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  1. This is a great thread and thank you all for posting the awesome vintage styrene(and cardboard). I am impressed by those of you who have kept your childhood builds and for those who “adopted” the builds of others...I am so happy those projects have found great homes and caretakers. Great job fellas!- Mark
  2. I built this Pro Street 69 Nova between in the mid 90s. Round tube chassis, 502 BBC. I also built a 79 Camaro and 69 Camaro prior to this car. I had been building since 1977 prior to building my 79 Camaro in 1989. I still have the Nova. Thanks for looking friends and thanks for starting this thread Tim.- Mark
  3. Anthony I have been calling you Wayne. My apologies.
  4. Cool car. That is actually Ryan Gosling’s personal car built by he and his dad.- Mark
  5. Very nice Richard. Much more tasteful. I really enjoy adding my own touches to a built up or restoring a bomb.- Mark
  6. Wow Wayne, just...wow! Very nice builds.- Mark
  7. I still have the Nova tube chassis Pro Street in my avatar. It has Auto Drag wheels but I seriously considered Champs. I wish I had gone with them. Oh well, I’ll just have to live with the 1/25 set I am using on my current Pro Street 69 Road Runner model.
  8. Craig that is a heck of a build. I have a couple projects I plan to do early 80s style. You’re right, not many folks do cars of that era. Yours makes me want to do a Pro Street car with “anodized“ aluminum interior and other custom tricks of the time. Champ 500s....you’re hitting me where I live!- Mark
  9. Great build Michael! The paint is fantastic. I recently picked up the Testors Impreza. I’m leaning towards Pro Street with mine but may have to rethink that after seeing yours!- Mark
  10. Beautiful Prix Bill. And Marco your build is wicked cool!- Mark
  11. Mike and Scott, Thank you for your encouragement and that is exactly what I plan to do with it, recustomize. Hopefully lose some gaudy aspects and then hot rod it with a Supercar chassis and mega horsepower. Wayne I have noticed that most of the guys here have posted pictures of the kits and parts they plan to start with. When relocating to my Mom’s home after a divorce a couple years ago I combined a bunch of my kits into plastic storage bins and no longer have the original boxes. At least for the ones I decided I was going to build. The few collectible kits that I have as well as ones I’m not sure I will build I have kept in their original boxes. The Californian is one I started many years ago. I may or may not have already stated this Olds came from my friend and was only the body and front grill and hood. Needless to say I didn’t have a box for that one. Where I’m going with all this is I hope it’s OK that the pictures I am attaching I have just gotten off of the Internet because I no longer have the pro stock Oldsmobile or either Mythos boxes. Also when I say that the project was started, trust me when I say that it is well below the 25% completed limitation. Basically all I have done is collect the parts. Anyhow here are the main kits I am pulling from. The tentative plan is the chassis, suspension and interior made from both Monogram and Tamils Mythos parts. The big block Olds DRCE engine snorting through twin turbos mounted mid ships with some kind of transaxle. I need to dig the project out of Mom’s basement and reacquaint myself with it. Hopefully I will do that by the end of this weekend. A busy work schedule and then a toy show in Pennsylvania on Saturday will keep me from doing any work on it until next week but I thought I should tell you that I’m going to go ahead and lock this one in. Thanks for your patience with all my questions.- Mark
  12. Thank you Wayne, hey I’ve seen other build offs on other sites Where guys talk and talk about what they’re going to build without actually building. And I don’t want to be that guy! But I’m trying to lock in my build. So here goes... MPC Californian it’s going to be re-issued this year as far as I know. I have a body that my friend gave me from an original. I believe the original kit was issued in 1969. And the car is so heavily customized that you really can’t tell what year it is supposed to be. I was just wondering if it’s OK for me to consider this an 1870? If so this will be my choice. Thank you
  13. May I get in? If so a question or two. May I choose the same subject as another builder? My birth year is 1970 and I am considering a Cyclone but noticed Bill Benson is doing one. May the car be converted from front engine to mid engine? Must the wheelbase be stock? Lastly I need to find out how to upload pics but will look into that on this site. I recall seeing the information on here. Thanks guys.- Mark
  14. Love your builds Rob. The Viper is insane!- Mark
  15. Right in Charlie!- Mark
  16. The Draglites were a primo choice for this one. Very clean and sharp build. I am doing an MPC 74 Supercharger street machine in Plum Crazy. It isn’t going to be anywhere near as nice as yours though!- Mark
  17. Wow! Very nice conversion!- Mark
  18. Very unique and awesome build quality. Love that Milodon big block!- Mark
  19. Here are some for you Cabdriver. Enjoy- Mark
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