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  1. Hi Folks, 'Mad Mike's' latest 3d printed motors from Germany have arrived. Also we have printed another Borrani wire wheel that size wise is right in between our 2 other offerings.
  2. WOW... just ...WOW What a treat to look thru this thread brother !!! A classic John T. build once again. Randy
  3. Just absolutly mind blowing my friend. Your skill in creating minature parts with no concession to scale is inspiring. Now I have to go thru this a few more times. Thank you!!! Randy
  4. Great build thread here Joe ! That shifter is AWESOME. I have sold a ton of those and this is the first one I've seen completed. Randy
  5. Hello Francis, What a treat to discover this thread. You are a true craftsman Sir. Now I need to check out your other builds:) Randy
  6. Really fun to follow this one Daniel ! Randy
  7. Beautiful detailing on this motor my friend !!!!! Your scratch building all the linkage and details really is impressive. Randy
  8. Will be following your progress Kurt ! Randy
  9. Great work so far on this one Matt! Love the paint work and engine detail. Randy
  10. Hi Folks, Michael just shipped the first batch to me today. Shipping is still a little dicey , could be anywhere from 3 weeks to 9 weeks ! Randy
  11. Hi Matt, Glad those got there, my orders going into Germany and France are all messed up. I have had good luck with Tamiya Fine White primer or Mr. Suffacer 1000. I have then gone with gloss black and Spatz chrome. I also have air brushed Molotov Chrome right onto the primer. Randy
  12. Hey, What do you mean not functional !!! You're taking the easy way out??? Just kidding, you are one of my favorite builders my friend and I know you will knock this out of the park. Mad Mike is killing us, he did not include the linkage on his 911 flat six either:) I'm working on it..... Randy
  13. Okay Andy, I got half mine done, how about yours???
  14. Hi Andy, Mike could chime in here also but the residue may be resin that did not get removed in the cleaning and drying stage when the part comes out of the vat of liquid resin. Try rubbing alcohol applied with a q-tip maybe??? Hope you don't mind but I wanted to emphasize how cool the exhaust system on this motor is. This is where 3D printing shines in the hands of someone as skilled as Mike. All eight pipes and the collectors (the long tips are seperate) are printed as one piece. You gently squeeze and rotate into place on the top of the motor. Pretty much a snap fit !!!! Once the support rods are removed you see where 3d printing allows each pipe to be grown individualy.
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