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  1. I saw this kit for $22.99 on the shelf at Niagara Hobby in Buffalo on Oct 11. Nice price.
  2. What a transformation, nice work. Feeding my desire to start building Nascar again.
  3. The weathering is just right, like others have said. Very cool build. Hank better not knock over the laptop!
  4. This really caught my eye at NNL East. I only snapped about 10 pics at the show with my aging iPhone, and this build was one of them. These detail pics are incredible.
  5. Good photography means nothing can hide, and your build is fantastic. Delicate application of color, good choices of matte and gloss finishes, and look at how those tires stand out (or stand down) to the black wheels. Great color combo.
  6. They are all fantastic, but I especially like the Transit! It's like seeing a unicorn!
  7. Great build! Are the wheels from the kit, or aftermarket? What color did you use for the interior?
  8. It's been a pleasure to watch your YouTube videos on my lunch breaks. Great build.
  9. This is a short wheel base van from Revell, right? I like this look more than the AMT vans - I gotta get one. Good build!
  10. Great build, and thanks for sharing that video of Harry Metcalfe. It reminds of another British motoring enthusiast speaking passionately about a hot hatch (Clarkson -> GTI).
  11. This deserves a bump- love the police builds, especially the policia PR.
  12. Very nice build, tasteful wheels. Makes me want to add one of these to my stash.
  13. Interesting note about the DX version, Andraz. This is my favorite Ferrari to date and I will be following your build.
  14. Just completed smooth trades with Tubbs, imatt88, and Mackvision. Thanks guys!
  15. The VW community is watching this build Curtis, keep it going! This is my first glimpse of the coveted Corrado kit, thanks for sharing.
  16. It looks like you drilled out some of the hood catch piece - very cool detail. I am building this now and it's a fun kit.
  17. Great color choices, including the slightly-darker interior color. And that horn emblem glistens! A great detail.
  18. Great color scheme, and nice photography! Can't wait for the F12!
  19. Jeff B

    1966 GTO

    To repeat what others have said, that color was made for that car, great build. Just added that kit to my list.
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