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  1. Well..., 2022. I was really looking forward to this build, but unfortunately this year turns out quite different then expected and hoped. I've been ill and at home (not work) since January and haven't touched a sprue and won't in the next months. So unfortunately I'm out :-( I'll be following though! Love this buildoff. Idea for next year: Scale-SEMA?
  2. Wow!!! I envy your son!! Love the subtle paintjob and the LS swap. Enjoy!
  3. Great idea and well built! Engine swap could be the next stage (2JZ or RB26 maybe). That should do it for the F&F franchise 😉
  4. Isn't Tuthill the man that built the -now forbidden by Porsche- ACS for/with Singer? Great vehicle.
  5. Oe, nice!! Looks rather classy in these colors! Great build!
  6. Great build!! Nice choice of color and the rear was done very nicely. Reminds me of a 1:1 white showcar (if I remember correctly). I would remove the hood scoop however; seems out of place on this fantastic wagon.
  7. Amazing!! Great build of a great build. Best build this year (so far) IMHO
  8. I got my first lessons in a Citroën BX Diesel. I remember the first lesson: I met the instructor at a parking place and there was the BX, flat on it's belly!! When we got started, the car rose to ride hight, in typical Citroën fashion 😀 This car was later replaced by a green Xantia Diesel...
  9. I had never seen this one as well, so I learnt something again. Thanks!! Nice car and too bad it was cancelled.
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