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  1. How about this: https://www.shapeways.com/product/4DBBRS7SJ/brodix-1-25-bbc-nre-w-intercooler?optionId=63856680&li=shops Great stuff!!
  2. Astonishing!!! Great build. Love the paint, and that engine!! Wow. Did you open up the fog lights to supply fresh air to the turbo’s? And what did you use for the ‘stripes’ in the seats? Look’s like rope?
  3. Maybe scaleproduction has some nice wheels for you?
  4. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/six-tips-enter-model-car-contest-win/ " How to enter a model car contest to win is easy if one hones their skills to assemble a model kit without flaws and trains their eye to incorporate detailed minutia; think of neat tricks like wiring the engine to wow the judges."This sparked my interest! Easy??? Have a nice read!
  5. Me neither! Your build is coming along nicely though!
  6. Great color choices indeed. Reminds me of the Kindig-it Ghia
  7. Your way of building seems very clean. I like it!!
  8. WICKED trailer and great display/diorama! More pics of that?
  9. Body wing, staggered wheels, stance... great start!
  10. Maybe paint it form the inside as good as possible and the smoke it on the outside?
  11. That's a great tribute, show it to Foose, I'd say ? Good choice to ditch the exhaust tips, they were to big imho. Looking at the rest of the build, I trust you'll come up with a great solution. At "SEMA in Scale" * this would be a great showpiece. Well done. * Community build idea?
  12. Marvellous! Impressive engine bay and interior detail. Great build.
  13. I gave up and cheated... Would've never guessed it, although in hindsight there are more clues then I expected... Good luck!
  14. Looking good, especially those rims and brakes. Great detail!
  15. Well, I know by facts it is a car from planet Earth, however strange that may sound. Then again, so is this:
  16. Following!! Insane car... Hoping to find one of these at a reasonable price (if that's ever going to happen...)
  17. That's a great collection you've got there. Great way to show it too! Where's the bumper from?? Looking forward to see more of your builds.
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