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  1. Nice project!!! Where did you get the engine and wheels/tires from?
  2. Be carefull in your search: the "r" from "tires" is not in the sellers name! I google jays and found the ebay store immediately
  3. Thanks for the advice. I actually have the Z kit and it will be wide bodied, so the flares are left overs. I'll have to find out uf they fit and enhance the look...
  4. Kit is in, wheels are in (they're TINY), still waiting for some decal-ish stuff. Considering fender flares of a 240Z and maaaaybe some more modern wheels. I'll look some up.
  5. Decals – Rays Kits This might help. You can search his Fotki page.
  6. 1:24 Liberty Walk Widebody Dodge Challenger Transkit for Revell | C1-TK023 | C1 Models (hiroboy.com) Maybe you can manage to find one of these? O, found one (in my home country) : 1:24 | C1 Models | c1tk023 | Tom's Modelauto's (toms.nl) And here 1:24 | C1-TK023 | Liberty Walk Widebody Challenger Transkit - (bsmodels.be)
  7. Admiral Blue C4 ZR-1, one will do. I've been close to owning a 'Vette, but because of praticality (that's relative, I know) I ended up buying a 1999 Z28 Camaro which I really, really enjoyed! But, the itch to have a 'Vette is still there...
  8. I might join in as well, not sure what 2022 will bring though... Haven't been building lately... So, I'm hoping to finish this in the next 11 months or so (if my submission is allowed): 1/24 Lamborghini Jota SVR (1975) Plastic Model (plazajapan.com) My 'build year is 1976' (conceived in 1975 😜 ), the kit says 1975, but other sources state the car was built in 1974 and it took 18 months to transform it into what it is now, and that would be 1976. SO...... Is this OK? Polo Storico Restored the Rarest Miura Ever (lamborghini.com) If it is, then it can be as far from stock as I'd like, as long as it looks street legal, etc? Like this one looks stock, but anyway...
  9. Show winning material, I'd say! Great WIP and the result... awesome. Love the color choice you made, the wheels, and that engine... Well done!
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