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  1. larry whats doing?


  2. When i see this kit, it reminds me of what this company tried to do... http://www.amcarguide.com/concept/6t9-goat-concept-modern-pontiac-gto-judge/ ...but I'm sure that wasn't their intention!
  3. Reminds me of the new Dodge Dart a little bit
  4. I love the color. What paint did you use?
  5. I gotta ask - how did you do the woodgrain around the center vent?
  6. Huh? The inner wheel wells are completely stock. All that was changed on the chassis was I shortened the front a bit. As for the other details, I'm not an expert at this or anything I was just having fun. Kinda the point...isn't it?
  7. FINISHED! Check it out here - http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=71472
  8. I based it on this concept... still have a little clean up work to do on the back here.. WIP can be found here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=70930 Thanks for looking!
  9. Thanks for the encouragement guys. This one has been a lotta fun
  10. I was between Hemi orange and Plum crazy for the color. I went with the Hemi orange testors 2-part system
  11. FUN WITH BONDO not surprisingly, this was the hardest part so far. Had to do some blending with bondo and plastruct and then re-radius the wheel arches. Should just be some minor clean up left to go at this point.
  12. Next I ground down the bottom of the '69 grill and dremmeled through the back of the Uptown charger front facia... Now comes some fabrication with pieces parts and plastruct.... .....to be continued!!!
  13. This is the Charger that Dodge should have built! As soon as I saw this thing, I began thinking of ways to convince the wife that we "need" one. Since no legitimate arguments came to mind yet, I decided to devote some energy to creating a styrene version. First you need to see the inspiration.... http://www.chargerforumz.com/showthread.php?t=145352 Now here is my attempt in progress. I'm working with some scratchbuilt stuff, the Uptown Charger model, the grill from a '69 Charger model, and various pieces parts from several other kits that I had lying around. First, the taillights. I decided to cut up a a see-through red pill bottle that had my dog's prescription in it... The white masked off parts of the stock tailights will remain red while the rest will be blended into body color..
  14. What don't you like about the door? I think you did a really good job on it. I'm too chicken to try opening a door up on one of my kits.
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