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  1. 55pete351 added a post in a topic Mini exotics Shelby   

    I actually used the AMT 68 Shelby as the base for my 67 conversion and it all fit very well. This has all got me curious about this conversion so I will have to do some digging through my stored kits and check it out. When the AMT 67 Shelby and Mustang came out I bought up a bunch because of all the kits I have of these cars I consider them the most accurate. You can really just spend a little time doing detail and paint and end up with an awesome model. My dad owned a 67 GT350 that he bought in 68 when he got out of the service. I found some pictures of it when I was a kid and it was all over for me!! I now own several 67-8 Mustangs (plus others...HaHa!!) one of which I am converting into a Shelby. Bill J is right the fiberglass and the finish on these cars was terrible at the time but I still say one of the coolest ever produced!!
  2. 55pete351 added a post in a topic Mini exotics Shelby   

    Mini Exotics had a lot of nice parts and conversions. I am a huge 67 Shelby fan and bought their conversion kit years ago. I know it had a nose, hood, tail light panel, red tail lights, and a photo etch sheet with a grille, tail light frames, and a steering wheel. It makes me wish I would of bought more at the time!!
  3. 55pete351 added a topic in Big Boyz   

    1/16 70 mustang/cougar
    Does anyone remember Revell or Monogram making a 1970 pro stock Mustang or Cougar?? I used to order from Squadron when I was a kid and remember a special that they ran on the back of one of there flyers. I have never seen any other information on these cars even though I have searched and looked at shows. It could be a different manufacturer but I am unsure.
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  4. 55pete351 added a post in a topic 1/16 peterbilt needle nose   

    An amazing build!! Great job on a classic!! The 358 is a favorite along with the 351/288. A question on the kit.. have they discontinued it already?? I planned on getting two for builds but when I checked Hobbylinc and Tower Hobbies there is no listing not even saying out of stock??? I remember a few posts here where it seemed difficult to obtain this kit.
  5. 55pete351 added a post in a topic 1970 Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker   

    Awesome build as always!! I wondered if anyone had pictures of the cab hinges, undercab, and frame where they attach. I have built this kit several time and would like to do something better than the kit arrangement with the bumper. Maybe brass or photoetch?? Thanks in advance!!
  6. 55pete351 added a post in a topic Revell 1/12 Shelby GT350   

    I have both of these kits- the GT350 I bought new,the yellow GT was given to me by a fellow modeler. I can say the dimensions for the roof are definately off compared to the 1:1 car. I even think the side dimensions are incorrect. The window louvers would need a redo also. I am a big Shelby fan and have built several 1/24 scale kits. This kit would need serious work to get close to the actual car, thats why I stopped at cleaning up body flash. I own 3 67/8 Mustang fastbacks that I can pull dimensions from but not a 65/6 which would be the best way to resize this body. It may be possible to use the Revell/Monogram 1/24 kit and scale up? I hope that you take on this challenge it would make an awesome kit with some attention.
  7. 55pete351 added a post in a topic 1/16 yellow inline 6   

    Hey Matt!new here but have seen a lot about your work on older posts. nice to see you back! I have checked out your site and was wondering if you were doing any casting? I remember reading that you had an extended hood for the 1/16 Peterbilt and after seeing the new engine you were working on I thought I would check with you. If so do you have any other parts available or planned. Thanks in advance for your time.