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  1. 1/25 AMT '40 Ford Sedan

    Is that the scoop that comes in the kit? I've never actually seen one other than in the box art.
  2. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    If they were to release the wheel horse tractor lets hope they tool up a mower deck for it. Maybe even a little yard trailer to go behind it.
  3. #3 appears to be 67 corvette wheels. The turbine style that GM called a knock off wheel.
  4. 1/25 AMT '40 Ford Sedan

    Here is hoping that they restore the fender well headers from the first couple of issues. Not likely but I hope so. I have bought a couple of parts kits just to get those headers with the capped off dumps that come out at the front fenders.
  5. Big Bang

    Gas explosions can be huge. There was one in my hometown where a service tech had worked on the furnace in a house and then left mid morning. An acquaintance of mine was living in the house at the time and when he woke up at about 4:30 p.m. to get ready for work, he was looking out the storm door at the front of the house and lit a cigarette. He said he remembers hearing a funny noise and then waking up lying in the front yard of the house across the street. Now it should be noted that he has no sense of smell and didn't before the explosion. He was lucky to be alive with severe burns on most of his body. The guys in the fire department said that if he hadn't been standing in front of the door, he wouldn't have survived. The house however was completely destroyed. Essentially all that was left was a smoking crater full of rubble. The houses on either side of it were also shoved sideways off their foundations and the house behind it (farther away) was also severely damaged. There were also broken or cracked windows in houses up to a hundred feet away. To add insult to injury his truck was parked beside the house and it blew up a brick wall on top of the truck flattening most of it. My father works at the auto parts store that was about 200 feet away from the house and the explosion was strong enough that it rattled a bunch of stuff off of the shelves in the store and knocked dust out of every nook and cranny. Natural gas explosions are nothing to mess with. Last I heard, the insurance company is still fighting with the gas company over whose fault it was.
  6. '53 Corvette Full Custom

    Ok, the pictures for this update were actually taken about 2 weeks after the pics in the first post. I have been picking away at this thing as I can. Working 50 hours a week and with an 11 year old daughter and a six-month-old daughter it makes my free time kind of slim so there may be a bit of a time gap in between updates. Good thing this is a year-long contest. I have gotten the dual headlight pods from the 57 Ford aligned and attached. Getting the second matched up evenly with the first one was a three handed job for sure. Once they were firmly attached I blended them in with two part Tamiya putty. Man is that stuff tough to file and sand. I am pretty happy with how the profile of the front fenders has turned out so far. Don't worry lots more modifications coming. I'm not going to leave much of the body on this poor Corvette alone. Also snagged more parts from a few donor kits. The four boxed kits pictured. The bagged kit is one I picked up at a swap meet it is a monogram 56 T Bird. Brand new or vintage doesn't matter to me. If it has a part I need, it is in danger of being a parts donor kit. Also working on getting the parts for the next major body modification ready to go. Just mocked up here, when installed they will sit lower into the quarter panel. The original Corvette quarters have not been cut at all at this point. I will be also be maintaining the original Corvette wheelbase. The new quarter panel pieces will be blended in above and around the wheel opening from the Corvette. Stay tuned, plenty more surprises coming.
  7. '53 Corvette Full Custom

    I am entered in the TRaK Autorama and I figured I would post the build up over here as well. For those of you who are members on the TRaK board you will likely recognize this car from the build thread over there. For those of you who are not members of TRaK, the theme for the Autorama is 60s vehicles. Four different categories. Custom, street, competition and hot rod. Maximum of one car per builder, per category. The build off for the Autorama started January 6th this year and goes until the end of December. If you like traditional hot rods and custom cars then you should check out TRaK if you haven't already. I have always liked the early Vettes when they were customized even though it was not done very often. Maybe I like them because you don't see them done very often. No matter. For my Autorama custom entry I'm building a 53 Vette full custom. When I went looking for the 53 Vette that I knew I had in my stash I found it. What I didn't remember was stuffing a second complete kit into the box. I also went digging through some other kits looking for donors for some of the parts I was going to need for what I had in mind. The kits in the background of the shot are the ones that will be donating parts and pieces to this build so far. Might be two or three more along the line that give up some pieces for this Vette. I will be sure to mention those if and when it happens. Also posting a couple of shots of some of the cars that I'm using for inspiration. It is not going to be a direct build of any of these however these will be definitely influencing the design. I also very much like the later iterations of the X Sonic custom Vette. I also just switched to Fotki after being a Photobucket user that got screwed in the great debacle so bear with me. I'm just learning how to use the Fotki software. Anyway hang on, this ride is probably going to get a little bumpy. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  8. Use a chunk of old panty hose over the end of the suction hose for the vacuum. Just make sure there are no holes in the pantyhose piece. Small parts will get sucked to the end of the vacuum but not get pulled through the nylon. Works great with a central vac or a shop vac.
  9. Gotta agree. Molotow is the way to go.
  10. Flathead

    I'd like to see some close-ups of that engine block and related parts. Those look fantastic from the pictures you posted.
  11. '59 Nomad master completed pics

    I like that a lot. Do you have a mailing list for interested buyers?
  12. The Story of Susan Scanga - Removed

    I read it after Casey reposted it and that's very interesting reading. Historical stuff like that is always of interest to a lot of guys. However, you have to at least give it a fair shake for people to be able to see it. Speaking for myself, I have a 4 month old daughter and 11 year old daughter, a full-time job (shiftworker) and a house undergoing renovations to deal with. I am lucky if I get on the forum once a day - it's usually every other day and even then it's maybe once a week that I get to actually sit down and read for more than a few minutes at a stretch. IMO, you removing the content from the thread after only 6 or 7 hours did not give the majority of the forum members a chance to read it. I could not find on the mobile forum where it shows how many people are members but I would bet it is several thousand. The chances of all of us being on the forum in that particular stretch of time are fairly slim. You say there were 100 views before you removed the content from the thread. What percentage of the active forum members does that 100 views work out to? 2%? 3%? Less? Give any thread a chance to be seen before you pull it next time. Try a minimum of 48 hours, preferably a week for some of us that aren't on every day. Something as well-researched and well-written as that article is, deserves its chance to be seen by the widest audience possible.
  13. What Irked You Today?

    Big agree to this. One of the better features on the board IMO. Add someone to the ignore list and you will no longer see any posts or replies from that person. You won't even see their avatar pic. I have a few on my ignore list for various reasons. At least two of whom managed to get themselves booted from the board entirely anyway, so it wasn't just me that they irritated.
  14. What Irked You Today?

    And it is a good bet that if that is how you usually look after the people who look after you (donuts), that is why you got in even though they were booked. Little stuff like that gets remembered. Folks who treat service people decently usually get better service as a result. Little things like that matter. $10 worth of coffee and donuts probably just saved you a 4-hour wait. Or a "come back tomorrow when we have" time response.
  15. Donn Yost air brushing DVD

    Have you tried contacting him through the board? He is on MCM. His handle is Lonewolf15. I have asked him a few questions and he has always responded. For what it is worth I think that his DVDs are well worth the money. There were quite a few spots in it where I had a "why didn't I think of that" moment. And if you have seen any of his models or paint jobs in person you can't argue with his results.