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  1. Autoquiz 415

    What a stunning car! I know what it is, but unfortunately "carsntrucks4you cannot receive messages." MG
  2. kits on the block ANY OFFER WILL BE CONSIDERED

    PM sent on the Pro Street and Pro Stocks
  3. Autoquiz 414

    As good as Michael is in coming up with cars for the weekly quiz he is in giving hints after you got it wrong ;-) He'll keep you busy!!
  4. They have GREAT stuff. Wonderfulll quality as well... Nice truck!!
  5. Autoquiz 414

    I learned a lot from this one!
  6. Autoquiz 413 - Finished

    haha! never saw that ... sound have been way easier :-)
  7. Autoquiz 413 - Finished

    I know this one! An uncle of mine had one kinda like this.
  8. Autoquiz 412 - Finished

    Haha..., so true!
  9. I just got some custom decalwork from Ray and boy, the look fantastic! Highly recommended!
  10. Autoquiz 412 - Finished

    This was a tough one, even after your hint, but I think I got it!!
  11. Autoquiz 411 - Finished

    well done all! I'll impressed. Didn't have a clue.
  12. How many ways could this thread go ?

    Is this what showcars look like when viewing them on those future flexible screens? Then I‘d rather stick to my old skool IPad ;-)
  13. Mazda rotary engine

    This info helps ! I'll investigate if this is a suitable engine for the FD3S.
  14. Mazda rotary engine

    I wasn't aware of that option, thanks!
  15. Mazda rotary engine

    ok, I wasn't aware of that. Thank you. I have some more of his stuff and indeed it is marvelous!