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  1. Funny... I'm away from this site for roughly a year (changing interests) except for the occasional drop-in, and I look at the Mystery Car game and realize, "Hey, I know this one!"
  2. It took some research, that's for sure! Those chromed hood doors I commented about led me to believe it was a 1932-model GM product, since all GM divisions featured doors on the hood sides instead of louvers in 1932. But the grille/shell weren't right for any '32 GM product! But since I was searching 1932 cars, I found a few with similar chromed hood doors, including the REO and this Nash, which showed me the grille I was looking for. Then all I had to find was the right model. This has to be one of the most beautiful cars ever to have been featured as the "Mystery Car" - Good work, Harry!
  3. What a beauty! Great lines, great details, and I'm a sucker for those chromed vent doors in the hood sides.I'm with John: What an era for automotive design! Unlike nowadays, you could tell cars apart.
  4. Darn it, I forgot to check out the car this week! This one I knew off the top of my head (OK, maybe not the year) from an article in Car & Driver when it was new. For some reason, it stuck with me.
  5. Heck, I even looked up "Holden" in Google Images and didn't find the thing. It has a somewhat Chevy-looking grille (Similar to the one that was on my wife's '99 Venture minivan), and it is clearly right-hand drive. Oh well, maybe I'll get the next one.
  6. One time on "The Rockford Files", Jim Rockford's Firebird Esprit was being pursued by a semi, so he steers it across a narrow pedestrian bridge to escape. Only thing was that the car going over the bridge was clearly a Pontiac Astre!
  7. I hear you. I'm a big fan of those little cars. Heck, even though I'm 6'3" and, well, too heavy (and let's just leave it at that, shall we... ), I prefer small cars to big ones, as long as I can fit in them comfortably. I fit in REAL (read: BMC, pre-BMW) Minis just fine, thank you very much! Those little guys are an absolute blast to drive! OK, I'll admit, even the Coopers aren't real fast compared to Corvettes and Porsches, but they're QUICK! The sad thing about the movie is that, although the Miura was just the stripped-out shell of a car that had been totalled, semi-straightened, and reskinned, all three of those Minis were decent cars. What a waste.
  8. These two are both from the original "The Italian Job". Even though the Miura P400 was only an empty shell, I still almost cry whenever I watch that scene!
  9. Here's a kinda obscure one that I thought about the other day. It is from a 1970's TV series:
  10. My film didn't have any "Gremlins" in it, even though that was the title... "Horns", from a couple of years ago, clearly did!
  11. "Fart Can" with an attitude! Those things look (and sound) silly under cars, but this one is downright hilarious!
  12. And how about how those bullets cause the gas tanks to explode? Sorry, folks, it doesn't happen that way. It's something called "Fuel-To-Air Ratio". Just like in the car's engine, if the mixture in the tank isn't roughly 14.7:1 VAPORIZED gasoline to air, it won't even burn, much less explode!
  13. That was "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", thankfully the only film where George Lazenby played Bond... He was TERRIBLE! The only redeeming thing about that movie was that it was where they introduced the DB5 as 007's car of choice. I think that possibly the most famous movie car "Switcheroo" was in the final scene of "Vanishing Point", where our hero crashes his white '68 Camaro into the watting bulldozers. That's right, I said '68 CAMARO!!! He drove that white 440 Challenger for the entire movie, but apparently they didn't want to wreck it so they found a stunt double for it... Unfortunately, it didn't survive.
  14. I guess they've been right all along when they tell me I'm clueless, because I haven't got a clue about this one!
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