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  1. Classy!! Love your choice of colors.
  2. I am not sure I even want to know what this is...
  3. Great build! Love the engine and the decals especially.
  4. Great builds!!! Someday I should visit this...
  5. What exactly do you mean with "aesthetically updated", concerning the SAAB? Or, what parts are not going to be stock?
  6. Couldn’t figure out the series too. Nice little car though!,
  7. Spotted the Scale Production items as well!! Great info guys!
  8. Anyone have 'em (Beemax 935 K2 source?) but not going to use these?.
  9. Olson's stuff is great and I like the way you used it.
  10. Magnificent!! Where did you get it?
  11. Well done! You managed to build this in a very original style. It looks ready to race to me.
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