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  1. Michael, thank you for sharing your amazing story with us. I lived in Germany from ‘85-‘87 when I was a teenager. I made it to Switzerland a few times both during winter and summer. Beautiful any time of year. I skied Zurich and Murren. I am so jealous that you got the sit in a Koenig. It’s a shame about the lapel pin disappearing. Perhaps the car I saw in South Carolina was not a Competition then. It was definitely twin turbo and widebody. I have most of the Fujimi Koenigs save for the 1/16 Countach and 1/24 Competition Spider. I believe boxer Mike Tyson had a yellow Spider at one time. Cheers and how is the weather in Co.? I would love to move there someday. – Mark
  2. Keith I replied to espo but I hope you get to read my response too. -Mark
  3. Glen Ford. He posts on this very site under “damodelguy az”. Hope this helps guys and beautiful projects you both have. Keith I love your newly finished 56 Ford!- Mark
  4. ybsluos

    32 ford

    This was an awesome build Koe! I’m enjoying looking at these older posts.- Mark
  5. Daryl, that came out beautiful. Very nice and clever use of a Pepsi can for the grille. I look forward to more of your replicas!. -Mark
  6. Michael, thank you for posting this. It makes me wanna dig mine out and start working on it. I lived in Germany in the mid-80s for a couple years and I saw a couple of Koenig 928 S4s on the streets. One actually Buzz passed us on the autobahn doing about 150 mph. The Porsche was doing 150, we were putting along at 85! Also back in 1998 when I was visiting my sister just outside of Charleston South Carolina I was sitting in my 85 Olds at a light when a TwinTurbo Koenig Testarossa pulled up next to me. I gave the guy the thumbs up so when the light went green he jumped on it for my benefit and took off! So I will always have a soft spot for Koenigs. Your build is amazing. -Mark
  7. I agree…much better than the kit tires. I think they are the Pro Steet Nova tires (the old MPC Blue Streak slicks). But it looks like he beveled where the sidewalls meet the footprint with sandpaper
  8. I know this because I used to have a poster of that photo. Amazing build Darren!
  9. Useless Trivia- that is model Joy Behrman on the hood. Google at your own risk as she often posed Al fresco!
  10. Revell The Rodfather
  11. Thanks for the info. Yeah, he was indeed talented. Happy building Rob! -Mark
  12. Bruce this is awesome! -Mark
  13. Billy, I am sure the photos you have posted were of much more use to John on this build than the ones my ex and I sent him. Thank you for posting all the cool photos of this iconic car for us to see! Also I wanted to tell you that I love your Willy‘s pick up truck build. I just got a Revell Moving Violation Willys complete p/u body last week and hope to build it much like yours. -Mark
  14. Amazing as usual John! I was happy to help with the reference pictures that Mary sent you. Sadly she and I are no longer together but we’re still friends. I will have to make sure she gets to see your amazing build. Happy gluing my brother! -Mark
  15. Brett, I haven’t talked with you in a while. I hope you and your family and your brother are well. I was watching YouTube videos of his cars racing a few minutes ago. Cheers my friend! -Mark
  16. All wonderful as usual from you Tim but that blue pickup is amazing! -Mark
  17. What a stunner! -Mark
  18. 63 issue AMT sedan. Lowered with scratch built surfboard rack. Parts box Ford Cammer with parts box induction and scratch built fuel cell. I posted this a few months ago but thought this thread was an opportunity to re post the old heap. Fantastic builds here guys and happy building! -Mark
  19. Thank you Peter, that is a very smart way to do it. -Mark
  20. Peter, amazing work as usual my friend. I’ve seen your models in person in Toledo and they always were some of my favorite builds on the table. I was just wondering if you use thicker material when you vacu-form the bodies. The reason I ask is because I have seen vacuum formed windows from R&R etc. and it seems like a body made of material that thin would be almost impossible to open panels on and maintain any structural integrity. Your door for example looks like it has a thicker “wall” than other vacuum formed parts I have seen. Happy building and I always look forward to your Art Deco creations. -Mark
  21. I read that this photo was taken in Akron which makes sense. Anyhow that’s my useless trivia input! -Mark
  22. Tim this is a phenomenal build!- Matk
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