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  1. 😄 Or Japan.... Don't they have pink blossom too???
  2. I don't care much for the subject, but Juha's work is always top notch!
  3. Ebay score. Very happy. Simple kit, but the livery makes it special to me. Mint!! Any extra background info on the real car would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. Lovely cars, the De Tomaso as well as the Ferrari. Some more background on the inspiration for the P72 and some De Tomaso heritage: https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1124314_de-tomaso-p72-p70-pebble-beach-concours , http://carguychronicles.com/book-review-the-road-to-modena/ , https://www.conceptcarz.com/profile/23984,12447/1965-detomaso-vallelunga-fantuzzi-spyder.aspx (check images 2 and 3) , https://chromjuwelen.com/module-variations/228-partner-und-mitglieder-blogs/blog-hemmings/212760-de-tomaso-p72-to-make-north-american-debut-in-monterey-alongside-its-p70-muse . Sorry, I got carried away 🙂
  5. Well Phil, in now way my post was meant as competition (but to share). I feel lucky to have been present at these events and see these strangely wonderfull cars! My country doesn't come straight to mind when thinking about a place with some great auto culture, but it's there!
  6. Well, in Holland we have this event called "Spettacolo Sportivo" and this is some of the stuff one gets to see...
  7. Same here, but the search didn't lead me to the answer. So, I learned something! (again)
  8. Love the car and the plate. This is the rest of it: https://lateral-g.net/forgelines-1970-pro-touring-fn-camaro/
  9. Thanks, but I figured that out yet. But the answer... ???
  10. Great build. I like the fact you used Chrysler/Dodge parts throughout the build. This reminds me of Troy Trepaniers 1960 Chevy Probox. I liked that a lot back in the day and still do! Compliments!!! https://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=114248
  11. Is that a baby seat in the back? Nice touch. The lucky kid!
  12. I'll wait. (I play the game every week and suggested this week's subject 🙂 )
  13. this is a good read on the matter as well:
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