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  1. Im still attempting to do something, i just recently had to pack up and move on Easter Sunday of all days, so in the next few days ill try to find something for the next round or try to find and locate that 377 and plastruct sheet i was working on or something?😪
  2. No "Bench" for me really since i moved on Easter Sunday of all days. Will get back to having one soon hopefully. Until then Keep Modelin' on' wherever and whenever i can
  3. Does someone or anyone happen to know where the rules and regs are for the Big Rig Build-Off 2021 are? Sorry i have been gone for 6 months and cant seem to find them anywhere. Id like to try to enter but i want to see the rules first if they exist or what???
  4. Only change i would make is fix that rear suspension since the rear most axle looks like its trying to get its tail end kissed? otherwise nice build
  5. Anyone know if he still exist or how to order from him or anything? Got the hankering to build a Oldsmobile Wagon but cant find how to order if hes still around? 1964 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Station Wagon
  6. That Fast Buck is cool, I had one at one time but lost it in a move Does that one have the tinted glass in it or is it clear? Mine was either green or blue tint which came in one of those issues?
  7. i hear that truck is the snow plow kit with chevy markings and the stepside bed? I wonder about that bed what it would take to update it to the early 80's (say 82?)
  8. Cool Box art! Is it a ventura or a gto like it says on the door?
  9. Ill double check when i get home what exactly i need and pm ya from there
  10. I need parts for one of those truck kits... i think its the 70 that i have a cab to??? You got parts to spare pending on what i need?
  11. If its the 1100 series kit, then it will have those big bags...
  12. x2! Do you have a link to there site? id love to find some Guinness decals
  13. I heard from Tim that there is no sleeper and no deckplate/5th wheel in the kit as well so you couldnt build the tractor as a tractor unless you have some parts out of the parts box
  14. I am... Ill figure something out, Hopefully not a Peterbuilt or Peterbilt
  15. SAD! Ive been dying to get one but now that its finally available, No Freakin' $$$ to get one or even that Autocar dumper coming soon? I hope hobby lobby shelves will get this in a few months for maybe i will have some $$$ finally?
  16. My update is im still waiting on getting that Plastruct weld glue stuff is where i still stand
  17. Story goes i use to own this kit when i bought it for 5 bucks at the flea market and someone looked like they shoved a Nascar engine in it, so i begun to paint it red and went to tape it for the stripes but wound up cutting through the tape and into the paint So since then the kit as vanished in between all my moves around this country and i found this at hobby lobby and said to myself "Redemption will be Mine!" This time i started cleaning up alot of flash from Round 2's aging molds and noticed its molded in white which is great, Very little cleanup on the body except for 1 little spot which looks like it was still soft when it came out of the molds? 1. Not alot of parts it looks like involved with this kit? (Of course the one i had years ago had a Nascar engine shoved in it?) 2. Parts cleaned up rather well for Round 2's typical old molds and ready for first prime 3. The part of the body that looked a little warm when it came out and the part im going to have to fix
  18. Almost bought that kit to today, but wound up with the Chevelle kit instead
  19. Today was a good day, Got some work done for the Lord in his Community Garden that i head, So celebrated a bit with some new plastic! The Escalade was $19 bucks and some change from Michaels since i found a 40% coupon... Now to find 2 99 Silverado kits to start my REDEMPTION on my 04 dually i was building till i moved and sadly lost all those parts, 2nd is another Redemption of a 70 chevelle i got at hobby lobby for the same price as the escalade with theyre 40% from when i bought this chevelle kit for $5 bucks at a flea market and started to paint stripes on it but cut through the tape into the paint not knowing anything since i was a teenager... Sad that kit is long gone with a bunch of others in between all the moves i made.... And i know The Snake is mad at me since they have the Barris 65 riv kit that i DIDN'T bring home SORRY!!!
  20. Looking for the complete front suspension from the police van that came out from Round 2 if anyone has the parts laying around? And i think any other amt van kits of that generation should have the same parts to right? chevy rescue van???
  21. That 70 Chev truck is cool, Where do you guys find kits like that without giving an arm and a leg for em'?
  22. Welcome! fellow Spectrum holder here... that gtr is suppose to be a cool kit, never saw it first hand though myself yet lol
  23. Im trying to find inspiration to build my 84 desserter kit and you said you used the chevy van's suspension... How much cutting/grafting did you have to do or is it what i think it is? the actual suspension from the original 2wd truck? and did the suspension come from amts nypd police van kit or is that the same as the one you used???
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