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  1. Niki Lauda dead at 70

    R.I.P. Niki On a side note, why did this get moved from General to Off Topic? According to the Forum section header, the "General" section is "For general model car hobby or 1:1 automotive related topics ONLY". How does a three-time F1 Championship winning driver passing away fail to fit squarely into Automotive related? I can understand celebrity (movie stars, etc) deaths being moved to Off Topic but moving this one is kind of baffling.
  2. some corny jokes

    What do you call an electrical apprentice? A shock absorber
  3. 1:25 "steel" wheels

    Another source is Ed Fluck at Drag City Castings. Quality stuff.
  4. Best tool I ever purchased, can't find it again.

    Try these. Looks the same as the one you posted. Micro chisels. http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/product_info.php?products_id=8285
  5. Thanks, they have some pretty cool stuff.
  6. Misc. Parts wanted.

    If you wanted to go that route, Drag city castings has the 39 and 40 Ford AMT hoods cast from original issue hoods so the side trim is crisp.
  7. Need info on '32 Deuce Coupe

    Yup, lots of interesting stories floating around about the graffiti Coupe. And the movie is 40-ish years old now so who knows what's the truth and what is fantasy.
  8. Need info on '32 Deuce Coupe

    It is very possible that I have read incorrect info. It has been a long time since I did any research on the graffitti cars and there are plenty of different stories floating around about the cars. And yes, George Lucas was the director not Steven Spielberg. I had just watched a documentary about Spielberg and had a brain fart.
  9. Looking really good. What do you mean by a lego light kit?
  10. Need info on '32 Deuce Coupe

    Remember to also section the grille shell. There are should be resin grille shells available that are already sectioned if you wanted to go that route. The unsectioned body and the sectioned grille shell is one of the odd signatures of the graffiti Coupe. The rumor that I have heard was that Spielberg wanted the coupe to be sectioned to make it more "hot rod" and the production crew started with the grille shell and depending on who is correct, when they got to the body either because of time constraints for production or difficulty of sectioning the body it didn't get done. To 90% of the viewing public the car looks like a normal hot rod. To old school hot rodders it looks odd with the grille shell sectioned and the body not. Oh, and don't forget the piston shift knob. 😁
  11. Need info on '32 Deuce Coupe

    There is not much visual difference between a 327 and a 283. The majority of the differences are internal. In scale you can not tell one from the other. Most small block Chevrolets in scale you cannot tell the difference from one to the other. 283, 267, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350 all look virtually identical. Even full size 90% of people cannot tell one from the other. That being said, very early small block Chevy 265s and early 283s did not have engine mounts on the side of the block like the millions produced since. They had mounts bolted to the front of the block and to the sides of the bellhousing. This was changed in I believe 1958 to the side mount arrangement. And the engine in the graffiti Coupe I believe it's black. A widely held belief early on was that performance engines were painted black. Something to do with helping with heat transfer.
  12. Jon Favreau Roadster from Iron Man and Iron Man II

    The roadster in your post is not the Tony Stark Iron Man movie car. That is unless the studio did massive changes to the car. It looks very similar but there are some very major differences. There is a custom firewall in the Iron Man car, different colored interior leather, the wheels and tires are different, the headers are different, the induction is different (4 carbs versus 2 on the movie car), the grille shell on the movie car has flames, the spreader bar at the front of the frame is different, the headlight bar is different, the headlights themselves are different, the movie car does not have split bones front and rear, and the movie car appears to be channeled.
  13. Amt/Mpc 72 Chevelle query

    I would love to find another copy of this kit in unbuilt condition. I built one when I was about 13 years old and its long-lost to the sands of time. Would love to have another shot at that specific kit. I know it's been reissued a few times but there's nothing like building the exact same one you had when you were a kid.
  14. Maybe reissue some cheaper easy " Entry Level" kits ?

    This is my Iraqi taxi. I've owned this car for more than 20 years and it has went from a daily driver with the V6 and the 3-speed and it's currently a 350 5 speed car with 4.11's in the rear end. Used to race it a whole bunch then it went into hibernation for several years while I had a couple of kids and I recently got it back out and started having fun with it again. I'm very glad that I never let go of my high school ride. Too many of my friends regret having sold their's way back when. Biggest visual change to mine is I put 1980 tail lights and grill in it. I like them better than the 81 style. Not sure why the forum wouldn't let me do this all in one post.
  15. Maybe reissue some cheaper easy " Entry Level" kits ?

    Like to see this one back. The Iraqi taxis were all 1981s and the kit is a 78/79. Biggest difference was the roofline. The 1978-1980 Malibu's had the slanted rear window roofline on both the sedans and the coupes. For 1981 the Coupes retained the same roof line and the sedans went to a notchback style roof where the rear window was almost vertical. When you got into the Iraqi taxis there were several other things that made them unique. In addition to the options that Mike listed, they had no catalytic converters or emission controls of any kind (EGR valve, evap canister, etc), they had 14 inch steelies with dog dish hubcaps and they all had a 200 km/h speedometer with no mph marked on it at all. Standard Canadian Malibu's had a 140 km/h speedometer with 0 to 85 mph marked below that. First batch that went over all had export tail lights in them as well (amber turn signals in the tail lights - a big no-no at the time on domestic vehicles in North America). The ones that were left behind had the North American spec taillights and emission systems retrofitted to them before being sold to the public. I have owned and worked on several of the Iraqi taxis and know the cars well.