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  1. Wow, these pics are huge. I don't know how to make them smaller. You get some up close views of my flaws (that are hardly noticeable otherwise). Anyway, this was a fun modification!
  2. Roberto - I was able to find the Revell Don Prudhomme "Wynn's Winder" kit for $27 with free shipping - it was missing tires and the exhaust pipes are broken on one side (but can be easily fixed), so the seller was unloading it cheap!
  3. I'll settle for anything that's close to what came with the kit!
  4. Where did you get the resin slicks? Are they 1/25 or 1/16? I'm looking for a pair of 1/16 dragster slicks!
  5. All - I found someone selling resin M&H slicks in 1/16, but I'd prefer Goodyear and rubber if they're available. I can always sand the resin tires and use decals, but before I go that route, I figured I'd check in with all of you first. Does anyone know of a source? I was able to get a Revell Prudhomme Wynn's Winder kit for $27 because it's 99% complete, minus the rear slicks.
  6. I'm on a mission to find more of these - they are quick and fun builds!
  7. I have one Dave Deal kit to go - the Chevy Nomad. I hope to have that one done soon. I hope more of these get reissued some day - maybe by Atlantis. They are a lot of fun!!
  8. Thanks guys. I had fun with it!
  9. I decided to have some fun with this kit and do my own USA themed paint scheme.
  10. I haven't seen my subscription copy, nor did I see it at Hobbytown USA in Cincinnati when I was there over the weekend. At this point, I have to be honest - I've lost faith in the viability of this magazine. I'm also disappointed that it's been two years and when a new issue finally arrives, it's a contest issue. I guess time will tell, and I'll need that time to have my trust restored.
  11. The Ollie's in Florence, KY has a nice selection.
  12. Oh, this is awesome - thank you so much. He's going to be so happy.
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