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  1. Awesome work as always my friend!!!!! So glad to see you posting again. Looking forward to seeing it in person at NNL West next Sat. I'm right next to Art so see you there. Randy
  2. Hi Folks, I would like to thank the people that took the time to peek in and those that took the time to comment. It really is appreciated. I doubt that any video showing my banging around on this body will ever come about:) For my friends who are curious, I am using tools and techniques from the jewelry making world. Slowing figuring out "chasing" ""planishing" hammers, using different sizes and shapes of "stakes". Pretty much just beating copper sheet between two harder surfaces:) A pic of some tools.. I think I am on my third attempt to get the front end the way I want it..... Slow progress but am starting to get the hang of beating the metal and not leaving to many marks !! Thank you for looking in! Randy
  3. This is great work on this old kit John !!!!! Really appreciate all your work on these funnels. Looking forward to the rest. Randy
  4. Outstanding work as always Chris!!! I love to follow your builds. Randy
  5. WOW my friend , just WOW!!!!! This build continues to be one of those that sets the bar waaaaay up there. Gotta go back in to this and study some more! Randy
  6. Hello Francis, Watching this one coming together is a great treat for the eyes Sir !!!!!! All your attention to the smallest details is really paying off. Randy
  7. Awesome work on this one Andy. Your fabbing up these tiny parts is most impressive my friend!!! Randy
  8. Wonderful craftmanship on display here Mark!!!!! Randy
  9. NNL West is back and it is live!!!! Santa Clara Convention Center Santa Clara ,Ca. Saturday June 11th 2022 9:00am-4pm This is the rescheduled date for this years show. Roy and folks seem to be going all out this year. You can even win a 3D printer complete with a bottle of resin !!!!! Please stop by and say Hello. Art , with Laski Scale Specalties http://www.laskiscale.com/ will be right next door. http://nnlwest.org/ Thank you, Randy
  10. Hi Folks, Very pleased to be stocking goodies from Josh over at VCG Resins. Since acquiring the company Josh has gone all in on the 3D printed parts scene. He now offers an ever growing list of parts he prints himself while still casting the original lineup of VCG items. Very clean resin castings and the printed parts are well done with all supports removed. Small sample follows..... Please come over and check them out... https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/collections/detail-parts/vcg-resins Randy
  11. Made those front fenders in three pieces... Top and the steep side that joins the cowl... Outside side piece... Cowl and carb bump.... more...
  12. Hi Folks, Hey Brad, thank you and hope to see you guys this spring for the DSC show! Mike, Appreciate you looking in ( 1/24th ) and yes, lots of extra eye power:) Andrew, thank you and don't forget to gather some goodies for our 956 build. Tim, always nice to have you checking in my friend. I need to get over to the Drag Section to see your latest updates on that gorgeous Maverick. Thank you Noel:) Hi Francis, glad you like it so far Sir. Hello Bill, thank you for going thru all this mess! Hi Ira, happy to have you following along. This update is to show some progress on the bodywork. I was attempting to do it using aluminum but have not mastered the art of soldering that metal:( Maybe next project. Going with copper sheet stock. After wasting a lot of time trying to build a miniature English wheel, my friend Steve " Muncie " told me that what I have going here is a "hammer and dolly" project. Well ...yeah...he was right. Light bulb goes on and progress is made:) Starting with the front clip that tilts forward. Figure if I can master these curves and shapes the rest is a little easier. Ref. pic............... More...
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