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  1. PhotoBucket's Back?

    And I agree with what several others have said as well, Photobucket fooled me once and it ain't happening again. I have gone to a new photo hosting site (Fotki) and I'm going to stay with it. Between the fact that the site was difficult to use at the best of times due to ads and such, and then them essentially holding everyone's photos for ransom I would bet that they are going to lose a massive number of the subscribers that they used to have.
  2. PhotoBucket's Back?

    That is great news. However, someone should probably copy all of the photos in Harrys threads now, and if there is room upload them to the Forum so that when and if a Photobucket debacle happens again the photos are not permanently lost.
  3. Mustang II IFS?

    I'm pretty sure that the front suspension in the AMT Phantom Vicky is a MII. Nicely done piece with tubular A arms, coil overs and a cross member that is seperate from the frame IIRC. Lots of guys buy that kit strictly as a parts donor so you should not have too much trouble finding one.
  4. Something on a Model A firewall ?

    Those late 31 teardrop firewalls (only about 7 months worth of production depending on which source you believe) are sought after by hot rodders due to their uniqueness.
  5. Game of "Name that Part"

    #13 looks like the rear fenders from the Monogram Red Chariot 1930 Ford Phaeton. The only issue of that kit molded in red that had those fenders in it. By the molded in red Early Iron series reissue, almost all of the original optional parts were long gone.
  6. Kinda looks like a mashup of a bullet nosed Stude, a Henry J and the early comic book batmobile.
  7. I have it too. There are lots of good tips and for me there were a couple of "why didn't I think of that" moments as well. And having spoken to Donn in person a couple of times, if anything is unclear or you have questions about his techniques, he is more than willing to help out and answer questions. He is a very personable guy.
  8. Flickr is changing

    Posting pictures from a Fotki account is the same idea as Photobucket. Copy the picture link "for forums" and paste it into your reply. When you hit post, the image will appear.
  9. Flickr is changing

    After the photobucket implosion, I switched to Fotki on the recommendation of several friends. One of whom is a professional photographer with thousands of images stored on Fotki for several years with zero issues. After fighting with PB for the last couple of years to do anything (upload, post, organize, etc), Fotki is a breeze to work with. You get a free trial to check it out and the basic paid accounts are a very reasonable cost IMO.
  10. What did you get today?

    You have some definite gold there. I see some original 60's kit parts that were only in the first couple of kit issues and have not been in subsequent issues. Some of those chrome sprues, if they are old (60's), I would not cut them yet. If you were to take pictures that show each sprue clearly and post them in the trade thread, you might be surprised at the trade offers you would get. There are a lot of parts that have been modified or deleted entirely from tooling over the years that people would love to have. Same with the styline (custom) front and rear end parts. For some of the smaller kits, check ebay under the completed and sold listings. The sold listings will give you a better idea what some of the kits are bringing. Some guys ask high dollars and never sell but the sold for $ amounts are a good indicator. That blue buick kit (1/32?) I think is worth a few bucks if it is mostly complete.
  11. transfuring paint

    Yes it would. I kinda automatically thought of airbrush jars when bubbaman asked about transferring paint to a smaller jar.
  12. Best '32 Deuce two door kits

    The meanings of the words Roadster Cabriolet and Sport coupe have changed a bit over the years. However, when dealing with pre-war Fords, specifically late 20s or early 30s the generally accepted meanings of the terms are as follows: A Roadster is a vehicle with a non fixed windshield, no roll up windows in the doors and a folding convertible style top. Since they have no solid windows in the sides they usually have side curtains that clip or snap into place to keep out the weather. They were the lightest cheapest car in any manufacturers lineup. This is also why they were usually used as the first choice for hot rods - lighter equals faster. At Cabriolet has a fixed windshield, doors with partial window frames (front window frame only, no top or rear window surrounds), roll up solid glass windows in the doors, and a folding convertible style top. They were much more weather-tight then a roadster. The owner of a Cabriolet could have the top down to enjoy warm sunny weather and when the weather turned nasty, put the top up and stay warm and dry. Generally a Cabriolet gave you the best of both worlds between a coupe and a roadster. However, they were not produced in anywhere near the numbers of the roadsters or the coupes and as a result they are fairly scarce nowadays. A Sport coupe usually referred to a coupe with a fabric covering on the roof that resembled a folding convertible style top. However, they had a fixed windshield, roll up windows, full frames around the door windows and the top was fixed in position, it did not fold down. Basically, they were a fake Cabriolet. Sport Coupes were produced in even smaller numbers than the Cabriolet was. As a result of this a Sport coupe is even harder to find than a Cabriolet nowadays. As for the term convertible, it did not gain widespread use as terminology until the late 30s and early 40s to describe a vehicle. And it has since been used as a term to describe any vehicle with a fold-down roof by the general public. Similar to how most people ask for a Kleenex when they need a tissue no matter what brand the tissue is.
  13. Best '32 Deuce two door kits

  14. Help with math problem

    Average of $3267.22 each winner.
  15. transfuring paint

    Go to an art supply store and look for pipettes. They are intended for paint transfer. They are also fairly inexpensive as well.