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  1. Parts from Monograms coupe/cabriolet, the touring and the woody all interchange and can be mixed and matched easily. Quite a few bits and pieces from the 29 roadster pickup/blue beetle/blue bandito are a direct fit as well onto Monograms basic 30 ford series. The last issue of the touring has a set of guide headlights newly tooled and added to the mix and the latest issue of the Woody has a deuce shell tooled to fit with the full hood installed.
  2. The chrome hand tools have been in every issue. The original issue had 4 road flares in it that disappeared when all of the custom parts did. The side mount spare tire also disappeared at this time and the rear fender with the well in it for the spare tire clearance was also modified to a regular rear fender.
  3. If you can find one of those Ace, it has a bunch of custom parts in it that have been deleted from all of the reissues. And if I'm remembering it correctly the louvers that are on the hood and the tailgate in all of the following issues are not in the first issue. The tailgate for sure does not have louvers molded into it. It has chrome exhaust that goes up and across the bed sides, it has a set of ribbed bumpers, two different bed covers and a bunch of custom Body options that aren't in the later kits. Well worth having one in the stash even if just for reference.
  4. His name is Robert Sharp. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/profile/8856-fractalign/ I see on his profile that he has not been on the board since may 2017. I had talked with him through PMs about possibly purchasing just a couple of cabs for hot rod builds (I have no interest in a stock AA truck build) and he said he would work with me for what I wanted. The master pics he posted were looking really good and I hope he can move forward with the project. I had actually forgotten about them. Thanks for the reminder!
  5. Probably have better luck asking in the Big Boyz section of the forum. The big scale guys seem to mostly hang out there.
  6. To add to all of the above - how well is this technology going to work in a few years once the vehicles are not in top shape mechanically? I am sure that everyone has seen and heard older/higher mileage vehicles that turn over and over and over and over before they finally start. Are you really going to want to wait in traffic for 15 or 20 seconds (or more) for your engine to finally start. You will have people behind you laying on the horn and swearing at you in some places. There should be an option for the owner of the vehicle to turn that particular bit of tech off completely. My father-in-law's new truck has it I've driven it a couple times and it's annoying. One thing I have found though, when it is in tow/haul mode with the trailer behind it, it does not shut off in traffic.
  7. Some lowlife dirtball helped himself to my truck last night. Went out this morning and my parking spot was empty. And I live in the middle of the country down the lane way that's about 400 feet long. Just a beat up old farm truck but it still leaves me without wheels and without the ability to do a bunch of the farm work. Reported it stolen and the police have told me that it was already involved in another theft/robbery in a neighbouring town and then was involved in a traffic collision that the guy fleed the scene of in my truck in another neighbouring town. Apparently one of my neighbours a little farther down my road also had their Ford Escape stolen last night. Although the police have already found that one abandoned on a dirt road burnt to a crisp. I really hope my poor old girl doesn't end up like that. She might not be worth a million dollars but she sure deserves a better end than that.
  8. Maybe a dumb question but who is Bob Shebilske?
  9. Fairly certain that stock, the bed length on the 32 and the 34 is the same. The difference comes in the shorter wheelbase of the 32. The arches where the fenders bolt onto the bed side is farther ahead on the bedside for the 32. This causes it to look visually shorter. Probably Dennis Lacy could chime in and quote chapter and verse about all of the little differences since he lives and breathes this stuff every day. And, that being said about the bed length, quite often they were bobbed to make them shorter anyway when the trucks were hot rodded. So if you're building a hot rod some of the rules kind of go out the window.
  10. From what I remember reading, that "old" Trackhawk ad is a phantom what if exercise that someone has recently done. The old Jeep is Photoshopped in several different colors. Search #trackhawk on instagram and it pops up in the results. Kinda neat but unfortunately not real.
  11. I agree with a couple of the other folks. Forget about the motorized stuff. Would love to have a couple of these built up with the different intake and exhaust options but not willing to pay the buy in price that even a vintage builder kit sells for.
  12. Is the only clear part the very front of the engine block?
  13. Toner283


    If it is an insurance claim, once the insurance pays the money the vehicle belongs to them and they will take it. It'll go to auction even if all they get out of it is the scrap value. Even for recovered stolen vehicles, if the insurance has paid the claim to reimburse you for having your vehicle stolen, you no longer own the vehicle. The insurance company then owns it. They will attempt to auction it off to recover some if not all of their money. If you want your car back you will have to buy it from the insurance company at the auction.
  14. You won't be disappointed with Ed Flucks resin. Top notch quality. On par with Modelhaus stuff. The F100 interior is really nice. And I know there are a couple of other bodies he's working on casting that are going to wow the troops as well.
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