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  1. This kit is not the exact same one every reissue. Like a lot of kits from the early days of the hobby, this one had several mild custom and wild custom parts that have gradually disappeared over the years. After the first three (or maybe four - not exactly sure) issues, the wild custom parts were deleted from the kit. Eventually, at some point in the late 90s or early 2000s all of the custom and race parts were removed from the kit and it could only be built as a stock vehicle. I agree with Mark. Finding an early issue that has not been messed with in the last 50+ years will be tough.
  2. Check out God Hand sprue cutters. Like SfanGoch above, I have a set of Xuron sprue Cutters that I used all the time and that I have had for a long time. A friend at the Hobby Store kept bugging me to try the God Hand sprue cutters. I told him he was nuts and my Xuron cutters were fine, that I was't going to pay him $25 for a set of sprue cutters. At the time I think the Xuron cutters were like $11.99 a set. Finally after quite a long time of trying he hands me a set and says "Here take these home and try them and when you find you love them come back and pay for them." Night and day difference between the God Hand Cutters and the Xuron cutters. The God Hand cutters are designed for the guys who do the Gundam kits. A lot of those are molded in the correct colours and guys don't want to paint them but they also don't want the stress and distortion marks where the parts have been removed from the sprues. The God Hand Cutters minimize these marks and if you wanted to get spendy and step up and buy their expensive ($100ish) set of sprue cutters, they pretty much eliminate any of the distortion marks completely. I don't think I have used my Xuron cutters hardly at all since I bought the God Hand ones. And I have actually bought a second set of God Hand cutters as well because my wife discovered how well they cut and she appropriated my first set for her own crafting purposes. I am actually considering buying a set of $100 ones to use for some of the teeny tiny parts that I deal with. As of yet I haven't quite convinced myself that I can justify that expense. However, some of the folks I have been asking questions of have told me that there is a night and day difference between the cutters that I currently have and the top-of-the-line ones that God Hand makes.
  3. Do you have the extended cab body or are you going to cut yours and lengthen it?
  4. Not sure if you know this already or not but the cabs are slightly different as well between the two kits. Mostly where the box hooks to the cab. The holes in the back of the cab on the stepside are closer to the middle of the truck. If you use the longbox cab you will need to fill the 4 rectangular holes for the longbox (they will show due to the narrower stepside bed) and either make new ones for the stepside bed or otherwise attach the bed.
  5. Why not buy them right from the source? http://www.fireballmodels.info
  6. I have the Early Iron and the Lemon Crate both in front of me right now and the orange Early Iron issue does not have the louvers in the tailgate or the hood. The Lemon Crate issue does have the louvers in both the hood and the tailgate. Interestingly enough the road flares are still in the Early Iron issue. In the Lemon Crate the space on the sprues where the road flares were now has the wooden sideboards for the bedsides.
  7. As far as an ignition device, the kit engine has a magneto instead of a distributor so no external coil is required. I cannot recall but the master brake cylinder may be on the firewall.
  8. A sump pump is one thing that I like to have a spare new one "on the shelf" just in case. I have found that Mr Murphy will always cause important equipment (like a sump pump) to fatally malfunction 10 min after the stores close on a saturday night. A water heater, a fridge/freezer or a furnace ceasing to work is inconvenient but water getting into your house is destructive and can get expensive very fast.
  9. I have it. Used to get so bad some nights that my wife would get mad in bed because I wouldn't hold still for her to go to sleep. And even if she was asleep sometimes it would wake her up. I also have pretty wicked bad sleep apnea. However once I got the CPAP machine for my apnea my restless leg syndrome has basically disappeared. When I was getting tested for sleep apnea the doctors asked me a bunch of questions about things that had been bugging me (like the restless leg syndrome) and had been getting worse over the years and most of it was related to my sleep apnea. Might not be related to yours but just something to think about.
  10. That is fantastic news. I love the lines on the Streamliner and I'm glad to see that it is going to be brought back to life.
  11. Those look like Keith Weesner artwork. Awesome artist. Lots of hot rods, bikes and girls. And lots of Jetsons type retro flying machines.
  12. Doesn't really fit on the '65 either. But it is the same camper shell that was in the '59 El Camino camper kit.
  13. Do you already have that kit? If not, the exact same camper shell was in the 2nd last issue of the 65 Elcamino. The one with the baby blue "drag camino" retro box art. It had both the topper and the camper in the box. To my knowledge the latest "Gear Hustler" issue of the 65 El Camino only had the topper. And the 59 El Camino kit is easy to find. Would be a much cheaper alternative than trying to track down one of the actual El Camino camper kits. You would probably be in both newer kits for less than half of what one of the El Camino camper it's usually seem to sell for.
  14. I have a set of Xuron cutters and used them a lot. A friend who owns a hobby shop tried several times to get me to try a pair of Gods Hand sprue cutters. I was hesitant at the price ($50).He finally handed me a set and told me to take them home and try them, and that I could pay him next time I was in. Took them home and tried them - wish he had made me try them earlier. Could not believe the difference over the Xuron cutters. Hardly had to use any pressure to get a neat clean cut. Once you get used to them, hardly any clean up is needed. A perfect example of you get what you pay for. And there is also an even more presicion set of Gods Hand sprue cutters available too. They are about $95 and aimed at the Gundam mecha kit builders. Those kits are usually molded in color and not usually painted. The $95 set apparently doesn't leave the little white scar in the colored styrene like the cheaper ones can when you clip the part loose from the sprue.
  15. For reference of anyone looking for one, that HW casting is called "Rigor Motor" The skulls were shot in several different colors of plastic depending on the version and it seems at some point they were deleted entirely from the car. Probably too easy to remove and swallow for a kid chewing on them.
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