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  1. Atlantis - Monogram Customizing Auto Engine kit

    I agree with a couple of the other folks. Forget about the motorized stuff. Would love to have a couple of these built up with the different intake and exhaust options but not willing to pay the buy in price that even a vintage builder kit sells for.
  2. Atlantis - Monogram Customizing Auto Engine kit

    Is the only clear part the very front of the engine block?
  3. Why??

    If it is an insurance claim, once the insurance pays the money the vehicle belongs to them and they will take it. It'll go to auction even if all they get out of it is the scrap value. Even for recovered stolen vehicles, if the insurance has paid the claim to reimburse you for having your vehicle stolen, you no longer own the vehicle. The insurance company then owns it. They will attempt to auction it off to recover some if not all of their money. If you want your car back you will have to buy it from the insurance company at the auction.
  4. You won't be disappointed with Ed Flucks resin. Top notch quality. On par with Modelhaus stuff. The F100 interior is really nice. And I know there are a couple of other bodies he's working on casting that are going to wow the troops as well.
  5. Moon Spinner Gas Caps

    A three bladed wheel center cap should work. They should be the same physical size and unless you tell anybody they're not going to know the difference. There are a bunch of different ones available in different kits.
  6. billet pully sets

    Teds has several mfg of pulleys. I use the ones from Parts by Parks. Work great and look better. I have used them on several flatheads. Not all of the available Parts by Parks sets are on the Teds website - Parks makes two different ford flathead sets and neither one is listed. Google "Parts by Parks" and a bunch of cool parts pop up.
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I think if Moebius were to issue the service bed as a "parts pack" type release similar to their super single big rig wheels, they would probably sell well. I would be in for a couple as stand alone sellers but probably not if I have to part out kits to do it. To my understanding the kit does not include a regular bed. Is that correct?
  8. SD Rat Roaster

    Unless you were building a Deuce with over the frame headers that you wanted to go back under the car to join the exhaust, I don't see that the frame would be super useful if you were thinking of casting it. Personally I don't know that you'd sell enough of them to get the cost of the casting rubber back. I have built several of the Revell Deuces and have several more in the works and I have never used the Rat Roaster frame. I did not want to have to mess with filling those notches. However, to be fair I build mostly traditional rods. Other folks may feel differently.
  9. SD Rat Roaster

    IIRC, the Rat Roaster frame has a couple of notches where the exhaust goes underneath from the over the frame headers to the full exhaust system. Other than that I think it is the same as the rest of the Revell deuce line.
  10. If you're going to rebuild that one if you've never had any experience with those old Dodges, a little bit of information that will help with some frustration when hunting for parts. The Canadian Dodges are the same as the American Plymouths. The American Dodges are a different animal and are bigger. A Canadian 39 Dodge and an American 39 Dodge almost nothing will interchange. I am fairly certain that the 37/38s are in the same boat as well where nothing will interchange between the American model and the Canadian model. We have 2 Canadian 39 Dodges (a cpupe and a sedan) and searching for parts can get to be fairly frustrating to say the least. Especially if the person you're buying parts from doesn't know that they're different.
  11. Is that a 38 Plymouth or Dodge on the trailer?
  12. Looking for PE '32 Ford grill inserts

    Amen to that. The grille and a couple of other tidbits are all I have used off of the MCG frets. Hey Model Car Garage, you out there? There should be a market for a fret with 3 or 4 32 ford grille inserts. Worth looking into I would think.
  13. All 11 1971 hemi cuda convertibles

    Link to his photobucket album of the cars: https://s300.photobucket.com/user/danja442/library/Model Cars/Plymouth/71 HemiCuda cv?page=1 I'm not sure why it didn't copy as a normal link but if you copy and paste the entire above address it will take you to the proper album.
  14. Niki Lauda dead at 70

    R.I.P. Niki On a side note, why did this get moved from General to Off Topic? According to the Forum section header, the "General" section is "For general model car hobby or 1:1 automotive related topics ONLY". How does a three-time F1 Championship winning driver passing away fail to fit squarely into Automotive related? I can understand celebrity (movie stars, etc) deaths being moved to Off Topic but moving this one is kind of baffling.
  15. some corny jokes

    What do you call an electrical apprentice? A shock absorber