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  1. Made those front fenders in three pieces... Top and the steep side that joins the cowl... Outside side piece... Cowl and carb bump.... more...
  2. Hi Folks, Hey Brad, thank you and hope to see you guys this spring for the DSC show! Mike, Appreciate you looking in ( 1/24th ) and yes, lots of extra eye power:) Andrew, thank you and don't forget to gather some goodies for our 956 build. Tim, always nice to have you checking in my friend. I need to get over to the Drag Section to see your latest updates on that gorgeous Maverick. Thank you Noel:) Hi Francis, glad you like it so far Sir. Hello Bill, thank you for going thru all this mess! Hi Ira, happy to have you following along. This update is to show some progress on the bodywork. I was attempting to do it using aluminum but have not mastered the art of soldering that metal:( Maybe next project. Going with copper sheet stock. After wasting a lot of time trying to build a miniature English wheel, my friend Steve " Muncie " told me that what I have going here is a "hammer and dolly" project. Well ...yeah...he was right. Light bulb goes on and progress is made:) Starting with the front clip that tilts forward. Figure if I can master these curves and shapes the rest is a little easier. Ref. pic............... More...
  3. Building up the body of the dizzy... Base of the cap. A v8 one from the spares bin... more....
  4. I use p.e. parts from Detail Masters as guides for scratch building parts. I glue them to white metal or aluminum stock then file to shape.. This has been epoxied together, with some paint it starts to look like a cast part.. more....
  5. Hi Folks, Andrew, Just trying to fit in here Hey Josh, Thank you but you should see builds of Francis and Codi over in the Drag section!!! Thank you Bruce !! Appreciate the comments Trevor. Hey Brad, Looking forward to coming down for spring training and the DSC! Tim, I really need to get to work but I keep getting sucked in looking at your build threads:) Okay, Next up for this little motor is the rather loooong distributor that comes off the front of the head casting. It even has it's own V notch in the framework. For a 4 banger there are alot of wires going on here. Twin plugs, twin coils and two outside condensers.... I showed the beginnings last update that were mocked up. The gear tower and the base of the spacer that Maserati used... A ref. pic for the spacer from the site of an 1 : 1 English shop that does some really cool stuff "Crosthwaite & Gardiner". The color engine photo above is their work. More.....
  6. WOW Charlie !!! Just wonderful machine work in miniature. This is one of the first threads I check each time I come to this forum. You never disappoint, Randy
  7. Outstanding work Andrew !!! Brad always said you were a pretty fair hand at this modeling stuff:) Randy
  8. Just beautiful work going on here Chris !!!! I have some MFH kits and I am so impressed with your ability to take those bags of white metal bits and make such a great looking model. Truly inspiring. Randy
  9. Looks terrific, always fun to follow along on your builds Mark! Randy
  10. Hi Jim, What a great creation !!! Love the use of 3D printing for this project. Randy
  11. Hey Tim, So glad the eyes are good !!! Been catching up on this one... first off, that rear end is just gorgeous. Loved how you broke it all down to create it. Truly inspiring. Then you went an machined those killer wheels !! Looking forward to more progress on those cool hubs. Have to go back and drool some more. Thanks for the updates my friend , Randy
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