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  1. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Almost bought that Caddy at a junk shop a couple months back (Didnt ) went back and it was GONE! Next time i went back
  2. I will warn you, unless it was just me but when you go to set the hood in place it will not clear the chrome steering linkage part...
  3. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    Interesting information here, btw also you may want to note that the MOVIN' ON kit variants was correct minus one stack if your trying to replicate the Pilot Episode. also while im at it, if you want to build an accurate truck then the sleeper and battery box needs replaced with a 60'' and a resin box from i think Moluminum or somewhere??? Someone can correct me on that info if they want
  4. How Old Are You

    My only question is HOW TRUE is these ages being posted? Could everyone be off a few years somewhere? Im 33 been living like i was 20 for a long time
  5. 64 GTO Restomod

    Thats one kit i need to get again, liked what i built when i built it so many years ago and sadly never really painted or finished it... Nice GTO
  6. Dukes/ Hazzard Charger

    I guess i have a corrected version being this is the repop prior to the Country Charger issue??? Since these pics were posted i do have the main body, hood, cowl and engine in paint color... HEMI ORANGE!!!
  7. AHHHH I guess you cant right now.... Service and Support Regrettably the Replacement Parts feature is not available at this time. Any requests not shipped by Friday, April 13, 2018, will unfortunately be cancelled. We hope to resume service as soon as possible.
  8. Couldnt you get them replaced by revell being that 66 kit is out as of lately?
  9. AHHHH Almost forgot about that...
  10. or a lightly modified chassis from the 60-66 c10 kits would work to, I know the 60 c10 fleetside kit works almost perfect... the only thing to change is the floor board area under the cab and a few cross members carried over i think if i remember what i saw...
  11. Claytons"Celtic Pride"

    Working on other projects, For if you look under the "My Activity" link and click on the "My Topics" you will see what all i have been working on (Model Kit wise)
  12. Claytons"Celtic Pride"

    I know which Ford your talking about, the Revell/Italeri Ford L9000 Conv. tractor kit thats out, I do believe that one was pulling a either Heavily modified or scratched modern cattle stock trailer???
  13. Claytons"Celtic Pride"

  14. 32 big deuce roadster pickup?

    That is wicked cool!