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  1. Mads added a topic in Auto Art   

    Some of my Drawings

    Just found this section on this great forum and i thought i wanted to share some of my Automotive Artwork i've done the past years. I hope you enjoy and feel free to come with comments!

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  2. Mads added a post in a topic 65 Coronet Phantom Wagon...   

    Nice build! reminds me of my old impala wagon build

    Keep up the good work mate! wagons are awesome
  3. Mads added a post in a topic 58 Impala lowrider "grapevine"   

    As said many times before, lovely build as always siim looking forward for more builds in 2011
  4. Mads added a post in a topic Tamiya Golf mk IV   

    Hi mate!

    I used Aclad Smoke on the inside of the tail lights to achieve the look they have got I hope this helps you
  5. Mads added a topic in Under Glass   

    Tamiya Golf mk IV

    This is one of my older builds. I did this about two years ago, and im still very satisfied with the outcome. I hope you enjoy!

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  6. Mads added a topic in Under Glass   

    Tamiya Golf mk IV

    This is one of my older builds. I've always been a big fan of Volkswagens and especially the mk IV generation. I did this in a group contest, where our group won the first prize. I have to give a huge thanks to Mike (El_Destructio_inc) for the wheels! I hope you like it!

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  7. Mads added a topic in Under Glass   

    Porsche 930 Turbo

    Finally finished this one Took me about half a year, but the result is speaking for it self
    A big thank you to Igor (Audi_Racing) for the steering wheel, and the other spare parts you send me, Mike (El_Destructico_Inc) for the awesome wheels, intercooler and spares
    This is a list of what i've done it it:

    Bolt on fenders
    901 RSR inspired front bumper, widened to new fenders
    P/E front mesh
    Hood pins in front with P/E protectors
    New wheels
    Upgraded brakes
    Single side window with newly made clear part
    P/E Door locks
    RSR bottum wing and wing from 993 GT2, placed on the stock turbo engine lid
    P/E hood pins on the engine lid
    "Turbo" emblem
    New mesh, cut to fit the large intercooler
    Ventilation holes in rear side window
    964 headlights
    New exhaust system
    New turbo setup with larger intercooler
    Wired engine
    scratch made roll cage
    a-pillar gauges, hold in place with P/E horse clamp
    Door panels from JGTC R34
    Gearbox from CLK GTR
    Dashboard from CLK GTR
    New steering wheel
    Seat from Porsche 911 GT1
    P/E Seat belts
    Safety net in driver side
    Wired front compartment
    scratch made optima battery
    Gas tank made to look like racing tank
    Front torsion bar (not sure if it's the right name)

    I properly forgot something, but i think you get the idea off all the small details on this one

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  8. Mads added a topic in Under Glass   

    1995 Porsche 911 GT1 Test car
    Hi guys!

    So here is my first finished model in 2010 (and probably the only ). I've started this one a long time ago and tonight i finally found the time to sit down and do the last few details that it needed.

    The reason why i chose to do this car in the first place was a long time favorite since i saw the episode of Top Gear (before it splitted into fifth gear and top gear as we know it) When Tiff drives the Test car of the 911 around Paul Richard circuit and tell about all the changes it has from the 911 993 model. Every thing has been reshaped, reinforced or re designed on this car, the front chassis is made from lightweight aluminum in hollow square bars and from the drivers feet and backwards the chassis is all carbon fiber. The engine has only the main housing of the cylinders left from the original 911, everything from the gearbox to the intake system has been redone. The rear suspension is all done in carbon fiber and light weight aluminum to get the strongest and most light weight suspension system Porsche has ever made. The brake discs are ceramic which in that time was a huge revolution since only the newer formula one cars had that kind of system.

    I've always loved this kind of GT cars, where you take a car every one know and turn it into a full blown racing machine, but not so much you still can't see what car it is. Only a few kind of these cars are made, such as the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR and the 911 GT1. These cars are representing an era of Le Mans racing that was truly amazing, but never got the potential to grow before FIA introduced new rules and changed everything.

    On this Tamiya model I have been using a lot of goodies from Scale Motor Sport. The Carbon fiber pattens for both the test car body and the GT1 car in general, P/E set and P/E seatbelt hardware is also from Scale Motor Sports. A lot of wires from the spare part box has been used together with some styrene to bring the interior more into life. The exterior has a lot of details from the SMS P/E set but also an antenna from Hobby Design is used here to give the great Tamiya kit even more details.

    For those of you who are thinking: "I would really want to build one of these but i don't think i have enough money/skills/time etc." then I just have to say: Take your time, if you rush it, you will ruin it, and there is no need to go detail crazy as i did, the Tamiya kit it selves looks great already. Im not the most skilled builder on this forum, and even though i've made a lot of mistakes on this one, i've really enjoyed building this one, because it's a race car that have a special place in my heart and trying to replicate a car that means something for you really motivates you to try your best and maybe also try new things to improve your skill.

    Thanks for reading
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