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  1. Not sure if you are on Insragram or not but saw these just after I saw your want ad. Figured I'd show you them just in case you hadn't already seen them.
  2. I think someone (Fireball Resin maybe??) Already casts this set of wheels if you wanted to save yourself some work.
  3. Looks like J.J. McClure and Captain Chaos traded in the Transcon Medi-Vac Dodge van for a Lanbo. Lol.
  4. As close as you are to the border, you should look into getting a USA address. I have one and it has saved me hundreds of $$ on shipping. Costs $5 per package for handling fee. And since a lot of places in the states that I buy from will ship free inside the US, I don't pay any shipping on a lot of stuff. One of the best saves for money for me was I purchased my son a pedal car from Speedway Motors. The pedal car cost me $300 US. To ship to me in Ontario it was going to be another $190 US. but to ship it to my US address in Niagara Falls New York, was free. Add to that the fact that when I was down there I filled my truck up with fuel and saved a bunch of money on that as well it was a win all the way around. I cross at the Queenston Lewiston Bridge and the one I use is one exit past the border on I-90. There are two or three different options in Niagara Falls. I am sure that there are similar places in Buffalo down close to where you are as well.
  5. That is a promotional thing done by these guys. https://www.squarebodysyndicate.com/index.html They have been building restoring and saving squarebody trucks for the last several years. They've built some pretty nice stuff.
  6. Has anyone seen any kind of a list of what tooling Atlantis purchased from Revell? Anyone know if any of the old ex-Renwal tools may be in Atlantis hands now? Specifically the old visible chassis tooling? I would love to see them look into a reissue of that one.
  7. That looks a lot like the light bar from the Robocop Taurus SHO kit.
  8. That looks like it might glow in the dark.
  9. The Datsun appears to be a majorette. Little bit of research should put a date on it. With the other two who knows. If it were me I would probably put the red car up on the flat deck of the blue truck and just display them like that. That flat deck is especially neat.
  10. You are far from the only one. Is it a full moon out or something?
  11. Toner283

    Ad Blockers

    I view on mobile 99% of the time. When the ad poll first went up, I voted that no I did not use an ad blocker and no, I did not find the ads intrusive. However, since then the ad settings seem to have changed there is now as others have said pop-ups at the top and bottom as well as when I click to open a thread I quite often get a full page pop-up that won't close for 10-15 seconds. This causes very slow page loads (two to three times as bad as I have become used to on this site) and about once out of every three category or thread clicks it will load so slow that it actually stalls out and freezes. At that point I either have to refresh the screen or close the window completely and restart it. It seems to be about 50 50 as far as which option I have to go with. As I stated, I view 99% the time on mobile so this also uses up my mobile data. I realize revenue to keep the site up and running is ad driven but this is getting ridiculous. I am more than willing to pay a monthly/yearly user fee to be able to use the site and not have the ads. In the absence of something like that, I am actually considering putting an ad blocker in just so I can continue to enjoy the site without the frustrations of dealing with the overbearing ads. As it is, I used to be on the site basically daily sometimes two or three times a day checking on what was happening. Since this ad thing is been going on I find it being two and three days between site visits just because I don't want to deal with the ads. This in itself is frustrating because MCM is one of my favourite websites to visit.
  12. The problem being with krylon's newest "Any Angle Spray" cans this doesn't work. They're designed to spray upside down. It will only stop spraying paint and blow propellant only when the can is empty.
  13. Parts from Monograms coupe/cabriolet, the touring and the woody all interchange and can be mixed and matched easily. Quite a few bits and pieces from the 29 roadster pickup/blue beetle/blue bandito are a direct fit as well onto Monograms basic 30 ford series. The last issue of the touring has a set of guide headlights newly tooled and added to the mix and the latest issue of the Woody has a deuce shell tooled to fit with the full hood installed.
  14. The chrome hand tools have been in every issue. The original issue had 4 road flares in it that disappeared when all of the custom parts did. The side mount spare tire also disappeared at this time and the rear fender with the well in it for the spare tire clearance was also modified to a regular rear fender.
  15. If you can find one of those Ace, it has a bunch of custom parts in it that have been deleted from all of the reissues. And if I'm remembering it correctly the louvers that are on the hood and the tailgate in all of the following issues are not in the first issue. The tailgate for sure does not have louvers molded into it. It has chrome exhaust that goes up and across the bed sides, it has a set of ribbed bumpers, two different bed covers and a bunch of custom Body options that aren't in the later kits. Well worth having one in the stash even if just for reference.
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