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  1. I would like that very much Michael. My mom died in Gettysburg 4 years ago and my dad died in Gettysburg last year. They were both big time civil war buffs so I'm doing these kits in dedication to my parents. If the guy that does the decals would like I could send him one of my moms Gettysburg books that she wrote in trade for the decals.
  2. Does anybody know where I can get some GENERAL MEADE decals?
  3. Here's some clearer pics. Had to use Tom's idea with the white background to bring out the shine. Thanks Tom.
  4. Thanks again. I'm gonna try to get some clearer outdoor pics.
  5. WOW!!! Now that's a great job. Looks just like the one on Graveyard Carz. Were your marker lights decals, because mine I had to paint on. I think that's the only thing I didn't do good on.
  6. Thanks guys. Tom, I bought another cuda to do the tripple black but my girl talked me into doing it purple. It's turning out awsome and should be posting it soon. Do you have yours posted?
  7. This kit was based on the 79 horror movie PHANTASM. I just found out today that my buddy Earl has a black cuda on here. (I did not copy his idea). I was watching the show Graveyerd Carz and saw they were building a PHANTASM CUDA,and I thought "that's what I'll build next".
  8. Thundercat

    71 Cuda

    Looks great Earl. I just got a 71 cuda from REVELL (the Revell Muscle series) that came with the power bulge hood. I used the hood to finish my PHANTASM CUDA. The kit is avalible.
  9. That is great work. I cant wait to see that thing going down the road.
  10. Looking good, looking real good. Question. How are you going to paint the body now that you have some of the chrome on?
  11. Looks great. I think most people will agree, leave them the way they are.
  12. I showed this build to a few of my friends on Earls site and it's blowing thier minds. Is it OK if I drag this link there for the rest of them to see or do you want to do it?
  13. Got busy remodeling the basement, so it's just sitting on the drafting table unfinised. I got all five fiber optics in and 3 bullet lights.
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