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  1. Toner283 added a post in a topic Has anyone used the Testors/Aztec paints?   

    Do you have any tips on what pressure you sprayed at, tip size on the air brush etc? I have a bottle of the pearl white and a bottle of the pearl green but I have not used them yet. I am still doing body work on the car they are going on.
  2. Toner283 added a post in a topic looking for a drag race rumor site?   

    You could try Just be warned, if you are thin skinned or overly sensitive you might not like it much. Those boys play kinda rough at times.
  3. Toner283 added a post in a topic 1969 chevelle ss convertible top.......   

    Try to find the Revell 72 cutlass supreme kit. Not the hurst/olds version. It has an up top that is basically a direct fit for the 69 SS convertible. the hurst/olds version of the kit does not have the up top in it. The box art for the cutlass supreme as a black and burgundy car on it. I read that Revell is supposed to be reissuing the 72 olds kit 3rd quarter 2015. I am not sure if that one will have the up top or not.
    Check out this link. Lots of great info.

  4. Toner283 added a post in a topic Lil Coffin wide whites   

    Not sure if you know this or not but the Blue Beetle has two full sets of wheels and tires in it. It has the wide white and the slicks with the Blue Beetle style wheels and it also has the aluminum slots and the Goodyear tires that it has had in it for several issues. The same wheels and tires that the early iron issue had. So even if you have to buy a kit to rob the wheels and tires out of, it can still be built.
  5. Toner283 added a post in a topic Help....What is it?   

    I agree with Ace. Kinda hard to tell from the picture (I am on my phone). But both the in and out and the reverser became more common as time went on. The lenco reversers are easy to spot on a car in person. They have "LENCO REVERSE" in raised letters on the case.
  6. Toner283 added a post in a topic Help....What is it?   

    Doesn't necessarily have to be a nitro motor but a big horsepower engine is definitely needed.
    And most of the ones I have seen up close there is a big safety cover over the drive shaft. Usually a heavy duty piece of metal bent in a U shape to cover the top three quarters of the drive shaft. Usually 12 or 14 gauge. In the second pic you posted imagine yourself sitting in the driver's seat. Where are your legs and feet? Plus if catastrophic failure were to happen and the driveshaft broke and got loose what is the first part of your anatomy it is going to come after?
    This is the same reason they made clutch scatter shields mandatory on higher horse power cars. if you go to Google Images and search clutch explosions there are a lot of pretty wild pictures showing the aftermath of a clutch explosion after they have come apart. Big Daddy Don Garlits actually lost half of one of his feet due to a clutch explosion in one of his Top Fuel Cars.
  7. Toner283 added a post in a topic Help....What is it?   

    For drag only vehicles. You are either sitting still with the clutch in or you are moving forward. One speed, driveshaft spinning the same rpm as the engine. No reverse.
    Wind the engine up, dump the clutch and hold on.
  8. Toner283 added a post in a topic AMT T 380 QUARTER MASTERS FIREBIRD AND SPEEDBOAT KIT   

    Plus it would let the builders get ahold of one for a reasonable price and let the collectors fight over the originals and spend stupid money on them.
  9. Toner283 added a post in a topic AMT T 380 QUARTER MASTERS FIREBIRD AND SPEEDBOAT KIT   

    I have bought a couple of them just for the boat. And then sold or traded away the Grand Prix because IMO that is a pretty ugly car and I know what I would never build it. I have enough cool subject matter that I may not get to to keep the ones I know I will never build.
  10. Toner283 added a post in a topic AMT T 380 QUARTER MASTERS FIREBIRD AND SPEEDBOAT KIT   

    I think the tooling for the boat is still around. Isn't that basically the same boat as the one that was recently rereleased by the model king in a double kit with the 70(?) Pontiac Grand Prix?
    Is the tooling from that boat (the MK version) a modified version of the original raysoncraft ski/drag boat from way back when or is that a completely different boat kit?
  11. Toner283 added a post in a topic OK. how about this ?   

    That first one looks like an oversized pedal car.
  12. Toner283 added a post in a topic Touch n' Flow help   

    When I got mine the guy from touch-n-flow told me that you had to put the non hypodermic end in the bottle of glue and let capillary action pull the glue up into the tube. then turn it over and let the glue flow down the glass tube to the hypodermic end. 
    The plast-I-weld glue that comes with the touch and flow system I use for 90 percent of my glueing now. it is very very thin almost water like consistency and it actually melts the parts together for a permanent bond. if the hypodermic tip happens to clog with plastic (very common) I was told just put the hypodermic and in the glue for a couple of minutes and it will clear it. As Ace said some of them come with a little squeeze bottle to force air into the tube. that is also helpful for clearing a clogged tip.I have also found that sometimes when the glue gets down to the hypodermic end it does not want to flow easily out of the tip, I give it a slight flick with the end of my finger and that seems to get the glue down to the very tip.
  13. Toner283 added a post in a topic Isn't it about time we got a new '34 For kit ?   

    I'd be happy if they were to release all of the main body and interior parts (minus the fender/frame unit) as a parts pack. Just make those parts available and I'll do the rest. I'd buy at least a case of them.
  14. Toner283 added a post in a topic Aurora Double Deuce '22 Ford T kit   

    The wheels look like they might be 4 front wheels from the AMT Deuce tudor sedan in the trophy series double kit.

  15. Toner283 added a post in a topic Why hasn't Revell / Monogram released this as a kit ?   

    Wasn't there a 1:1 scale show rod Red Baron built with a slant 6 for the engine?