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  1. Thank you Daniel ! Tom, It is 30 gauge sheet stock that came from an jewelry supply store on ebay. It was a while ago and I could not find the actual purchase in my history. If you would search "nickel silver sheet stock" you should find some opitions. Hope this helps:) David, Very kind of you ! Eric, Did not ignore you yesterday, had to check and see if the trip out to NNL was still on. It is , look forward to seeing you again! Randy
  2. Hi Folks, Hi Bill, appreciate the comment( still planning on sending you a package! ) Tim, You are too kind my friend. but really nice to hear:) Andy, Yes, those "Mad Mike" produced carbs that Scale Production sells are really sweet. (I sell them in my store also, but currently out of stock) But the ones I print are pretty cool also . The linkage is made up from a small length of nickel silver tubing that I stuff a RB Motion Rod end into. The opposite end gets a wire rod with a RB Motion nut slipped on. Nickle s. tubing is Albion Alloys .5 mm O.D. .3mm I.D. The rod ends are the smallest ones #1501 RB Motion The nuts are the smallest ones .020" RB Motion Bruce, Thank you buddy! I wish I could find more time. Mark, Glad you are liking this one. Dann, Thank you ( enjoy all your many projects!!! ) Thanks Kurt, I see you doing this stuff all the time Sonny, Thank you ! Mike, thank you for following along. Hey Pete, Like Tim says, If I can post an update how about you:) Tom, Glad you like it, what pieces are you looking at ? Thank you Rob!
  3. Working on the engine next and then will hook up the clutch. Thanks for looking in! Randy
  4. Hi Folks, Can not believe it has been a year since I last posted progress:( I really am slow !!! Belated thanks to those who commented, Alex, Thank you Sir, now quit messing with those cameras and get back to the models! Tim, As always, thank you for your support! Your new project in the Drag section is shaping up to be another bar raiser!!! Andy, Thanks! love following your progress in your Old Racing Engines thread. Jason, Glad you are still following along my friend:) Bill, Appreciate the kind words! Bernard, looking forward to getting together next week at the NNL West. Daniel, Thank you and we should talk about creating a NNL show here in Denver area. Need to fit in some items before adding more framework. Working on the pedals. The Birdcage used dual master cylinders for the brakes, a rather complex rod & lever system for the throttle and a simple lever layout for the clutch. Reference pics... Found some p.e. pedal faces that looked right and soldered them to some brackets. Made up the rest from nickel silver tubing,brass sheet, rod and goodies from RB Motion. Will post this to see if it works, more to follow...
  5. Beautiful machining skill on display my friend. This new project looks to be shaping up as a must follow ! Randy
  6. Gary, That is the price for the Mk1 GT40 motor, the Mk2 GT40 motor will come in at $55.00 with the 289 small block pictured in this thread will sell for $27.00 Mike was thinking 2-3 weeks for production and we can probably plan on 2 weeks shipping, depending on the holidays. I'm hoping for right after Christmas. Randy
  7. As Doug stated above, the 3D resin printing field changes quickly ! I will post here my latest weber carbs as an example of what is possible now. They represent a big improvement over the carbs we were printing just months ago. The detail in the idle adjustment screws, throttle linkage and the rod connecting the two barrels is possible now. I think this kind of fine detail is where 3D printing excels compared to plastic injection. Tried to take decent photos but these are small parts:) Randy
  8. Gregg, Number 206 has arrived in Ft. Collins Colorado Randy
  9. This is simply one of the finest examples of scale model building I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Your attention to even the smallest detail is so impressive. You are a rare artist that combines vision. technique, problem solving and patience. There have been so many times in this journey when I think, OMG, how did he just do that ! This is a build that I will continue to share with my friends as an example of what can be achieved in this hobby. Thank you for sharing this with us my friend Randy
  10. Great trade with Matija, would do it again anytime:) His kit to me arrived in 8 days from Croatia ! Wish our postal system was that fast:) Randy
  11. Hello Bill, I just started to carry Profil24 in my store. The limited amount of kits that I have handled so far look very good. I have started with some of their sports car line up. The full detail Jags and the aforementioned Maserati full detail kit, all look great. The body parts are fairly thin. Not as thin as Plastic kits or HRM's stuff but the next best thing. The photo etch, decals and the vacuum formed windows look good. Instructions look adequate. The curbside kits are thicker body castings with a simple one piece chassis plate. I have not had a chance to build one yet so no first hand experience on how they go together. I believe Jason Park did one of the Jags not too long ago on this forum. Randy
  12. Hi Folks, Thank you George:) Appreciate that Dann !!! Hello Cameron, Yes , both kinds of intakes will be included with the motor kit. You will also be able to orientate the expansion tank either way to match your radiator. The following are some pics of the 'slanted' Weber manifold. *** PLEASE NOTE*** that these pieces are test prints that we run in a black resin (low cost) and print in 50 micron layers for speed. I sprayed two of them with chrome just so you could see them better. These prints were ran with the Webers and manifold as one piece so we can check measurements and parts layout. For fun I included the smaller print in silver that shows fuel lines and throttle linkage and distributor that was printed all together. Randy
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