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  1. Thanks Jim. I found one at a local Hobbytown and grabbed it. I actually had no major interest in it, but Salvino accidentally sent me a sheet of the vermillion decals for it (and told me to keep them when I called confused) so I bought the kit when I spotted it. I really don't get why they limited the release of this particular year.
  2. The latest issue of MCM mentions that the 1973 Petty Charger is no longer available. If anyone is interested, it can be found right now at Spotlight Hobbies.
  3. I just found this in the Coming Soon section of Model Roundup. Very cool! I wish there were more kits like this. I love transporters and trailers.
  4. Thanks Rex, this is awesome! The kit just arrived today. About $130 at MegaHobby, which is a far cry from the original Trumpeter price that I think was near $300.
  5. All - any suggestions on a paint match for this color? A company called Magnifire released the 1/12 Trumpeter kit at a greatly reduced price and I'd prefer to do the #1 car. I see that Zero Paints has an exact match, but I think I'll need several bottles to do a big 'un like this!
  6. My apologies to anyone who also visits the FSM forum, I'm duplicate posting here and there lately. In regards to this type of super glue, which I get at Hobby Lobby: I'm sure that others have had issues with the glue drying up long before the bottle is empty, or with glue amassing at the tip, causing the lid to not go back on properly, or with the tip itself getting clogged, etc. Well, I have been doing the following basic things to prevent this and they're working for me: 1) After every use (EVERY use, each time you squeeze a dollop out), wipe the tip with a paper towel and stick the cap back on. If you go back later and the tip is clogged, 2) Use a pin vise to drill through the clog. Repeat 1 and 2 over and over again. I have had zero issues with the bottle shown so far. The last one I used was a disaster. Hope this helps!
  7. Hi all, Just a quick post to let you know that Round 2 recently released a 2010 Camaro with very flashy Hot Wheels graphics (that sucked me right in). I grabbed one yesterday and after washing the parts, I turned my attention towards starting it today and suddenly realized my kit had no seats or tires (basically the vinyl parts). I went back to Hobby Lobby and exchanged it, but before leaving, opened the replacement kit. You guessed it - no seats or tires! Round 2 is sending me the missing parts. Just be aware that if you buy the kit - which is a curbside - you may encounter the same problem.
  8. It even has a tiny Mini Cooper engine under the hood!
  9. I just finished this yesterday. What a fun little kit.
  10. Didn't they send you, Baby, and Otis to jail??
  11. Is it white, pearl white, or blue-green? Your help is appreciated.
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