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  1. Hot Wheels is a 1/64th scale, I'm doing 1/87th. got the car just need to teek it a bit.
  2. Yeah I have a 55 under construction also.
  3. Here's my current project. Office. Mock up of the sign.
  4. I see what I can do kindof windy today.
  5. .After 10 months of work Mel's is done. This is lite up with lights inside the diner, and uses a MP3 player to play music.
  6. I'll be there will you? ]
  7. Thanks Mike and Wayne. Yeah Mels will be at NNL North in may. Building is just about done, working on the cars for it now. Mile a good dose of pepto will help.
  8. Yep she is at that 30 yr's total, married for 28 come April.
  9. Article in todays local paper. http://www.inforum.com/event/article/id/426941/group/variety/
  10. Hope to have it open by the end of April. Didn't like the printed payphone so I made one.
  11. .Got a bit more done. starting to get a few customers in. ] Got the booth seats and tables done. Now to start painting figures, while waiting for the arrival of some new cars.
  12. My niece wanted a build of one of my Dad's pickups. The one she wanted no body made a version of but I told her I can do this one. With all of them I have in stock, this idea never occurred to me before.
  13. Progress as of today.Got the stools and the new table done. Also trying to make a payphone. Here is the interior as of now. Notice I also added a jukebox.Gotta have tunes.
  14. Here are a couple or Revell Kits. I built this one like the 56 Full size I hoped to build. Needless to say this one was cheaper. This one I opened the box at the hobby shop, and gave a kid everthing but the body, suspension, and frame.
  15. Actually the kit is fairly close already. These are HW's, and some Revell 1/64th.
  16. Had many requests for this. Posted in the Diorma section. You'll have to figure out the dimensions for your scale.
  17. Yeah it's thing to handle. I lost both of my parents, and just recently a 30 yo nephew. Time will heal your lose though.
  18. Okay guys I took the time to measure this one out, using my HO scale ruler. the dimensions are written in next the parts are full size, so you will have to do the math to scale them to what you want. http://s8.photobucket.com/user/mercman51/library/Construction%20Zone/Mels%20Drive%20In/Mels%20Full%20size%20dim?sort=3&page=1
  19. Got the floor cut and installed, along with the new counter. ] Here you can see the wall inserts I made. ] Adding a parking area, roof details, and a door to the back of the building. Artistic license with this. Here are the light poles for under the saucer roof. On the left is the kit part. On the right is the same with a Krysal Jewel added to look like a flood light. More coming soon.
  20. The help has arrived. Meet the girls, Peggy Sue, Bobby Jo, Linda Lou, and Gertrude.
  21. Man that just plain blows. Someday he will cross the wrong person, and get his.
  22. Tonight only 4 1/2 hr's. Here is the progress. Didn't like the counter that came with it or the booths, so I made my own. The ones on the right are the kit pieces. Booth items were made from Popsicle sticks. ] ] Then I added some lighting for the interior. And finally a color shot. Also adding some roof details like air vents, and the such.
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