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  1. 1/25 MPC 904 '57 Chevy Flip Nose

    I think what he means is that the same prop vehicle was used in two-lane blacktop as well.
  2. 1/25 MPC 904 '57 Chevy Flip Nose

    55 tail lights in it for sure. 56 tail lights are completely different.
  3. 69 chevelle taillights

    Those look pretty good. I will have to order some and try them out. Thanks for the pic. Your model? Looks great.
  4. Big Three engines by FTB

    If you're going to scratch built scale equipment that looks that good, I think you should probably start another thread just for the equipment you've built to post close-up pictures of those as well. Those look really good and maybe I'm the only tool and equipment nut around here but I'd like to see close-ups of the machines too. 😃
  5. Big Three engines by FTB

    Your engines look great. I can't say I've ever seen a scale slant 6 look quite as good as that one in your picture. One slightly off-topic question, the two machines to the left of the doorway in this picture what are they and where did you get them? The backgrounds in your pictures are almost as good as the engines themselves.
  6. +1 on the Comet cleaner and a toothbrush. Leaves a nice clean smooth surface that is ready for paint. Takes off all of the oils and puts fine scratches for the paint to adhere to. Just have to watch how you handle the parts after they are cleaned so you don't put oil from your skin back on.
  7. 69 chevelle taillights

    Do you have any pics of these? I am interested to see how they look on a finished model.
  8. 69 chevelle taillights

    Yup. I have to agree with Kevin about the Missing Link bumper and lenses. A plated resin copy of the promo bumper and tail light housings with clear red resin lenses included. And Missing Link is a great company to deal with. My only tip would be fit them to the body before you paint the car. A bit of bodywork is needed to make the lights fit the body really nicely.
  9. Engine thread

    Lol. Sorry about that, I will try to keep it under control. Sounds kind of like the unofficial motto for the factory where I work. "We Don't Make Sense, We Make Car Parts".
  10. Engine thread

    Ok. I misunderstood. I am still of the same opinion though. You should start one thread with your engines in it rather than scattering them between a few threads. And in that case, if it were me, I would start it in the automotive under glass section. For the other engines thread you provided the link to there is some nice stuff in there. I will have to gradually go through that whole thread and look at them all. Hopefully not too many of the photos were victims of the Photobucket debacle.
  11. Engine thread

    My vote would be to have everything in one thread. I would bet that one or two of the separate threads would fall off of the first or second page and someone would post an engine in the "wrong" thread not realizing there was more than one. Then everything would be mixed together anyway. IMO, better to start off with them all together. As to where to put it, I would suggest in "All The Rest". That is the other downfall of having three separate threads. The mods would likely want the car engines in the car section the truck engines in the truck section and the other engines such as aircraft in all the rest anyway. Just my 2 cents on the subject. But as far as the basic idea of an engine only thread I think it's a cool idea. I love building and detailing engines. It's bodywork and paint work that I have trouble with.
  12. AMT Touring Car and Phaeton

    Lots of info on the Monogram Model A series of kits in this thread: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/116817-no-love-for-the-124th-scale-model-a-coupe/
  13. AMT Touring Car and Phaeton

    That one has been rereleased fairly recently it is in the car show series. It is a yellow car with flames and wire wheels on the box lid. It is 1/24 scale but it is very well proportioned and scaled. This kit has its roots in the original 1964? issue. It has lots of parts and pieces that are directly interchangeable with the Monogram 30 Model A coupe, the Monogram 30 Model A Sport coupe and the Monogram 30 Ford Woody. Some of the parts from the recent 29 Ford Roadster pickup Blue Beetle reissue (and previous issues) also interchange with very few issues. With some careful kitbashing between the various kits and issues/reissues it's possible to build it with a small block Chevy with three Deuces, six Deuces, an OHV early Cadillac, a chrome firewall, a Deuce grill shell, a couple of different dash options and a choice of several different sets of wheels and tires. You could even build one stone stock if that was your desire. Depending on which engine choice you go with it's generally easiest to take the rear end and torque tube out of the same kit so that everything lines up properly. I for one love this series of kits and pick them up whenever I see one for a reasonable price. Lot of places online you see them for big money especially the coupe and the Cabriolet however looking at model shows and such you can usually pick them up for less than $20 a kit. Less than that even if it's a partial or started kit.
  14. Photo-etch spoke wheels

    Thanks. That just goes to his ebay store now that ebay has changed their rules about who can view what. Ended auctions are difficult to view even if you were bidding on the item and did not win. I have him marked as a favorite seller and will check back time to time. Thanks again.
  15. Photo-etch spoke wheels

    Do you have a link? Or search terms? I cannot find any Herb Deeks photoetch wheels/spokes on ebay. Tried several different searches with no luck.