for the stripper fliud your using t kick in. If it's applied DIRECTLY to the bpdy without a primer, yer screwed!
  15. Funny. My Lindberger '40 Ford I built last year from the L-700 w/trailer set was like that too, but it was REALLY thin and molded in almost transparent white plastic. I also had that happen with teh resto-rods '69 chevelle, and that was bought from an LHS.
  16. If ya wanted to do a full detail '61, swap the components from the '60 inside and discard the rest of the '61... or sell it on ebay for $40 saying it's the parts from an orginal kit.
  17. . As i'm looking at a can I got in my hand now, it says it's enamel. This may seem strange, but i've applied Krylon (which is acrylic) and Lacquers (such as Testors) over the colorplace paint ontop of the applied coat of sears primer. and had absolutly no major crazing or comaptibility issues whatsoever! But when it's krylon or testors primer on the body, then the color coat in it's brand or a different name, regardless of paint type.... all everlasting hell will come loose and ruin everything!
  18. Guy in Corvette: "Aww shat!!! Are they after me because I didn't do 55?" Cops: "We're giving you a ticket because your driving 180mph in that red, sexy Corvette! Guy in Corvette: "Weeew!! Though they found out I sold baking soda to a buncha kids on their I-pa.... OH.." LOL!! BTW, nice Charger and nice scene! Makes me laugh!
  19. PPL are so into typing on an I-crack and play their X-boxes these days. I sware!! I was at AC Moore a few days ago, some kid was looking at a model kit and though it was an X-box 360 game... sad indeed.
  20. When r these commin out? I gonna bet they'll be hobby store exclusives 'cause if they sold these things at Michaels or K-mart, ppl will think these are some lame I-crapp games to shut up their ADHD 4-yr old. Trust me, at AC moore, some kid was lookin at a model kit and though it was some Xbox game... Sad isin't.
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