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  1. To my eyes, those look like upholstered filler panels that the silver material is sagging and pulling away from the mounting screws. Don't know for sure. I remember from the pictures posted at the time that the interior was in pretty rough shape. Partially due to age but also due to the materials used at the time. You are right about the weather seal though. Good thing it doesn't rain much in California.
  2. I don't have any love for the golden sahara but the bad trim might be due to age. That pic is when it was displayed in its "as found" state. After having sat covered and tarped for umpteen years in Mr. Streets garage. The yellowed, scratched and cracked bubble glass, the duct tape (?) residue on the paintwork and that golden paint was originally pearl white and has not really aged well.
  3. Agree 100% that Sam had a far better eye for style and flow. Sam's 50 Buick is definitely a beautiful custom but my choice of a Barris car would be the Blue Danube 52 Buick. One of the best looking customs IMO. I have loved that car since I was a kid.
  4. Amt 68 & early issues of 69 Chevelles. They were the custom hubcaps for the rally wheels. Not sure what issue they were deleted from but they have not been in the kit for a long time. For sure they are not in the 1987 issue with the white car on the box art. Or any issue since.
  5. I wonder if the cycle fenders from the front and the abbreviated fenders for the back survived the retool?
  6. That is a 59/60 Impala steering wheel. Just to narrow your search a bit.
  7. As an alternative Tamiya smoke works well as well. More coats you give it, the darker the tint. Or is that what you meant by transparent black?
  8. Was the same story at the shop I used to work at. It seemed like we spent more time fixing mistakes/safety issues from other shops than actually working on our own stuff. Do custom shops not actually road test anything anymore? Braking systems were one of the worst. Brakes that either didn't hardly work at all or that were so poorly designed (poor pedal ratio) you had to be Hercules to be able to stop the vehicle.
  9. That is an excellent approach to fixing Revells error with the intake.
  10. I don't know if this matters to you or not but the intake manifold in the kit with the cream-colored truck with the panel paint decals on the box art is incorrect for an Ardun. It is molded as an intake that bolts to the top of the engine block like a traditional Flathead intake would. However, the Ardun intake should bolt to the cylinder heads not the engine block. I believe that the intake manifold for the engine in the yellow box art truck was retooled to be more correct for an Ardun. It has been a while since I had one of those kits in my hand so you may want to verify that depending on how important the accuracy is to you.
  11. Just did a great trade with Khils. Thanks Kevin!
  12. I do something very similar to this. I use the bamboo skewer sticks and drill a hole either under the oil pan or the trans pan and put the skewer in with a dab of gel superglue. That way I can stick the pointy end of the skewer into a block of foam insulation while working on it or paint/glue is curing. When I am done working on the engine, either twist off or clip off the skewer, install the pan and all evidence is covered up.
  13. Did a great trade with JollySipper. Thanks TJ.
  14. The trailer you are talking about was also in the "Diamond in the Rough" kit. 53 Ford P/U, the service trailer and a 40 Ford sedan Barn/field find in as found condition. The 40 included dented/rusted fenders, one front fender and one running board not attached, bent bumpers, torn upholstery and broken/bullet holed glass. Only issued just the once as far as I know. This is also the source of the single running board in many of the reissued 40 Ford kits since. One of my favorite kits as a kid.
  15. No problem. I hope you find the kit you're looking for. I know how frustrating it can be to search for a kit and not be able to find it.
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