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  1. Hey guys, sorry if I haven't been around with builds as much lately... Was busy workin' on these little ol gremlems.

    The '37 Ford Pick Up is the Revell kit, customized to my likeing.





    As the pic says, it has a C6 suspension up front and what believes to be a Monte carlo rear in the back. Of course it has disc brakes all around on cool low-pro tires/wheels. It sports the kits optional dual exhaust system that the Carbed chevy LT1 (which you'll see in the pics) fumes exit through.

    Finaly the motor!


  2. No disrespect meant to the female gender, but next time a woman tells you that men have never experienced the pain of childbirth without anesthesia, I would suggest mentioning the trauma of throwing one's back out (happens to me about every 1-2 years and renders me unable to move or walk for about 3 days at a time; my wife just thoroughly enjoys bringing a pee bottle to my bed and emptying it), and for that matter, kidney stones.

    I sympathize with Gregg and I understand how it makes the simplest of functions (such as lying still without pain) impossible to perform. The challenges must be immense when one suffers chronic problems over the years.

    sjordan, what I ment buy the lady being kind was that she was really helpfull and nice... Not like the time my dad called nintendo customer service around dec '09, and they kept telling him that the system is broken if the (wii sports) disc dosen't work.

    He was REALLY mad at them because even we figured out it was the disc not the system (we tried GC games and New SMB wii, and they worked), but they kept saying the unit was falty and it would take alomst a month to replace (eventuly he spoke to another person and everything worked out).

    Anyways, didn't get me mag yet; suspect it the krazy weather we've been havin'! Hopefully it comes by the next week or so...

  3. I got one of the free subscriptions thingies when I won at the L.I.A.R.S show back in November... Mailed it out 6 days later though I would be getting it, but then found out the month issues are totaly out of order.

    Called GBP (the MCM service number) and they said I would start out with the November issue (which comes out around mid-late january).

    ...well, it's february. WERE'S MAH MAG!!

    So then I called them yesterday, and they said it's been mailed out last week... The kind lady on the phone said "You should be getting it by the end of this week".

    If it dosen't arrive, the good news is they will send out another on if I call them.

    Lets hope of the best...

  4. my wife just found some in our local Walmart the other day and bought the three bottles that they had. the kicker to this? the lady in Walmart asked he if she was making "METH" with it :huh: that's a new one on me. you know model builders, once it was tube glue, now i guess we've all graduated to meth :)

    only in Walmart and only in America

    WOW! I guess nowadays, most ppl will try to make some serious drugs out of everything they can find!! :blink:

    But Jeez, whats the world coming to!!!!

    Anyway, Can you find this stuff at say... a local super market? I'd rather go there rather than to a place where they ask if U R gonna use it 4 drugz!! LOL!

  5. From my experirnce I allways use a primer (mainly sears "quick 'n easy" gray primer (I don't sand because the primer is so smooth and easy to work with) beacuse the Krylon WILL craze or sometimes, melt the plastic. I find using the sears primer, then the wal-mart paint, then the krylon works the best(it sticks better and is smother by doing this).

    One more thing... DO NOT use any form of Krylon clear (standard of crystal clear), because I tried it once and it went through the paint on a spare kit body, and it crazed the whole thing!! (waited almost a week and the paint was super dry)

    I highly reccomend useing future as a clear coat because you can apply it any way and if you get runs, the more coats you apply may hide it.

    However, if you apply it too early (depending on the paint and how long it takes to dry) it will form "Spider cracks"... I reccomend waiting about 3 days to 2 weeks (again depending on the paint and it's drying times).

  6. Great job on the 37's Richard but are those wipers in 1/20th scale? They look too big.

    Those are what came with the kits. And the "Drooping" wipers I believe are I've seen on some 1:1s (it's what was shown on the box, I don't think it came with other windsheld wiper options)

    Glad u like it!!

  7. Forgot to mention the paint on that one was Testors Star-spangled blue lacquer with future on top, hee hee.

    Next up is a AMT/MPC Proshop issue '53 Ford Pick-up Flip nose i'm turning into a beater that's had alot of work done (mechcanical wise).

    It's only in the rough WIP stage right now, and is a side project because I gots too much going on right now.


    BTW, on one of the pics of the blue one, there was a small speck on the bottom of the rear fender... Though it I gots something on it but it was nothing.

    When I make some progress on it, i'll get some pics of it up.

    Now for a group shot:


    Hope you like!

  8. Hi guys.

    I retook pics of my '53 Ford Pick-up again as you've probably seen. Did some mods like a Mopar suspension up front and a custom 4-link in the back, X-mods wheels with revell rubber and disc brakes, S-10 seats, side exhaust, custom 572ci HEMI with Webers; I also used the kits custom grile and rear fenders to give it a different look.

    I BMF-ed the Bumpers because the half-tards at AMT didn't chrome them. Why did they do that?... who knows!





  9. This is the one I mentioned that a bad paint job the first time 'round... After a few weeks in the DOT-3 bath, here she is now, almost done and in it's presentable mock-up stage!

    Mostly OOB, except I removed the front window pillar (which came cracked right in the box... being it came with 2 windshelds (one with the aeras for the pillar, the other is smoothed out to use without the pillar) I used the second one because it looks cooler and you see it on some 1:1 cars.

    BTW, the hood is a REAL pain to assemble (worse than the sedan I built). It didn't fit right and it would keep breaking off. After a little sanding, trimming, reglueing, and etc., it looks OK but I can live with it

    Paint is Colorplace Gloss black polished out with toothpaste, and is topped with future floor wax:




    It's almost done and when it is, i'll post pics ASAP... (and move it to the "Under Glass" section)

    BTW, I realized my camara has a Marcro (or whatever it is) setting, and I notice the pics are coming out ALLLLLOT better than they were when I use it... So that should be an improvement on the quality of my pics.

  10. Who's going to this years NNL East in April? It's a awesome show and you shouldn't miss out on it!! lotsa kits to buy and stuff to see! Been there two years so far and entered some stuff (didn't win, but the thrill is worth it!).

    BTW, do you like my avatar? I'm have a soft spot for the underrated Nick show "Rocko's Modern Life" from the 90's (when things were funny and silly)... I hate the new teeny-bopper sewage they put on nowadays. I made the sig were heffer spilt red bottle paint all over rockos carpet (he was trying to hold 3 open bottles of them for butt excerise, LOL!!)

  11. As you probably seen on the other site.

    The Yellow Camaro is an AMT kit and has a custom air intake, X mods wheels on revell tuner tires, disc brakes, and a lowered stance. Paint is Krylon Sun Yellow topped with future. I added red accents to the interior (which came out pretty decent)

    My work is not the best, but pretty decent for a youngin' that builds alot.

    No pics yet because they are blurryfor older eyes. i'll try to get some clearer pics up tommorow.

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