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  1. Ok, and now soms pics of the model you built... Just kidding. Very realistic!
  2. https://www.plazajapan.com/4950344992270/
  3. No it hasn't, but I live in The Netherlands as well, so that's not a fair comparisson... also, check Casey's post...
  4. Great build. Suits your name very well 😉 I have this kit laying around to be RWB-'d.
  5. https://rayskits.com/decals/ amd search for "IROC". You'lee what he has. I have bought from him and his stuff is worth the money!
  6. You put the parts numbers on the sticks, I see? Great idea right there!
  7. This is the pic I saw (Thanks to Drgon63)
  8. As for Ron Olsen his stuff: I've bought several pieces from him, like a NRE BBC twin turbo, IRS, etc. Haven't built them though, but the pieces look simply great!
  9. No biggies I can remember, only fitting the front and rear lower body panels (valances?) was a bit tricky. Those bits also came off, of course ... 🤔
  10. Nice project. Have this one built as well, but you triggered me to rebuild it, possibly a bit custom... Saw one in a recent event photo too. Actually the car is very significant (again), since the C8.
  11. Wow, that's a looker! Never heard of Motobitz. Have to check 'em out...
  12. Great pics of some really nice builds and dio's. Thanks!!
  13. Great decalwork! How do you get the carbon to fit so well? It's the perfect size and follows the shape very nicely...
  14. Nice build!!! Anyone notice "Challenger" on the second box???
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