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  1. you're welcome. I am not really familiar with the JF stuff, but C1 in can highly recommend.
  2. I believe C1 has one (and his product and service is GREAT!) and doesn't Jimmy Flintstone offer one too. Yes: http://jimmyflintstonestudios.com/?product=nb158-2006-camaro-nomad-wagon This is for a 2006. C1 http://www.c1-models.com/resin/ee9luwnuzxagf5yz33tvq7jqca7c7f This is the 2016 and later Camaro.
  3. Wow! Love the color and the whole build. Clean!
  4. Never would have guessed that. Nice little car!
  5. Soms really nice builds. Especially like the Pro Street Caprice and the Supernatural Impala. Well done!!
  6. I read somewhere that the Super GT GT300 Supra is running the Lexus 2UR V8 ... Sounds about right... Music to my ears, thanks for the video.
  7. Scale Production is top notch, imho. USCP too
  8. @Draggon yeah, really like those 19 inch Rotiforms. Deep dish. Ugly tires!? Maybe but some normal/good tires... I have soms resin parts from them. Nice parts.
  9. Thanks guys! USCP has soms nice wheels indeed. I know Michael's stuff, and it's great, but can 't find wat I like this time...
  10. Can't find 1224 motoring on Ebay but I'm interested in their offerings. Biggest challenge seems to be to find different width's for the frond and the rear wheels...
  11. Looking for 1/24 19 inch wheels & tires. Really want the to front wheels/tires narrower than the rears (which should be pretty wide). Struggling to find a nice set. Style: Rotiform, Radi8, etc. (not the 'plain' 5/6/multi spokes fit this project) Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Wow, no small task... Looking forward to your build of this icon.
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