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  1. So next time no oil pan and a rod or 2 sticking out of the block, and a oily puddle under the car......going to use my artistic drivers license
  2. Thanks Dennis. I was talking with Tim Boyd tonight and he told me that you are working on or have just finished a coupe as well. Any pictures?
  3. Yes, I took license with the build. Well because, modeling.
  4. So this is a project that I started a year and 2 days ago. The plan was to do a quick build, but that went sideways quickly. The basic idea is that this is a rodder who is working on a budget. He has gotten the body and engine sorted but is now out of money to complete the interior. He will get to it some day but for now he is driving it everywhere. Some of the things that I ended up doing. The engine is a Ford Y-Block with a custom one off intake that I found a picture of on-line. The exhaust manifolds are scratch-built (yes I'm sure the spacing isn't quite correct on the center ports...). I also built some real motor mounts. That was a bit of a trick to get everything to line up correctly. And engine wiring and plumbing was added to add to the look. Also installed radiator support rods and mounting hardware. Chassis is the kit 32 chassis, but everything except for the rails and the rear most cross member have been replaced or fabricated (the x-member is all scratch built). Front suspension has been lowered using a Model A cross member, also the external steering arm and blister. The rear is a Quick change from RCMoM, to this I added a transverse mount spring and cross member, shocks and shock mounts. The wheels are Divco's from Modelhaus. All of the chrome bits are either airbrushed with Molotow chrome or are pieces of Ni-Chrome tubing. For the body I molded the top in. The wooden piece for the top insert was made out of bass wood and all of the cross slats have a bit of an arch to them. The windshield was hinged out and the support arms installed. The window glass was all replaced with acetate. For the interior I was helped out by Gasser59. He told me about printable fabric and then offered to make me the correctly sized blanket material. It really brings the interior to life. I can't thank him enough. The channeled bare metal interior panels were stretched back to stock height. I probably did some other stuff but I can't remember what. Some along the way shots can be found here. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/127458-model-a-coupe-quick-build-gone-wrong-all-done-just-took-a-bit-longer-than-planned/ Fred
  5. So how do I go about moving my post from On the workbench to Under glass?
  6. Well, a year and 2 days is pretty much a quick build for me. As always I couldn't leave things alone and changing that, meant changing this. Which in turn cause other items to be changed, upgraded and improved. But like all projects, I had a lot of fun this one. Next up is finishing my 57 Ford Country Sedan 4 door wagon and midget racer.....or the BMW Z4 GT...or...well check back in a year or so.
  7. The QC is from RMCoM. Then I fabricated the mounts, transverse spring and shock mounts.
  8. I have to say that your suggestion and execution of the seat blanket was very important to the look. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Tim, Yes, she is all done and now just need to bleed the brakes and take some pictures. Stayed tuned. Fred
  10. Thanks. It is worth it. But making the new window glass was a bit tough. But I'm happy with how it turned.
  11. Hi Gilles, Where are you located in France? I was born in Barr just south of Strasbourg. Fred
  12. Only a few days to go until Motor City NNL and I'm down to final assembly. Since I use epoxy there is a lot of glue and wait. But some progress is being made but the list of to do's is still quite long
  13. I know that there was just an article in a Scale Auto on airbrushing Motolow chrome. But I'm looking for anyone with real world experience and tips they can pass along.
  14. Is the black flat or satin in color?
  15. Almost all of the beading wire that I have found has had a gloss finish. The search continues.
  16. Hi Tom, Generally a good idea but with the custom engine mounts, and the slightly adjusted body to frame position that won't work. On a different note how about, I come by after the Goodguys show so you can see the roadster?
  17. I'm looking for a roll of black wire that can be used for spark plugs. Yes, I know that I can get a small roll from various vendors. But specifically what I 'm looking for is wire that is flat black or a most a dull satin. It has to be able to hold a shape so it can be made to droop. Most importantly the OD needs to be less than 0.40 mm. Almost everything that I have found is super shiny black and that looks so wrong.
  18. I'm still struggling with the exhaust. Almost all model A's have the over the frame headers. So to be different I'm making my own headers that will then dump down inside the frame rail and exit ahead of the rear wheels. Problem is that the motor needs to be installed to make sure everything lines up correctly. The chance of a screwup is high.
  19. I have a set of Modelhaus Divco wheels and tires that are perfect. Any build is always started with wheels and tires. Many ideas have died on the vine for lack of the perfect combination.
  20. I have 3 of the Ssantuko knives and they are my favorites. They take such a nice edge that it makes using them a true joy. Also, you don't notice when you nick yourself at first.
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