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  1. Well done!! Enough to see: I was curious about the width of the wheels. Thanks!!
  2. Well done!! Is this the snap kit? Can I see a pic of the underside of the car please? I'm curious about the wheels. The way you painted them, nice!!!
  3. these seats look amazing!! You should sell these (I'll be your customer)
  4. I have a set from the ZG I'll not be using, PM me if interested, please
  5. @Bullybeef Nice ride. Are the bumpers installed upside down? OT: nice build, I'll be watching. If it turns out like the GTI, it'll be great!
  6. Got you these 2 pics to get a better idea of the wheels. I'd choose the BBS wheels, but that's just my taste. I think the others are too bland.
  7. IMPRESSIVE! If you'd say you can do this in 1:1 I'd believe you without doubt. Excellent craftmanship.
  8. Great job! The only clues this isn't a real car are the wheels and the reference objects in the pictures. You really nailed it and blended two kits together expertly!
  9. That turned out really nice!! Great choice of colors and that wagon style suits the Camaro well.
  10. Hopefully this means more of the previous Slammers will be re-released as well. I would really like to see Ram Blur and Road Block (in any disguise) again.
  11. Nice topic. I saw the KindigIt Merc the other day and that lead to a search party... Some really weird stuff going on, as well as some beautiful cars. I dig the Foose and KindigIt modern approach and that 190 EVO sketch is really cool as well. Some examples I found (beware, some are awful!!) Canepa: https://canepa.com/1961-mercedes-benz-300sl/ to check the lovely details. Zeppo Marx 1927 Mercedes-Benz S Boattail Speedster from the Jalopy Journal): I warned you (not really Outlaw (it should be outlawed though) or hot rod):
  12. https://www.fuelcurve.com/monochromatic-musings/ for some inspiration maybe
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