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  1. Far from it. I also for years have thought that the 35 was a far more attractive car than the 36. And the 36 is also a far from ugly design.
  2. If Moebius ( or any other manufacturer for that matter) were to to tool up a modern 1/25 scale issue of the square body Chevy pickup, I believe that those would sell extremely well right now. Square body pickups are hotter than they have ever been in the one to one market. The old 1/24th scale MPC/Monogram/Revell kits certainly show their age, they're kind of finicky to build/paint cleanly and the detail on them is very poor. With a new tooled kit there are multiple different options for additional releases ( short box/long box/stepside/utility box, regular/crew cab, two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive, lifted/lowered, round/square/four headlights, etc) and endless possibilities for build variations. I can understand I'm manufacturers reluctance to risk the $$ to tool up and release a kit of something obscure (as has been stated several times, the Moebius Hudson releases surprised a lot of us and how well it did in sales was also a surprise) but something as common and ubiquitous as a square body Chevy pickup, I'm shocked that no one has released a modern tool kit of it yet. I would bet that most of us either have owned a square body Chevy pickup or know several people who have owned them. Personally, I have owned six or seven of them and still own three. Manufacturers, if you're reading this, please start with an '86 regular cab long box 2-wheel drive. 😁
  3. Another vote for Tamiya smoke. You can add coats until it looks right depending on whether you're looking for show chrome or older patina'd Chrome.
  4. Iirc, the floor and walls on the Fujimi garage kits are designed in such a way that if you have two or more kits they can be connected together. And tile pattern flooring is big enough that you could cut and put them together so they look seamless. Because yes, they are fine to fit a small Japanese car in but a full size truck or a muscle car looks cramped.
  5. Probably far cheaper than replacing product and having to mail it twice. Like the instructions given to me by my dad is a kid. If you don't have time to do it right you must have time to do it twice.
  6. I seem to remember reading on one of the threads here on the board that the main tooling for the Futurista had been found but all of the clear tooling and the tooling for the tires was missing. IIRC, it was determined that the benefit to retooling missing parts didn't balance out to what it would cost to cut new tooling in order to reissue the kit. The above is based on a fuzzy memory and may not be factually correct. Hopefully someone who knows better than me or has a better memory than me will chime in.
  7. I load trailers day in and day out for a living and as our older trailers are replaced with newer ones, the new ones all have the side skirting. 90% of the trailers we deal with are Great Dane. Any of our short haul trailers do not have the trailer tail on them. All of our long haul trailers do. The ones that we have with the trailer tail are all manually deployed. However, none of our trailers with the tail have the bottom piece that shows in the photos you posted. Only the two sides and the top. The trucking company that we deal with the drivers are told they have to fold them out unless they're broken and if they damage them they lose their safety bonus so they're pretty careful with them. A couple of the drivers have said the trailers actually haul easier with the side skirts and the tail because there's less turbulence.
  8. How are your scratch building skills? http://www.italianhorses.net/Tutorials/Shocks/coils.htm Kit coilovers usually have a nasty mold line on them that is a pita to remove.
  9. Not a revell hater here and I'm holding off judgment until I actually have a kit in my hands and I can judge for myself but that picture posted of the box art model looks wrong. As the owner of a real 69 Chevelle something looks funny there. Not sure whether it's the stripe or the body line on the coke bottle shape of the quarter or exactly what but something looks funky. I hope it's just that the person who built the box art model didn't know Chevelles nearly as well as some of us to who own the real thing. I have been waiting for the 69 to be released ever since the 68 was announced. The taillights themselves on the Revell kit look excellent as they were one of the weakest points on the old school AMT kit. Even the tail lights on the original issues of the AMT kit with the separate tail lights were not anywhere near 100%.
  10. That is 2 completely different trucks. Eddie Van Halen still has the one with the black and white stripes all over it. From what I've been able to discover, Boyd was going to build four or five clones of the truck to sell or give away and when EVH caught wind of it he threatened legal action if Boyd built a truck that looked exactly like his. Boyd changed the wheels and the graphics enough to appease EVH and built at least one. Not sure if any others ever got built or not.
  11. Keep a saved search on ebay for "AMT Service trailer" or "Blueprinter service trailer". They pop up often. I have bought them for as little as $15 US. They also pop up at shows frequently. Usually they sell for between $25 and $40. Just have to keep an eye out for them.
  12. This kit is not the exact same one every reissue. Like a lot of kits from the early days of the hobby, this one had several mild custom and wild custom parts that have gradually disappeared over the years. After the first three (or maybe four - not exactly sure) issues, the wild custom parts were deleted from the kit. Eventually, at some point in the late 90s or early 2000s all of the custom and race parts were removed from the kit and it could only be built as a stock vehicle. I agree with Mark. Finding an early issue that has not been messed with in the last 50+ years will be tough.
  13. Check out God Hand sprue cutters. Like SfanGoch above, I have a set of Xuron sprue Cutters that I used all the time and that I have had for a long time. A friend at the Hobby Store kept bugging me to try the God Hand sprue cutters. I told him he was nuts and my Xuron cutters were fine, that I was't going to pay him $25 for a set of sprue cutters. At the time I think the Xuron cutters were like $11.99 a set. Finally after quite a long time of trying he hands me a set and says "Here take these home and try them and when you find you love them come back and pay for them." Night and day difference between the God Hand Cutters and the Xuron cutters. The God Hand cutters are designed for the guys who do the Gundam kits. A lot of those are molded in the correct colours and guys don't want to paint them but they also don't want the stress and distortion marks where the parts have been removed from the sprues. The God Hand Cutters minimize these marks and if you wanted to get spendy and step up and buy their expensive ($100ish) set of sprue cutters, they pretty much eliminate any of the distortion marks completely. I don't think I have used my Xuron cutters hardly at all since I bought the God Hand ones. And I have actually bought a second set of God Hand cutters as well because my wife discovered how well they cut and she appropriated my first set for her own crafting purposes. I am actually considering buying a set of $100 ones to use for some of the teeny tiny parts that I deal with. As of yet I haven't quite convinced myself that I can justify that expense. However, some of the folks I have been asking questions of have told me that there is a night and day difference between the cutters that I currently have and the top-of-the-line ones that God Hand makes.
  14. Why not buy them right from the source? http://www.fireballmodels.info
  15. I have the Early Iron and the Lemon Crate both in front of me right now and the orange Early Iron issue does not have the louvers in the tailgate or the hood. The Lemon Crate issue does have the louvers in both the hood and the tailgate. Interestingly enough the road flares are still in the Early Iron issue. In the Lemon Crate the space on the sprues where the road flares were now has the wooden sideboards for the bedsides.
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