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  1. Toner283 added a post in a topic Monogram Yellow Jacket   

    Those look fantastic! Clean fix for one of the weak spots in these old kits when you build them fenderless.
  2. Toner283 added a post in a topic Monogram Yellow Jacket   

    Looking really good so far. Thinning down the wheel spokes made a big difference in realism. Love these old monogram model A kits and how interchangeable they are.. One little detail - the radiator shell on the full sized 1930 Model A's (which this kit represents) is a stamped stainless steel piece that is highly polished. From the factory, there were no painted rad shells on the 1930 Fords. The earlier 28/29 model A's were nickel plated steel on the passenger cars and black painted steel for the commercial units. 1931's were also stamped stainless steel but with a small bolt in section at the upper front that was usually painted body color.
  3. Toner283 added a post in a topic Question about value.   

    Nascar kits are a really tough sale unless they are 70's/80's issued kits. The ones from the mid 90's to current have very little value. You see them at shows for $2-3 each and they still don't sell. At our show we have had several people over the years turn down nascar kits that were draw prizes after having their name drawn. Law of supply and demand. Overabundance of supply for very little demand. 
  4. Toner283 added a post in a topic 32 5 Window Hard Chop (11/16/17)   

    Your Deuce is looking great. Love a car with a nasty lakes chop. Not sure if you are aware or not but Ben Haag and his Pale Rider have had a pretty wicked accident. Something in the front suspension broke sending the car end over end and side over side a few times. Ben was banged up a bit but basically unhurt. The car however was pretty badly destroyed. Last I had read he wasn't sure if he was going to try to rebuild that deuce or whether he was going to get another body and start again. You can check out the HAMB for pictures of the wreck. Or Ben's Instagram feed.
  5. Toner283 added a post in a topic Weird Kits (img fixed)   

    Pretty sure that the hard hat hauler is currently being restored to its original show car glory. I saw pics of it being taken apart and of the helmet being repolished.
  6. Toner283 added a post in a topic WHERE TO BUY SHARPIES IN CANADA......   

    Hey Ace, you need to try the Molotow pens. I had read here and in other places just how well they work but I was still skeptical. I bought some at the Group 25 show a couple of weeks ago and I am amazed. They actually produce a reflective coating that looks just like chrome. For touching up the sprue attachment points on parts these things are perfect. Goes on almost invisible. I have found that if you rub hard enough with your finger, it will dull and start to come off but that can be said of any paint. As has been stated above Wheels and Wings in downtown Toronto probably carries them and I know that Dailey Hobbies carries them because I bought them from Randy at the show. Not cheap at $11 each Canadian but after I tried one, well worth it. I even went back and pulled a few cars off of the shelf that I had previously built and touched up the sprue attachment points with a silver Sharpie and went back over them with the Molotow pen and they look way better. The stuff won't replace your BMF but it's sure going to be an excellent tool to use along side it.
  7. Toner283 added a post in a topic Any other people from Canada?   

    Southern Ontario here. About an hour west of Toronto.
  8. Toner283 added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods 33/36 Coupe -update Halloween   

    Looking good. Where did the wide 5 wheels come from? Are they parts from a kit?
  9. Toner283 added a post in a topic Boot hill express color   

    One thing to keep in mind is that there were (are) at least two Boot Hill Expresses (Expressi?) built. The original was a real deal 1800's wooden hearse and a fiberglass copy was built to tour the show circut as well so the car could be in two places at once on opposite sides of the country. So depending on which one is pictured and what light it is in the colors vary a bunch from picture to picture. I have have read rumors of a third one built as well for exhibition races but I have not found any evidence to know for sure about a third one. From what I have been able to find, the original was a shiny gold very similar to the model Jeff F posted above and the fiberglass one (replica? copy? clone?) Is more of a yellow gold color.
  10. Toner283 added a post in a topic Tampo question.   

    What make/scale is that Chevelle? Diecast? Nice looking car.
  11. Toner283 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Have you tried putting the phone in flight mode? Most phones have an internet connection even if they are turned off but flight mode kills the internet connection completely. Should stop the alarms in the middle of the night. Clock alarms and such all still work though.
  12. Toner283 added a post in a topic How to make a 1980 Buick Regal?   

    The 73-77 Collonade (sp?) style GM's were full sized "A" body cars. The later 78-88 GM "G" body cars were classed as an intermediate sized car. They were smaller, lower, narrower and lighter than their earlier cousins and shared almost no parts with the "A" bodied cars.
  13. Toner283 added a post in a topic ~90% Plus Shipping Charge ????~   

    And if they have it openly and clearly posted that shipping for an item is XX dollars, and you bid on the item or click buy it now, you are on the hook for the shipping amount shown in the auction.
    Friend of mine learned that the hard way. He was excited to buy one of those mini pocket motorcycles when he won an auction for something like $5.75 until he got the invoice with $600.00 in shipping tacked on. He filed a dispute and was basically told by ebay too bad, you should have read the whole listing. The shipping price was clearly listed and you are responsible for paying it. Expensive lesson.
  14. Toner283 added a post in a topic What's next in the Revell '32 Ford line ?   

    A closed cab pickup would be awesome and would open up a bunch of possible build variations. 
    To echo what others have said, whatever body style is chosen, Revell please make it a buggy sprung suspension with hairpins and a dropped I beam axle in the front (not a dropped tube and four bars like all of the other deuce kits) and a quick change rear end in the back instead of another nine inch differential.
    For goodness sake forget about that small block ford engine. Give us a couple of vintage engine choices. A full dress flathead or better yet a S.C.O.T. blown Ardun, an early OHV Cadillac, an Oldsmobile J2 or a Ford Y block engine. Give us some hot rod engine options that have not been kitted over and over. If a flathead is included in the kit, give us some more exotic engine parts that have never been tooled such as an intake with 4 stromberg carbs,  and a set of Kong, Eddie Myer or Elco Twin dual plug heads with a dual coil mount and proper distributor to match. 
    A traditional hot rod needs a set of wheels and tires to match the vibe of the rest of the car. A set of tall skinny big and little bias ply firestone tires in 16/18 inch dia. Mount those tires to a set of  steel milk truck wheels or halibrand solid wheels. Or even a set of properly tooled Kelsey-Hayes bent spoke wire wheels. 
    It is high time for a correct traditional hot rod to be tooled and released. Do it right and make the new tooled parts play nice with the existing deuce kits and a lot of kits will most likely be sold just as parts donors. Issue a 1932 Ford truck with any combination of the parts that I listed above and I will step up and buy the first two cases made for public sale. I might even build one right out of the box. 😁
    Just my two cents. I'll shut up now.☺
  15. Toner283 added a post in a topic Favorite Revell '32 Ford   

    5 window for me. 
    In addition to the Dan Fink speedwagon that Snake mentioned that is missing from the list, IMO, the regular roadster and the Stacey David Rat Roaster should be listed seperately as well. There are enough unique different parts in each to consider them seperate kits.