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  1. Hot Wheels is a 1/64th scale, I'm doing 1/87th. got the car just need to teek it a bit.
  2. Yeah I have a 55 under construction also.
  3. Here's my current project. Office. Mock up of the sign.
  4. I see what I can do kindof windy today.
  5. .After 10 months of work Mel's is done. This is lite up with lights inside the diner, and uses a MP3 player to play music.
  6. I'll be there will you? ]
  7. Thanks Mike and Wayne. Yeah Mels will be at NNL North in may. Building is just about done, working on the cars for it now. Mile a good dose of pepto will help.
  8. Yep she is at that 30 yr's total, married for 28 come April.
  9. Article in todays local paper. http://www.inforum.com/event/article/id/426941/group/variety/
  10. Hope to have it open by the end of April. Didn't like the printed payphone so I made one.
  11. .Got a bit more done. starting to get a few customers in. ] Got the booth seats and tables done. Now to start painting figures, while waiting for the arrival of some new cars.
  12. My niece wanted a build of one of my Dad's pickups. The one she wanted no body made a version of but I told her I can do this one. With all of them I have in stock, this idea never occurred to me before.
  13. Progress as of today.Got the stools and the new table done. Also trying to make a payphone. Here is the interior as of now. Notice I also added a jukebox.Gotta have tunes.
  14. Here are a couple or Revell Kits. I built this one like the 56 Full size I hoped to build. Needless to say this one was cheaper. This one I opened the box at the hobby shop, and gave a kid everthing but the body, suspension, and frame.
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