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  1. Happy Birthday Len !!!!

    1. Len Woodruff

      Len Woodruff

      Thanks so much Randy.

  2. Thank you Erik Appreciate the comment. Francis, At this time the Hellcat conversion set is available thru Jeremy only...shoot him an email at clearlyscale@gmail.com The plan is to bring back the whole product line plus more. Randy
  3. Hi Folks, Jeremy of Clearly Scale has been slowly rebuilding his company. We here at MBW have received our first shipment of goodies. Quality is the same great stuff that he has always been known for. 4 engine sets including the Hellcat and 4 different sets of seats are now in stock. 2021 will see more and more items from his catalog. At this time his online store is still closed. He does still post on Facebook. Jeremy can also be reached at....clearlyscale@gmail.com https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/collections/detail-parts/clearly-scale Thanks, Randy
  4. hello Francis, What a treat to follow your build Sir !!!!! Your skill at fabrication in different materials is awesome. Randy
  5. Just amazing progress my friend. That intake setup will show those carbs off to perfection. Love that cool engine stand and it looks sooo awesome with the block bolted on !!! Looking forward to more. Randy
  6. Congrats Joe !!!! Really enjoyed following along. This is some really outstanding modeling. Randy
  7. This actually came in Monday's mail. Congrats to the staff at the mag, very pleased with the content and presentation. Randy
  8. Hi Josh, I too beleive that a decent plastic full detail kit of these cars would be an instant sucess!!!! I was going to post a link to Fabrizio's wonderfull build of three of the Gunze Coupes and transporter but all the pics are gone. Looking at the MCM #207 cover posted above in this section it made the cover:) Steve, Great build ! Gary, Amazing collection of fine builds you have there, well done Sir ! I have traded away my Scale Motersport and Gunze kits, nothing wrong with them, but I wanted full detail kits. I will post some pics of the MFH kit and the HRM kit and you can see pics of the HRM kit at my store site. HRM kit body The 2 kit bodies, HRM in white.... MFH kit, mostly white metal and photoetch.... Good reference books... The Mills book has a complete listing of models in the back ::) I was going to suggest that you come down I-25 and we will go to the Shelby Museum in Boulder and see #2299 but I don't know that it is still there. Here are some rather poor photos I took when it was there... I do have some HRM kits coming in next week:) Randy
  9. JC's building another Porsche, I'm in !!!! Excellant body work going on here my friend Randy
  10. Hi Mike, really enjoy your work, any progress on this one ? Randy
  11. That paint job is just awesome Eric !!! Randy
  12. As with all your projects, really well thought out and flawless execution!! Randy
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