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  1. Pretty sure it is this kit. Was issued in monogram boxes a few different times. I have seen it molded in royal blue and a medium green. To my knowledge it has not been reissued in a very long time.
  2. Looking for headers for gasser

    Any decent automotive supply store should have short lengths available for purchase. Same with most electrical supply houses.
  3. Help! I need a car shipped!

    Those are neat little cars. We restored one at the shop I used to work at a few years back and if I recall correctly you could basically take the whole car apart with a 1/2 inch wrench, a flat head screwdriver and a phillips screwdriver.
  4. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    If I recall correctly that Chevelle is part of a Wix three-car set. Came with a Bronco? Tow vehicle, a flat deck open trailer and then the "race car" Chevelle. Both the Chevelle and the Bronco are coin banks. I think if you were to paint the roll cage or remove the roll cage the roof would look look more normal. The roll cage hanging down below the drip rail like that kind of throws your eye off. Wix also made at least one other three car set with a 59 El Camino tow rig the same flat deck trailer and a 57 Chevy race car to put on the trailer.
  5. Help! I need a car shipped!

    Glad you found someone. Got any pictures of the car??
  6. Weird cars Post em here.

    I'm not a supercar guy by any stretch of the imagination but that camo Lamborghini looks pretty cool.
  7. Are all 4 chrome reverse rims the same size or are they a set of big'n little's?
  8. Help! I need a car shipped!

    My suggestion would be jump on the H.A.M.B. There are a whole bunch of reviews on various shippers on there and a couple of H.A.M.B. Alliance vendors that are shippers that have excellent reviews. And most of them don't care whether it's a new car or an old car as long as it has the paperwork in order they will ship it for you. And I know some of them charge different rates depending on whether it's a roller or a project or moves under its own power. Check here for vendors advertising their services and reviews on said vendors. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/forums/the-h-a-m-b-odex.12/
  9. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Yes. Here is an ebay link to the same car as the one pictured. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MERCEDES-BENZ-W-155-200D-1968-1-24-New-Box-Diecast-model-Car-miniature/352527630865?hash=item521448c211:g:y0QAAOSwb3laCAU~ Alternatively you can search "Hachette Mercedes 1/24" in Google Images and a bunch of them will pop up as well.
  10. Sounds like a good trade. 😂
  11. Thanks a bunch. Those wheels and tires look great. I've already got a couple of projects I could use those on. Awesome, thanks man. No worries, hope my answer didn't come across as sarcastic or rude because it wasn't intended that way at all. And my patience was rewarded, Anthony posted pictures of it.
  12. Can't. I'm on limited data on my phone right now because I'm out in the boonies. We've just bought a new (old) house and we don't have any kind of internet or Wi-Fi at the house set up yet. We are working on getting our barn up and running before any of that happens. I haven't even watched a television program since the middle of July. Too busy to even get the DVR out of the box it's packed in. As far as on my phone, videos eat up my data really fast. It's bad enough with the pictures on the site. Sorry man but videos are no bueno unless I'm on Wi-Fi which only happens once every week or week and a half when I get to town. I was really happy being patient waiting and hoping for someone to post a picture of the wheels and tires. That eventually happened so maybe somebody will eventually post pictures of the rest of the contents of the kit. Or or the very least let those of us who can't watch the video know what's in the box.
  13. Are the stock wheels and tires included in the kit as well or just the chrome reverse wheels and wide white tires?
  14. Need help narrowing a model

    Cost a bit of money but far less work: http://www.rocketfin.com/resin_product.cfm?id=5315 Maybe not even as much money as you might think if you ended up having to buy 3 kits to make one body.