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  1. I have a set of Xuron cutters and used them a lot. A friend who owns a hobby shop tried several times to get me to try a pair of Gods Hand sprue cutters. I was hesitant at the price ($50).He finally handed me a set and told me to take them home and try them, and that I could pay him next time I was in. Took them home and tried them - wish he had made me try them earlier. Could not believe the difference over the Xuron cutters. Hardly had to use any pressure to get a neat clean cut. Once you get used to them, hardly any clean up is needed. A perfect example of you get what you pay for. And there is also an even more presicion set of Gods Hand sprue cutters available too. They are about $95 and aimed at the Gundam mecha kit builders. Those kits are usually molded in color and not usually painted. The $95 set apparently doesn't leave the little white scar in the colored styrene like the cheaper ones can when you clip the part loose from the sprue.
  2. For reference of anyone looking for one, that HW casting is called "Rigor Motor" The skulls were shot in several different colors of plastic depending on the version and it seems at some point they were deleted entirely from the car. Probably too easy to remove and swallow for a kid chewing on them.
  3. I did not buy the 68 kit as I have to be stingy with my new kit budget. As the owner of a real deal 69 Malibu, I have been impatiently waiting on the 69 that we all knew was coming at some point. So I have no first hand knowledge of any issues with the 68 dash. That being said, if the folks at Revell did their research properly, the dash for the 69 version should be a completely different part. The bezels on the 68 dash are square and the 69 ones are round.
  4. Good to know. They definitely looked fiddly when I was looking through my kits. I look forward to seeing your finished ones. So far with either one of mine all I've done is open the boxes and ogle the parts trees.
  5. That is a cool kit. I have one of those in my to build pile. Not sure if you're aware but they also issued that kit with non-transparent parts as well. Basically all of the clear Parts in the kit you have were grey styrene instead. I have one of each and I was thinking about kind of mixing and matching it to make it look a bit like one of the old cutaway engines where some of it you can see and some of it you can't. I thought that would look kind of cool.
  6. They should take the warning labels off of everything and the problem will sort itself out. As someone else said, natural selection at work.
  7. You missed the most important food group. Bacon! aka "meat candy" 🤣🤣
  8. Toner283

    R & D unique

    There is a very similar front suspension in the AMT Phantom Vicky kit. Might work for you and much easier to find than the R&D Unique stuff.
  9. The guy has quite a few trucks for sale. All $500US and up to start. A couple over a C-note. Good luck to him. Maybe he has a following like Paul Hettick
  10. There is a good possibility that 30 years down the road 3D printing will have advanced to the point that you can simply make the parts you need. Regardless of whether they are plastic, steel, aluminum or composite materials. And that the current "modern" technology (electronics) 30 years in the future will be stone-age tech than any 10 year old kid can fix in his parents basement.
  11. As far as four doors go some people love them some people hate them. But especially if you have young kids, their practicality can't be beat. And I agree with the guys that say it's also what you grew up with. My folks had several G bodies when I was younger and by the time I was driving age they were just old cars that were everywhere. Add to that with them being a front-engine rear-wheel-drive platform with V8 already in them and it was kind of a no-brainer for me to fall into one of those. Which ended up being several of those over the years. A car that I've had for more than half of my life and I'm 42 now and I did an awful lot of racing with was an 81 Malibu 4 door. It was great because 5 litre Mustang for all over the place and most of them just scoffed when a 4-door offered to race. They stopped laughing pretty fast when I showed them the tail lights on my old girl. And when several of my friends all wanted to go somewhere together guess whose car we piled into. Since everybody else had coupes and pickup trucks, we ended up in the four door sedan. I still have it, and although it does not get abused like it used to and is detuned a bunch from when it was a saturday night special, I still enjoy driving it. Some people say they're boxy and have no style but I grew up with it and I love it. More people understand nowadays than understood back then but regardless, I'll keep my four door.
  12. Not sure if you are on Insragram or not but saw these just after I saw your want ad. Figured I'd show you them just in case you hadn't already seen them.
  13. I think someone (Fireball Resin maybe??) Already casts this set of wheels if you wanted to save yourself some work.
  14. Looks like J.J. McClure and Captain Chaos traded in the Transcon Medi-Vac Dodge van for a Lanbo. Lol.
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