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  1. Stunning work all the way around. Just beautiful. And I don't throw those words around lightly. It has been a long time since I have seen something this amazing. The craftsmanship is 2nd to none. Love it. *did Edgar set you up with some headlight covers?
  2. dig

    Suzuki Samurai

    Looks like so much fun!
  3. dig

    Suzuki Samurai

    That's Cool! I've never heard of the Bobcat.. I assumed the 80's were Suzuki's first venture into making cars. The Datsun sounds like the better decision still.
  4. dig

    Suzuki Samurai

    Thanks! Yeah, similarly we rented one in Puerto Rico.
  5. dig

    Suzuki Samurai

    Thanks! I've actually been planning on doing that still. I found the pattern they used to make for them. Just need to find someone that can make a good 2 color ALPS decal
  6. dig

    Suzuki Samurai

    Hey guys, Here is a fun Samurai I recently finished up. I dressed it up in its best late 80's, early 90's attire. Lo-pro tires and lowered suspension. Old school subwoofer box with waffle grilles and the iconic Precision Power Art Series amp. Memphis patterned seat and door inserts. Aftermarket steering wheel scratchbuilt "Zack Morris" brick cell phone. Crystal Pepsi in the upholder. and a Blockbuster video tape.
  7. Love it!! Will you make any of these bodies available?
  8. dig


    LOL. "SU PAPI" dope bro
  9. nice work! I know that window trim is a difficult task!
  10. love the color. Nice detailing too. I like the black wash on the wheels and the gold Bel Air script.
  11. dig


    super cool. I love the wires on the interior.
  12. very cool!! I've been wanting to try this myself. There are some guns around from various police cars and the gangbusters Lincoln kit. I've seen some get casted and offered on EBay. Shapeways is also a great source for guns and such. One of the resin casters for Scale Production in Europe offers the 4 door body from time to time, but it's about $100. He emailed me one time when it was available and naturally I was too broke at the time. Well done though! Looks like you had fun.
  13. Thanks! 1992 is exactly the year I was going for. I found a lot of reference photos taken from when they were being closed. & based it off the one I used to frequent in my home town.
  14. Here is a fun Blockbuster video diorama made as a backdrop for my club's 80s minitruck build off. Completely scratchbuilt. Working on the parking lot.. more pics to come!
  15. dig

    39 Chevy bomb

    Thanks fellas!
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