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  1. i had stored some of these on their sides in the little container they came in, i think this was a mistake ) now i have them all standing up in the metal box my munsters combo came in.
  2. i noticed that modelroundup had these models. i got a fast buck, already have a boot hill ).i know some people look for these so i thought i would pass it on.
  3. ok, thanks, ill try the hot water, believe it or not, i have a couple i cant get with pliers.
  4. im using the little testors enamels paints ya know? but after they sit for a while sometimes i cant get em open ! i thought maybe one of you guys might know a trick to get the little jars open.
  5. ok, thanks, i was wondering, will it help to shine?
  6. can i , or should i, put future on under the paint? i usually just brush it on after i paint. i usually use testors one coat lacquers.
  7. its about huffing. the cash register most likely gave him a prompt. its the same reason you have to have an id to buy sudafed.( meth) america is indeed an insane place. you cant buy paint or medicine, but any psycho can go into wal mart and buy ammo for his glock ,then go shoot a 9 year old girl in the chest .( arizona, loughner ) because the average person is, in fact , COMPLETEY incapable of being responsible and making good decisions. we. the people, were supposed to protect this little girl. and we failed. that why we have these laws, to protect each other ,and each others children.
  8. im not really worried about removing it, ) just wanted to know if it works, and does the indoor/outdoor primer work? thanks.
  9. you guys who say you use kyrolon. is it the fusion stuff? or the stuff marked indoor/outdoor ? i see a krylon primer marked indoor/outdoor. have you ever put fusion over it?
  10. i did google it, it brought me here. thats how people end up here. they probably googled something.
  11. there is no place local for me to buy the tamiya stuff. i dont buy the clears because im trying to keep my cost per model down. the future will last me a lifetime i think )
  12. Since the question of what paint do i use appears here regularly, perhaps this might help someone in the future. over the last year i have assembled about 12 kits,just for fun out of the box. the bathtub buggy. elviras thunderbird, paddy wagon, tijuana taxi, etc. i have never tried air brushing, so i cant comment on that. So, first, testors enamels rattle cans. these suck. they go on very wet and thick, look rough, and take forever to dry.still sticky after days. they seem to be far more prone to run. i will never use these again. Testors laquers one coats. we have a winner !. for me this was the best way to go. i put future over the whole kit when im done and viola. they go on nice, dry in a couple hours.( but it will run if your not careful ). Duplicolor color match. i got some of these from the local auto store. used the white sandable duplicolor primer under it. used it on elviras thunderbird and mummy machine. i had no problems with this. it went on well. drys instantly. has more of satin finish to it than a gloss. i thought i could save some money with these larger cans, but i dont think that would be so after trying it. it comes out completely different than testors cans. it sprays out in a fan,like the end of a broom. while testors comes out more in a cone shape. the cone shape is much better for models imho. also,the duplicolr was in a much finer mist.requiring the use of more paint. so, my conclusion here is to simply use the testors one coats and put future over it. also, take your time. multiple light coats. With the testers you must give short quick bursts, starting away from the model. The testors sprays a little heavier than the duplicolor. For detailing with the brush, i tried the testors enamels and acrylics. for me the acrylics were worthless. they do not cover in one coat and the "gloss" colors do not compare with the enamel at all. if your trying to do some detailing , you dont want to have to come back and hit it again. i have some dinosaur models i put together with the grandkids and i thought we could use the acrylics because they clean up in water, but who wants to come back and paint it twice? the acrylics were worthless and i threw them away. what works best for me is testors one coat laquers and for detailing with the brush,testors enamels. if your looking to just do a few kits for fun, or to get in the hobby, this is what worked for me.
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