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  1. Thanks guys! Mike's Decals had the sheet on sale a while back and I just liked the look of them with the big HEMI logo.
  2. Thanks Bruce. I made a couple of minor mistakes (the B pillar and roof rails should have been painted black), but overall, I really like it!
  3. Interesting. I selected five pics, only one showed up!
  4. Hi Gerald, yes, I would be very interested. Some of the ones I have may be usable, but others were fused to the instructions, so I may be able to combine the two!
  5. I'm looking for the ones for the metallic red Revell kit that came with figures of Jim and his wife. Let me know. Thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone. It is indeed an UMM chisel. I saw that name and immediately remembered. If you don't have one of these, get one. I use it all the time.
  7. I purchased this tool from Squadron maybe 18 months ago and I LOVE IT! It easily removes raised letters and is awesome on ejector pin marks, particularly in tight spaces. I want to order another one as a back up and can't find it on Squadron's site. Does anyone know what it's actually called?
  8. Hey everyone - I recently purchased two kits from a seller at 2 different times. The first order (the '49 Merc Wagon from my previous post) arrived with water damaged decals, and sadly, the second kit arrived the same way. The seller is moving these for her dad and really knew nothing about the importance of the decals, so I'm not angry with her. I was able to get Tamiya kit 24047 - the Rothmans Porsche 956 LeMans car - for $15, which is a great price, but the decals were fused to the instructions. If anyone ever built this and maybe used a set of Studio 27 decals in place of the kit decals, I would be happy to purchase the leftover kit decals. If the sheet is intact, I will coat it with Microscale Decal Film and it should be fine. Let me know. Thanks!! I can buy a sheet online but I figured I'd check here first. Thanks!
  9. I got the kit for $16.99 at Ollie's so I'm really just building it for the fun of it. I didn't want to have to invest any additional money into it!
  10. I'll probably just use super glue, I was curious if there was anything that might be better. Thanks!
  11. If you're familiar with this Lindberg kit, you know that the tires come in halves. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best glue to keep these together? I have had similar tires in the past and styrene glue does not work so well. Thanks!
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