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  1. I haven't seen my subscription copy, nor did I see it at Hobbytown USA in Cincinnati when I was there over the weekend. At this point, I have to be honest - I've lost faith in the viability of this magazine. I'm also disappointed that it's been two years and when a new issue finally arrives, it's a contest issue. I guess time will tell, and I'll need that time to have my trust restored.
  2. DanR

    Ollie's strike again

    The Ollie's in Florence, KY has a nice selection.
  3. Oh, this is awesome - thank you so much. He's going to be so happy.
  4. I'm at work - I think I'm being blocked. Thanks!!!
  5. Did the link work for you? It took me to a dead page.
  6. DanR

    Ollie's strike again

    I need to get to Dover!
  7. Hi Derick, I just noticed your reply - the group name is NASCAR STOCKCAR MODEL BUILDERS ON FACEBOOK.
  8. I think the hobby is far from dead. The Hobbytown USA in Cincinnati recently decreased the amount of space devoted to cars and increased the space for Gundam kits. They are selling lots of them, and it is to a younger crowd. Gundam may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's still model building, and I think we all know that for many of us, the kits you like are just the gateway drug to the hobby. Ironically, when I got back into the hobby around 1987-88, it was because I found some cheap Revell Robotech kits at KB Toys. They just looked like they would be fun to put together. I quickly went back to cars and over time, deviated to planes and armor. I think that if Gundam pulls them in, many of them will branch out over time.
  9. I have a friend who found the Union kit of the Porsche 917K with Martini markings, but it's missing the instructions. I checked 1999.co.jp to see if I could get a scan there, but no luck. I also checked the Model Instructions Database, but they only had sheets for the Fujimi 917Ks. Does anyone have these and would they be able to scan them in? Let me know. Thanks!
  10. DanR

    Ollie's strike again

    Which Ollie's did you find the truck kits at? I checked one here in Cincinnati and it was mainly Lindberg kits and AMT cars. No trucks.
  11. Thanks guys! Mike's Decals had the sheet on sale a while back and I just liked the look of them with the big HEMI logo.
  12. Thanks Bruce. I made a couple of minor mistakes (the B pillar and roof rails should have been painted black), but overall, I really like it!
  13. Interesting. I selected five pics, only one showed up!
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