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  1. I think I would stick to an era,Example..... Like the 1970s, use 1960s cars or trucks. If you had a 90s model truck on a lot a 60s model would be vintage and usually not seen very much. You could have one fixed up like amature restored but I would try to keep to an era. Now for the smoke I would use cotton you have to experiment a little with it but it is doable. Small Used car lots in the 70s sometimes had flags hanging from poles and in between them light bulbs.GOOGLE IMAGE the era you want to model and then used car lot. Like (60s used cars) or (60s used car lots). I hope this may help.
  2. Kanawha Valley Scale Modelers 2011 Contest When: Saturday, March 26 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm with judging at 1:30 pm Where: Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1600 Kanawha Blvd E, Charleston, WV 25311 Entry Fees: First Model $10; Additional Models $1 Each; Juniors $5 Each; Beginners $1 Each Categories: Beginners (11 & younger); Juniors (12-17); Open Wheel Racing Closed Wheel Racing Drag Racing (all types) Show Room Stock Street Rod (1948 & earlier) Street Machine (1949 & later) Curbside & Slammer Trucks (all types) Motorcylces
  3. Nice job on the weathering, one question where did the leaves come from?
  4. wvsm

    Well got the tape rule out and the plymouth measures 2/34 center to center of the front tires. I have a 70 impala that is 2 1/2 c to c and it is fro sure 1/25th scale so it may be a tad big i know you could split it down the center but it may be too much work. So just let me know.

  5. I am not attached to this just wanted some info on it. It may be had if you really like e mail me or pm me!
  6. wvsm

    Hi I am the guy with the promo? 52 wagon. I am not attached to it and it may be up for trade or sell. You can let me know if you are interested. Thanks for your time, Mark wvscalemodels

  7. I got this in the other day from some pickers and was wondering who made this? Was this a promo or an addition to a smith miller truck or other company? This is about 1/25th scale plastic and the bottom looks to be glued on.
  8. wvsm

    Dale jr 2002 crash

    Thanks guys glad you like!
  9. I had a delivery of insulation out in the country somewhere in Montana.I drove off road for several hours dodging cows and even got horned by a bull on my trailer duals. I thought for sure I was lost and it was getting dark when just on the horizen I saw a bunch of lights. I arrived at a new camp of mobile homes and buildings. I was told to go to the top of the hill and they would instruct me where to go. I was then told at the top of the hill to turn around and back down the hill it was very muddy no road just a field. I said hey I will never be able to get out of here. They said we will bring a dozer in to pull you out. So when I got there some guys came and unloaded me by hand and they said can you get out? I told them I will try I flipped on the differential lock and was able to keep a even momentem and surprissing I made it out. Later I had to take the truck in for service in Oklahoma after it was serviced the mechanic proceeded to cus me out and said where have you had this truck? I spent 4 hrs just pressure washing the mud out of it so I could change the oil! It was a international 9670 cab over with wind skirts and the mud was 2ft deep behind the skirts.
  10. I was just curious, how long have the members here been modeling? I will start with myself I have been modeling since i was 8yrs old I will be 50 this year.I remember I tried to get my dad to buy me a dremel then and the hobby shop owner said I could cut my fingers off with it. Sad to say I was about 14 before I could get the "old man " to get me one. I guess that makes me 42 years into it. My first kit was a 1/25th trike it had a chevy v8 with injection tubes, I am not too sure who made it. (I would like to know) I have dabeled in model railroads and all other sorts of kits. I guess I will be modeling as long as the Good Lord sees fit. Any way so much about me who has the most years modeling and the least?
  11. wvsm

    Garage Dio

    Take this from an experienced modeler you have done a great job! I was wondering how you got the peeling paint on the wood joists?
  12. Here is a nova drag car that I built for a friend of mine a few years ago. Feel free to comment!
  14. Hi! I am from charleston, I build all types of cars and trucks, rigs too!
  15. Here is one of several crash cars that I have made of the years. Feel free to comment!
  16. Very nice, Bet it took a long while on the wiring and plumbing. One question though what kind of camera did you use?
  17. HA HA I agree with you i remember when those cars were 10 yrs old you could get a running one for less than a grand. Back to the thread I like making crash cars nascar,tv and even real wrecks. I also like to scratchbuild though and of course cannot forget the kits and kit bashing.
  18. The trick is to heat it up for a straight windshield, I have a wagner heat gun but use it sparingly as it really gets hot! The small windows do not need heated as the can be placed between the door and panel for side glass.I will be posting some pics soon.
  19. I am sorry I do not have any pics handy right now but here is a tip I have used many times. If you have a model and want to make either a windshield or a side glass........ drink up! Get you a clear 2 liter soda bottle and cut out the side (after washing it) it will make a almost scale windshield or a side glass. The green soda bottles make for an interesting green window tint job also. This will even work on your refurbished hots wheels! I hope this helps someone along the way!
  20. Here is a good seat jon i saw at another site. Just for an idea.
  21. How about a driver and some cotton painted black coming out of the exhaust pipes?
  22. I agree but 1 way to look at it is the more they tear up the more the others will be worth. It makes it pricy to own an old one but rewarding also. Kinda like a dog saved from the pound.One day those tunners will all be used because it will be cheaper. I can't wait till that day though!
  23. Here is a car that I made a while back. Feel free to comment.
  24. wvsm

    Nascar wrecks

    Thanks, I am sure I can get some more pics up soon. Just watch for this and other posts.
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