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  1. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    More Bday Gift Cards being used: Got me a Dremel finally! This 1 is more fitted to my hands (Meant for carving instead) and with the extra stone, attachment for the cut off wheels and some disc... Lets see what she can do on resin?
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    If video's are not allowed let me know and ill post a pic later instead... But got this for my bday which was yesterday!
  3. Terry Labonte's Kellogg's car

    Here is the nose compared to the box art so im taking it would be a 97 and up car? btw does it look like something is missing via the front nose of the box art car?
  4. Terry Labonte's Kellogg's car

    Hi Y'all, this is what I was working on last night during the the Google Hangouts hosted by Gil Just alot of cleaning up of the body and parts getting everything ready for primer when the weather warms up enough... Also wondering what year of this car is this kit based on or more accurate to? Thanks and have a Blessed day! 😎
  5. Custombilt 379

    Mad skillz dude !!! Cant wait to see more
  6. Revell '78 GMC 4wd-to-2wd conversion?

    Paying attention
  7. Truck-a-thon 2019

    Im in if its official ???
  8. TAT 2018, what happened?

    i didn't get anything Done to mine
  9. 1980 359 Pete

    Ah 127β€˜β€˜ Aluminum hood
  10. Name that movie quote

    Darn! You did get it🀣
  11. PPvintagekits

    My understanding is Eric doesn't do anything with the business, Kelli his wife runs it now and can be found on facebook and/or what ever social media sites they are on (I know facebook for ive talked to them on there some... Hope that helps
  12. Post your "Snap" kits.

    And before i forget #4 is 1 of i think 3 or 4 models that i have ever finished??? Mainly for the Revell/Gearz tv nation model contest they hosted but sadly the pics was to big to go through...
  13. Post your "Snap" kits.

    I thought i posted my snappers to here but guess not so here it goes 1. Snap 359 Revell Converted to a 349H inspired by a Brochure truck that the Pete Guru Tim A. posted way back when ( A little freelance was involved to) 2. Snap 359 Converted to a 113'' short hood, Still need to body work it 3. Snap 359 AMT Rendition Currently AS-IS last i worked on it
  14. Peterbilt 281 Needle-nose "Duel"

    Cool build, Did you say if i read it right that the hood is an AITM piece?
  15. Just got this last night

    If you're not using the tires pm me, I need another set. You will find that kit is great to build, just paint the tips of those mounting tabs on the frame same as the body color and the battery boxes tabs hit them with some chrome, and it will take care of that to Only thing I dislike is they never made a mold for a visit since the cab looks NAKED without it (Could make an AMT visor fit with a bit of sanding on the cab and visor itself?)