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  1. bazzer added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Making a plug to make a mold what to use
    Hey guys im looking at making a few new molds i usually make my plugs out of balsa wood but im exploring my options to find somthing easier to use and a better finish what would you suggest ? Im making 1:24 speed boat hulls
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  2. bazzer added a post in a topic Blown Alcohol Race Boats   

    thanks mate
    i have my own little side buisness and sell them to racers and fans of racing iv sold over 100 boats since i started making them last year it started as a private thing had a lot of interest now they sell like hot cakes !!
  3. bazzer added a topic in All the Rest   

    Blown Alcohol Race Boats
    hey guys i make these repica race boats here in OZ i make all hulls and parts myself i have a ton of molds for nearly any engine part all 1:24 scale heres some of my finished work let me know what you think cheers

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  4. bazzer added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Painting Resin ?
    Hey guys i have alot of trouble painting resin i make race boats and i cant seem to find the right paint or technique to painting im always getting fish eyes and it always goes weird and like sinks in i use supercast resin from here in australia the only way i can paint is with tamiya with a brush and i cant get that smooth finish what are some suggestions and methods i dont use mold release either
    any feedback would be great thankyou
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  5. bazzer added a post in a topic model australian race boats   

    very nice man we have those over here crazy stuff !!

    the hull i made out of fiberglass i made a balsa wood base molded it with silicon and same as the deck i layed the hulls up but still having trouble with air holes the deck is resin im still new to this and learning any tips you guys have would be great
  6. bazzer added a post in a topic model australian race boats   

    few videos

  7. bazzer added a topic in On The Workbench   

    model australian race boats
    hey guys my name is nathan im from australian new to the forum just thought id share with you some projects iv been working on over here we race blown alcohol ciruit race boats speeds up to 150+ mph here are some pics and videos of the racing and the models iv been working on lately cheers

    and the models

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