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  1. 2019 Ram

    Well, politics is a loaded topic these days, but Fiat-Chrysler did specifically state that the reason for the move is that the recent tax changes have made moving production back to America an attractive idea.
  2. 2019 Ram

    I just read that Fiat-Chrysler is moving Ram production from Mexico back to Detroit. I like knowing that Americans will once again be paid to produce American cars and trucks.
  3. Are there any aftermarket decals for the AMT kit? I'd like to do a yellow version.
  4. Engine wiring question

    I don't know Rob, I have fat fingers and my eyes aren't as good as they used to be. I just want it look close without having to be perfect!
  5. Comic Book Ads

    These are awesome! I also love seeing the old G.I. Joe ads and commercials (on YouTube).
  6. Thanks Tim, I did find another 29. Now I'm on the hunt for another '30.
  7. I couldn't agree more. I love the hobby, but all of my cats were more special to me than any model. I always let them in with me. All they really want is to be near you because they love you. How can you get mad at that??
  8. Engine wiring question

    Ha ha ha, I'm good so far!
  9. Engine wiring question

    I see I opened up quite a can of worms here - and I'm glad that I did. This has been very helpful. Thanks everyone!!
  10. Engine wiring question

    I saw that, thanks!!!
  11. Engine wiring question

    Ok, solid advice guys, but for a 1/25 scale model, sometimes you don't quite know where the spark plugs go (at least I don't). I'm not even shooting for 100% accuracy, I just want the overall appearance to look accurate. I guess for me, the best thing to do will be to just Google it and hope I get it right. Thanks!
  12. Engine wiring question

    Ok, for 99% of you, this will probably be a stupid question, but I need some guidance here. I often see engines wired in two ways – from the distributor directly into the valve covers or from the distributor into a location just under the valve covers and, I believe, directly into the engine block. My question is this – is there a hard and fast rule for one method or the other? I seem to see the wiring direct into the valve covers more on drag racing vehicles. I know I could just Google it, but what if I don’t know exactly what type of engine I’m using in a given model? I’m just starting to flirt with the idea of doing some wiring and I want to make sure I get it right. Thanks!!
  13. Revell Snaptite Max prepainted bodies

    Mark - I already dropped it in the IPA and most of the black and silver is gone. The guys were right - it takes it off quite fast. Your 78 car looks phenomenal!
  14. Revell Intrepid kit question

    It does. Thank you!!!