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  1. What did you get today?

    Nice, would love to find the matching box for a 69 and some other odd & Ends for the 69 chev kit that has full trim upper and lower???
  2. Truck-A-Thon 2017 'list is assembled'

    There is a BIG RIG GROUP BUILD going on now via Youtube and i cant find the video to give further details...
  3. What did you get today?

    Ive been trying to find one of those Cadillac Johan kits for a while but never could, Need one for a BOSS HOGG Cadillac car for my Dukes Build im working on
  4. Pro Shop kits for trade

    I am looking for the cougar eliminator pro shop kit in that orange color if you know of one?
  5. 2006 FedEx Monte Carlo

    Back in the day! HA-HA... some of those builds im still working on today lol
  6. 2006 FedEx Monte Carlo

    Hey another AF'r... I use to be over there as well "brady_381need72c10" was my screen name, And your right it is almost if not DEAD over there
  7. AMT 69 Charger "General Lee" kit...

    Took advantage of the STRANGE warmer weather we are having and primed the General Lee kit, ready for paint
  8. 1972 CHEVY short bed

    This should be in the PICKUP section and not the Truck Stop... Nice truck though, Is those wheels off the 32 ford 5 window kit?
  9. Thanks for the info, Now i can move a bit faster and get back on my 41 chev 2 1/2 Ton conversion using an old ALF Pumper chassis...
  10. Hello and this is another kit i decided to open up and get ready for Prime/Paint when the weather warms up, Its the latest "General Lee" kit issue that is molded in white and now its to this point where its ready for paint, The body cleaned up really well for even having a bit of flash all over, the roll cage had to be cleaned up and assembled ready for prime, same with the engine block, and a few others but for the most part the rest of the small stuff was tacked onto some scrap sprue for easier painting purposes especially with my fat fingers lol
  11. AMT 1969 Mercury Cougar CJ428

    Man nice Cat... I would love to get my hands on another Eliminator kit ( the pre painted body kit) but am not paying evil bay RARE Prices!... https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-AMT-PRO-SHOP-1969-COUGAR-ELIMINATOR-1-25-MODEL-KIT-38397-PROSHOP-NEW/152563018147?epid=1520631205&hash=item238576e9a3:g:nvQAAOSwCtJaC4jU
  12. Its a bit blurry for some reason to me at least but... This is my Youtube BRBO 2018 truck, Pete 367 sffa conversion (with updated interior parts) from P&P Resin Daycab plug from P&P as well prior to that italeri release of the daycab kit... Trying out a set of rear fenders from a R/G Pete 359 kit... May go with something else, not feeling these ones...Wondering if anyone has any better fender ideas or know of resin ones that look better for this truck? Lift Axle and front floats for both the axle and front steer axle are going to come from Moluminum (Just soon as i get paid again) Maybe a Cat c-15 from Jamie as well??? (Thinking of ordering this truck as a Glider for a Cat install???) Thinking to be a tractor unit for fifth wheel stuff...
  13. 68 RoadRunner AMT Kit

    Started on another project since the California Hauler in the background is waiting for parts to be painted but it's not warm enough yet... 68 Roadrunner amt kit non 2-1... Stock, wonder what were the rarest options/version out there???
  14. Your right... Ill have to look closer for the 69 kit doesnt have the upper trim but i remember the cab i have thought to be a 69 having the upper trim???