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  1. I'm look at a model car paint booth. Wife is getting made at the smell in the house. I'm looking at a PACE unit, but the cost. Anyone have any ideaes as to what I should look for or contact or were to look. Any help with this or in-put would help
  2. That looks so good that I could get in and driver it away!
  3. My condoleances to the family and sad to hear of the passing. Very good ehgines with great detail. Hope the Engines continue
  4. 426-HEMI: The 400 cid was a B-engine not a RB engine. But the 383 was built as B-engine and an RB-engine. Yes the HEMI was RB-engine, the 426 cid wedge was redrilled to take the new HEMI heads for NASCAR and the NHRA. The old 426 wedge engine was re-enforced to take the new HEMI heads but basicly the same RB-engine. The old A engine could not take the 1 gen Hemi heads, but were very close. In face the A block and LA bock were very close, the heads made the big differents. In fact a electronic distrutor will fit in the old A engine and 1 first gen HEMI. A and LA engine dio have a lot in commen. As a Mopar guy with over 8 cars at this time and being aroung Mopars sice the early 60's I do know a little about them. My first car was 1939 Dodge, first car that moved the shifter from the floor to the column. An I can tell you a lot more about the firsts of Mopar.
  5. That is assume. I have the 1971( plastic ) model car.
  6. On the stripping is that flat black or semi flat black?
  7. If I use Model Master custom lacquer systems for a base primer can I spray over that with HOC paint?
  8. As an owner of a 1966, the body lines tell me its a 1966. !964 and 1965 had had there own body lines, 1966 had a different line and also had a full front and rear bumpers. !964 and 1965 had a thin front and rear bumpers with roll pans front and rear
  9. Sorry but what GM is doing, is why they have dropped out of number 1 in sales in the world. Appointing a woman as CEO to get favor with the buying public and still making junk. WOW, you mean its ok to make 67 million cars that are junk, NOBODY, I mean nobody should make that much junk. They are by far the biggest maker of JUNK! I for one would not even give it a second thought to buy something from them. As you can see in the industry, they(GM) are going down in sale as others are going up, what does that tell you?
  10. Very nice, like the column shifter. very, very nice. base Road Runner.
  11. Rich; nice car. nice build. My father had a 1959 Plymouth Fury two door hardtop, aqua with cream roof and browm.tan interior. also had 58 belevdere dark green/ lite green and a 1960 belevdere two door hardtop, maroon and red interior. Just loved that them 50's and early 60's cars.
  12. Wasn't the truck engine a 315 cid, while the engine was a 318 cid. The 315 was a heavy duty use for trucks (Same engine diifferent uses)
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