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  1. Chaz added a post in a topic ?????????????   

    Didn't Johnny Cash write a song about that car?
  2. Chaz added a post in a topic MCM December Issue #155 Arrived Today   

    Called on Monday and asked for resend of #154....Came in the mail this morning.

    Great issue...just wish they all came so nice and crisp with no torn pages or foldovers.

    Thank you Sherri & Bell Publishing
  3. Chaz added a post in a topic 62 Bel-Air Convertible   

    Hay, Really nice. Love the engine room detail.
  4. Chaz added a post in a topic 1960 Impala   

    I stand corrected.......never tried 'cheap hardware store lacquer thinner' with enamel paint. Learn something new every day.
  5. Chaz added a post in a topic 1960 Impala   

    I have read some of the posts in this thread but I didn't see if you primered the spoon before spraying the Enamel paint/lacquer thinner. Lacquer/thinner will eat (craze) plastic. I would suggest lacquer thinner with lacquer paint only. Enamel and lacquer don't mix well. Don't mix different products; It's asking for trouble. They say you don't need primer with the new synthetic lacquer but I primer no matter what kind of paint I use. Better safe than sorry. Makes flaws in the body stand out so they can be fixed before finish paint.
  6. Chaz added a post in a topic MCM December Issue #155 Arrived Today   

  7. Chaz added a post in a topic I think he won........   

    Yah, Put more water on the Gas and Oil fire!
  8. Chaz added a post in a topic Garage Dio   

    Been wanting to duplicate in scale the 4 bay Garage I worked in in the mid 60's. It will be no where as detailed as this one. Love the lift. The lighting is cool. Brickwork is great as is the plumbing.
    Don't know why but I feel like working on my Dio Project a little tonight. It's all your fault. LOL
  9. Chaz added a topic in Under Glass   

    Drag Mustang
    Built this over the winter. Is it SPRING yet?
    This is the AMT "SUPERSTANG KIT."

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  10. Chaz added a post in a topic How long have you been modeling?   

    I did the math...I have been building model cars for 55 years. My first was a 191? Franklin Touring Car by Gowlin (sp) I think.

    Next was a customized JoHan Chrysler. Bodywork done with plaster of paris----cracked all to hello as you can guess. when I went into the USAF I had a cube mate that built contest models. I was really hooked then. layed off for a few years till my kids got old enough to watch me Help them build. One of my sons is an avid model builder now. guess something rubbed ogg.
  11. Chaz added a post in a topic MCM December Issue #155 Arrived Today   

    Still waiting for #154 (Subscription) Refuse to buy at my LHS. They got #154 last week.